For the nth time, don’t ever equate celebs with private citizens plus thoughts

Haaaaaay nako.

I am sick and tired of arguing with other people who are simply asking me why I hate AA.

Come on, you have to do your research. If I despised her ever since, so what? I don’t like to say, “I-Google mo lang ‘yan!” because it’s very rude to say so, but if you’re not showbiz updated, you have to read pinoyparazzi, Aliwan Avenue, BanderaBlogs and Fashion Pulis if you’re interested.

Click the link below for more…

Well, I have friends who hate AA for her you know, obvious reputation and shit, even though my anger towards that skank is toned down after she apologized to Ara Mina.

I know it’s too inappropriate to broadcast this, but if you’re going to slap me the fact that I should face karma when I ask no haters allowed, well, here’s the catch: AA is a celebrity, and I’m just an ordinary private citizen.

If I bash celebrities, so what!? Get used to it. If you don’t like me bashing celebrities, then you have to unfollow me instead. That’s it. Tapos na ang laban.

Why not take a cue from my closest buddies who despise AA to some extent? Also, why not ask Kat Viola and Roxyisferox on bashing celebrities!?

So you mean we are not entitled to bash celebrities, whether it’s jeje-style or classy style!?

If I bash Cristine Reyes, then it’s not because of her average-looking face value and her oozing appeal (kuno).

And please, yes, tao lahat tayo. Yes we all have our own flaws and nobody is problem-free. We solve it when the light is there.

If you were an ordinary person and yet hinusgahan kita, ano say mo dun?

Side Note: (To the know-it-all) Never call me ignoramus. Okay fine, you called me one just because I don’t like “lighter hair, darker skin” thing, but it’s still a matter of preference. You’re pointing and noticing all my physical flaws so stop being a hypocritical know-it-all who thinks that their opinion is more agreeable and more superior than the rest–you even generalized the Japanese people as evil people and you said that they’re less attractive than Korean people (no offense to both Japanese and Korean people, love y’all HAHA). Ask Kwon Sang-woo or Kouhei Smith and they will disagree with you. Why the fuck are you so hard to please? Well, you think your thoughts are more superior and you’re no different from your onesan. Sorry about being sharp-tongued, but you’re just like other know-it-alls who think I’m always wrong and should feel bad about myself and being kiss-arse to those walking contradictions! Geez!

Well, this situation is not only in the Philippines, but also in some other countries such as the United States. Believe it or not, Americans are worse than Filipinos when it comes to bashing. Remember when I presented the Hathahaters’ cult. It seemed that majority of Americans were very upset on Anne Hathaway’s speech as they praised Jennifer Lawrence for not taking herself seriously. Kung sa Amerika pa nanirahan si AA, do you think she’ll receive a flack from the Americans constructively!? Well, if you’re going to ask me, she took our harsh comments the constructive way (well, ako lang ‘to ah) and apologized to her sister, that’s why I didn’t question her actions at all (well I do respect some people who doubt about her sincerity), but reconciling with a relative is different–whether the process is easy or not, it’s still a relative. If AA was nakunsensya, so what? Kahit ayaw ko parin sa kanya, at least hindi ko na siya kinwestyon. Reconciliation with a relative is something MORE than reconciling with your best friend or your worst enemy. However, it’s still depends. If you think I have conflicts with my family, at least the love and respect is STILL THERE. Compared when calling them as “laspag,” or anything degrading–that’s a different story.

Buti pa sina Tita Bisaya at si Mother of Divine Mercy (si Momma Divine po ‘yun), at least they never lambasted their children in public. Kung strikto sila, well, at least they do not deprive them from their will. If Tita Bisaya is let’s say walang breeding, mahadera, bugaw, liberated, nobody will question how she will defend you as a friend or as a relative. If Mother of Divine Mercy is like, “depriving” SG from love life, she just wants Sarah to stick to one guy. However, she should realize that it’s a JACKPOT when you say, “first and last” boyfriend. If the Popsters think na “user” sila Rayver Cruz at si Gerand Anderson, I think I pity them more than lambasting them. I guess both of these guys should have not resorted to a rebound–especially if they’re dating women with questionable character. Rebounds are like, something that will make the fans angry towards you. If you’re going to delve with our subject that talks about love, rebounds are something that will only bring your worth back–if you find another person to be your “kasintahan.” Well, no. I’m not yet in a relationship, but if you’re talking about rebound, ask the ones who are in a relationship and has a lot of experience to share the most intimate details to you hahaha.

