Next time, vote wisely

It’s not about the elections.

It’s about a small community.

Now let us begin the rant.

Nothing beats the power of a Rawbye babe! If you could not endure it, it’s either you’re busy or you cannot handle sarcasm on a daily basis. Or you’re too busy. Or you cannot handle it on a daily basis.

But most of all, you cannot endure someone who is a LEGEND if you cannot even afford to swallow your pride.

Hahaha! What now if your own class/block leader is actually a bully in real life?

It may be too late for me to say this, but there are some more people who deserves the position more than that person I’m talking about. I did not actually became judgmental for the “bullying” thing, however, if you’re going to vote for someone who might eventually become a potential bully, well, that person cannot swallow his/her pride IF they begin to challenge themselves with the “legendary man.”

Maganda lang siyang kasama like, sometimes, but NOT on a daily basis. Anong mapapala mo sa isang taong may ugaling kwestyonable? Would you feel like sympathizing for that person or not?

Honestly, I was the only person against the fact that–this dudette is the block leader. I feel very much skeptic and pessimistic over that matter.

And what happened? Hindi niya kayang mag-tiyaga sa isang legendary na prof… na kinatatakutan ng lahat.

I thought she’s a good leader (slow sarcastic tone)?

But how come daig pa siya ng mas deserving pang maging leader kesa sa kanya (in terms of that… professeur)?

It’s a good thing that she’s back in her hometown for good. Good riddance.

Sabihin nating nasa loob ang kulo, but again, she’s only a good companion for just sometime, like one month or more. But on a daily basis, you’ll learn how to question it. (:


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