Pamela Anderson before plastic surgery

My take:

It’s no denying that she’s really beautiful without the need of going under the knife. In other words, she’s really blessed with God-given beauty in her (AA, define God-given beauty nga!? Witch nose!? Orange halves!? LMAO).

I can’t stare! She’s (Pammy) too pretty talaga, which Kris Aquino will never have (although cute rin si Krizzy when she was with Rene Requiestas as her pakner!).

Well, there are some other pics of her beauty. Super sayang nga eh! She’s an epitome of a Canadian beauty that no other US American would ever possess.

Well, I find her better-looking than Angelina Jolie, face value-wise. Also, she already has a nice pair of tits that do not need augmentation. Overall, she does not need plastic surgery to become more beautiful.

There are other pics there in Google.

She’s better off with brunette locks and fairer skin.


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