On Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy and Osaka Mayor Hashimoto’s statement on comfort women

So I thought… Angelina had a boob reduction!? Kidding.

Well, she does not want to lose her boobs, despite the surgery. At least she’s keeping herself healthy.

But I suggest she does not want to lose her chest because she’s skinny. But I would appreciate it if she has Kate Hudson’s boobs (LOL she will be rather a laughing stock than a bombshell).

Congrats, Angelina! You’re still an inspiration somehow!

But as for Hashimoto-shicho, well, here he is again on his über-patriotic spree. Well, his leadership style is only for prefectural levels since his policies are too big to handle by the city proper. Well, inked people are the most discriminated in Osaka ever since he downgraded his position from governor to mayor.


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