So kung ano ang pinagsasabi ko kay AA, ako ‘yun!? At least never naman ako nakipag-sex sa isang lalaki, and I’m very proud to say that I’m still a virgin–and I’m really domineering when it comes to guys. If they will have sex with me as their form of love, BREAK NA KAAGAD TAYO. Wala akong care kung magmukmok ako d’yan, depressed masyado, but at least it’s a form of protection.

But at least, in my part, I NEVER do double-standards. Oo na, mataas ang standards ko, but as much as possible I make it flexible. I consider myself liberated when it comes to politics and general beliefs, but when it concerns morality, I am generally conservative but not judgmental. If I judge you because you’re not pretty enough, well no. You just have to show a good impression of yourself and have an interest on knowing me more. If you’re a good friend of mine, I won’t judge you at all. As a matter of fact, pwede pa kitang takpan, but mind you that I criticize you the constructive way. Quoting Roxyisferox:

I realize that as well, it’s just that I don’t bitch on people based on their status and beauty. Can you see my reason why I lambast Cristine Reyes, Kim Chiu, Kris Aquino and even Cecile Ongpauco? It’s not because of beauty, or their status. There are reasons DEEPER than that.

If the jealous warfreak baashed me, did I ever judged her? She was the one who judged me at the first place, so I just thought that she’s only a waste of time to me, but there came a point that she really wanted to challenge me as if she’s mightier than I am. Puh-leeze. Being a warfreak just because I did not do something wrong with you personally (but your beau is my friend) does not even make you feisty since you’re just making a joke out of yourself with the expense of other people. Sabihin mo pang maarte ako’t epal, at mayabang pa, it’s you who are those adjectives. Ikaw ang pasimuno sa gulo, ikaw pa ang mataas ang pride (it shows why you left your original school–well you said it, no one dictated you that one!) at isa pa, ikaw pa ang umaangal sa rules ng bago mong school. Tingin mo ba, I have not yet moved on!? Well, just reminding other people if they lambast me. Well, mayabang ako kung mayroon akong ipagmamayabang. Maarte ako kapag nasa lugar. At isa pa, umeepal ako kung kwestyonable ang ugali ng isang tao. Pero kung sinira mo naman ang pagkatao ko, dun ako eepal. (Hoy, salot girl! You are in the land of JB, hindi pa tayo tapos! Pwe!)

Just because I post hateful entries does not mean I am a negative person. I sometimes praise people who deserve more respect than anybody else–whether they are outspoken or not. Just look at Lea Salonga. Kahit mayabang ang dating niya just because she’s outspoken does not make her less of a person–in fact, I call her someone feisty with class. People dislike her with respect. Ganun dapat. Kesa naman sa diva-divahan diyan, eh mga kwestyonable rin, well, quoting Lea-sama:

Unless they’re on their deathbed I have no respect for them.

She’s talking about singers who lip-sync. Well, here’s the catch:

Side Note: So to the “salot guy” who thinks that I fucking lack participation (and shares the same shithoe attitude as the salot girl) must have been delusional for all his life. WELL, kelan ba ako nag lip-sync, aber!? You never changed. If you changed, I will appreciate it more. You just have to take off your habit with you or else it’s your loss.

Tama naman si Lea, eh. Whether you like it or not, she is feisty. Palaban naman talaga siya, from the RH Bill towards Charice’s style, she won’t hesitate to hurt your feelings. Well, I was mistaken about her opinion on Anne Curtis. But Anne said, “I’m not a singer but a performer.”

Lea Salonga has the right to brag, not because she is a well-established singer, but she is the type of person who will never settle for anything less. Kung mayabang siya, well, at least may ipagmamayabang. She has a say on singing, whether it’s a musical or a recording. Well, don’t get intimidated. She is really someone who will not power-trip you. She will just teach you the right thing.

If I despised her just because she’s arrogant, now I appreciate her na. At least she’s very true to herself, rather than being too goody-two-shoes. That’s what I consider as frank and feisty–with class.

Let us just take note that white-washing ourselves does not make us “cleaner.” I noticed that some people right here become judgmental to those people who did one or two mistakes. Akala niyo naman kung sinong malinis, but being superior just because you never did one mistake or let’s say proved your worth and lived your morals does not make you a saint. Well, taking this from Francis of Assisi:

It’s better to be an honest sinner than to be a false saint.

