A single sex scandal won’t ever make you less of a person…

…unless you’re really malandi and you’re making yourself a walking objectification.

Seriously, I’d rather choose Janelle Manahan and Maricar Reyes (at least piangsisisihan nila ‘yung kabulastugan nila) over Maja Salvador and Cristine Reyes (define totoong hitad).

Why call Janelle as malandi and Maricar as a pornstar if in fact, Majarot is really a bridge-burner (compared to Shaina Magdayao, granted bitchesa talaga siya but she isn’t a type of person who will burn bridges with family and friends) and siya talaga ang naghahabol sa lalaki with stepping on someone and Cristine Reyes defines what pornstar really is?

Double-standarding the hypocritical way.

In fact, Majarot and AA… dinaig pa nga nila ang mga nagkaroon ng sex scandal, eh! Pweh!

It should also be taken note that there’s nothing really special about Majarot and AA, speaking of face value and over-all appeal. In fact, mas mukha pa nga silang muchacha kay Maricar at kay Janelle.

Sa totoo lang, naaawa ako kay Maricar during the height of the scandal. Hindi ako naawa kay Katrina Halili mainly because she’s really malandi–but she won’t ever step down to the level of SkAAnkelina in a way that she’ll look like laspag whatsoever. As a matter of fact, kampante ako sa pagiging palaban ni Katrina Halili because she won’t ever be as faux feisty like AA.

Janelle and Maricar never intended to stimulate their promiscuity. It’s only that they left their minds behind to give up their chastity to a guy, but nevertheless, I pity them both. In fact, mas dapat silang kaawaan kay Majarot at AA (una sa lahat, maawa muna sila sa sarili nila!).

And not to mention… face value-wise, Maricar and Janelle gets the prize since they deserve it more… and lastly, they prove their worth more. At least mas marunong pa silang mahiya. Eh si Majarot at AA, ang kapal-kapal ng mukha na maging pa-controversial, gagawa at gagawa pa sila ng paraan para lang mapansin. It seems that they’re really following the footsteps of both Gretchen Barretto and Kris Aquino in such a way that they’ll be on the limelight. Ang pinagkaiba lang ng mga dalawang haliparot kay Greta’t Kristeta’y… mas sosyal lang ang dating nila Kristeta… eh Majarot and AA are cheap, low-class skanks who will only make Zhang Ziyi classier.

Tama si Kat Viola… walang breeding sila Majarot and AA, in other words, mas may breeding pa ang may sex scandal kesa sa kanilang dalawa.


5 thoughts on “A single sex scandal won’t ever make you less of a person…

  1. Maricar and Janelle both learned from their mistakes. They have the courage to face whatever comes their way. One thing, add more points for grace under fire for them. They should serve as an inspiration for women who are going through hard times.

    • Also, I’d like to equate them pala:

      (Respectively speaking)

      Majarot-AA = Kris-Greta
      Janelle-Maricar = Dawn-Lucy

      Well, logic-wise, that’s my analysis.

  2. It is funny why there are many people who make fun of women involved in a sex scandal.

    Heto lang ah, bakit, malinis ba ang mga kagaya ni Majarot at KubetAA? Ha! Sila nga mas masahol kumpara sa mga may sex video. Why admire someone with a thick face and slut-shame a woman in a sex video?

    As a matter of fact, mas may kredibilidad pa sina BeastModeRoxy, Kat Viola at saka tsismosa-ako for being against them. Sa bagay, these netizens I’m talking about have a domineering mentality: Domineering women know how to spot someone with a questionable character, while meek women don’t. #RealTalk

    • Also, being in a viral sex video scandal does not make someone less worthy. As a matter of fact, their privacy was rather invaded hihihi.

      Look at Katrina Halili naman oh. Yeah, given na naging has-been siya, but at least mas kagalang-galang naman siya compared to AA.

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