Well, I make mistakes. I lie to save face. I sometimes find it hard to forgive people. I’m a gluttonous person who cannot stop eating everything what’s available. After all, I’d say that I’m still a monotheist, despite being agnostic. Yes, you could live up to your beliefs, but make sure that you respect others’ beliefs, which Felice Fawn should also take note (looking at her previous posts, she’s a hypocrite–but I’m not sure today, whether she’s no longer a hypocrite or what)–quoting my professor:

If you debate about religion, that is non-stop.

Since Fawn is an atheist, she should also take note about respecting others’ beliefs–how the hell could people respect her as an atheist if she keeps on debating about Christianity!?

As Francis I said:

Atheists are good, if they do good.

No way will I profess religion right here. I’m just stating the factual opinions they’re sharing. If you think that I have no right to bash celebrities, well, it’s not my problem anymore. I am no longer considering a debate when it comes to bashing celebrities or not, since it will be pointless. If I became very inconsiderate to the AAdiks, they should take my comments constructively, since we do not tolerate her attitude so well. Kung anong ginagawa niya behind closed doors, talo pa siya ni SG.

If I make negative comments, at least it’s not rude. If I say, “I hate the way they treat their women,” is that rude? Certainly not. There’s still a sheer difference between negative comments and rude comments. Una, negative comments are comments that are not really hateful, but some comments that are like, disagreeing towards the article. If I say, “Pope Francis on gays… well, I do not agree with him,” then that’s a negative comment. If I said, “Damn, Francis I is such an inconsiderate homophobe!” then that is RUDE ENOUGH for a comment. Seriously, I do not consider Pope Francis I as a homophobe since I cannot blame him that he’s the sovereign regarding Catholicism. But still, I don’t think homosexuality is a choice. Blame age-old, traditional beliefs for depriving each person to reveal their true sexuality. If homosexuality is a sin, I hate to break this to you, but being judgmental towards the marginalized people does not make you a saint. What makes you a saint?

Again from Roxyisferox:

You wanna be a holy person? Live your life like Jesus Christ did—simplify your lifestyle, exercise EQUAL TREATMENT regardless of age, race, gender, and societal status, promote Christian values to those who should have that, realize that money is nothing but a tangible thing that lacks eternal value, take off NEPOTISM and CRONYISM, and prevent yourself from establishing tyranny as well as engaging/usuing occult stuff if you don’t wanna go to hell. Plain and Simple.

In other words, treating homosexuals the fair way will make you a better person–showing respect to their over-all persona. Plain and simple. It’s just like respecting my opinion regarding bashing celebrities. Well, again, if you’re not interested in my posts about AA, get away from my site. Isn’t that hard to understand? But if you’re being defensive again just because I asked you to “get away” on my accounts, I’m not saying that you should get away literally. I’m saying that you just have to be careful on your words, because sometimes I might misunderstand you. Peace out (although I’m not the type of person who will say that because I believe that has a double-meaning).

Oh yes. Regarding the peace out thing. I don’t say that. AT ALL. Unless the fight is non-stop, I will say that to you, but still, I don’t use that. I don’t see the valid context on how you do the peace sign since you’re only using it to pose for photographs. I believe when you say that, it’s only when you go to the church.

Taking Dionesia’s joke:

Ayoko na maga-Ininglis! ‘Yung isda, pis, ‘yung pandikit, pis, ‘yung mukha, pis, ‘yung kapayapaan, pis, ‘yung piraso, pis! Nyaaaargh PISTING YAWA ba!

So if you’re expecting a debating argument from me as a reply to you, do not expect the “peace out” thing, unless you’re non-stop ranting. I’m not that type of person. EVER. I will do that if you’re willing to humble yourself.

You see, I have VERY strong opinions. You cannot change that. You cannot change me. There’s nothing you can do with it if I firmly believe in something. If you can’t stand me then so be it. That’s not my problem anymore. I will concede if you’re being defensive, only to make sure that the argument is over.

So to synthesize…

I think people who judged me for my attitude should not fucking make me a celebrity. After all, I’m just an ordinary person and not a celebrity. Kahit tao rin ang mga artista, you’ll never deny the fact that they’re public figures–people expect A LOT from them. If you’re also not interested on me bashing people, well, so be it.

Again, Peace Out! ;D


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