F*ck you, Facebook!

Check the data highlighted in RED (that is NO LONGER included in my original account). See!? My original FB account is now invaded by non-friends and friends of friends. FUCK!


Now anyone, even non-friends could send me a message on Facebook!? That’s fucking ridiculous!

So now I might receive death threats from haters and people who have now the right to BREACH in my Facebook PM thing. Now why the fuck is Facebook NOT respecting my privacy and my personal preference over my account!?

I have blocked people and I deleted some of them if I do not know them IN ANY FORMS. Jesus Christ, is Facebook racing with Apple for being profit-oriented!? As much as I do not want to include Apple here, I was thinking if Facebook is doing some plot against me.

Are you fucking allowing trolls to invade my dear precious site!? Fuck you and all of your actions, Facebook team! Now my other acquaintances who prefer not to use FB are now vindicated. Breaching one’s account is very rude and is a sign that you’re no longer valuing someone’s privacy. I hate it when FB exploits its registered users and they do not allow them to cancel/delete their accounts. Fuck this shit, man. You don’t really want to lose your precious users!? So be it.

How inconsiderate of Facebook. You allowed trolls to invade my site through personal messaging. In other words, putang ina niyong lahat! Mga ‘nyeta kayong mga bayawak! PWE!

For most of us FB users, we are here on FB to do whatever we want, and yet you fucking deprived us from our online rights!? That is sooooooo wrong of you. Nice move, but you failed, FB team! I’d like to talk to Mr. Zuckerberg personally about this issue. This isn’t working anymore!

FB User Complaints (I decided to keep them anonymous as a sign of respect):

The thread starter said:

Anyone can message me on facebook? Now I can get messages from creepers or people I don’t want to talk to? What kind of BS is this?

SEE!? That was the first thing I ever received. So I was trolled because of that shit. No wonder, there are many trolls invading our sites for no fucking reason.

Another FB user said:

I am getting messages from people not on my friends, harassing me. i had it set to friends only, for that reason…now i have no privacy, and these jerks can message me, and keep making new accounts if i block them…it’s not fait at all. why change something that was fine to start with? I want the old setting back so i can control who sends me messages. I dont want people finding me and then trying to mess with me or my family like they are…it’s just not fair at all!!! very upset about this.

See!? This is what I’m fucking telling you, that’s why I was fucking angry about Facebook allowing non-friends to troll my site. That is DAMN BS. Okay, this could be improper for me to rant against FB and its shenanigans (which are disguised as flaws), but puh-leeze! Facebook has always been my LIFE, and no one has the fucking right to breach in my account unless I turned on the fucking settings myself.

Just because Facebook has fucking grown so big is no reason that it stops bothering about the user experience of individuals like me. My privacy is important to me. My peace is important to me. I know YOU DONT GIVE A FUCK whether I use Facebook or not. And I know I cant achieve anything by writing this feedback. Simply because FACEBOOK DOESNT CARE.

THIS! Since I turned the privacy settings to “Only Friends are allowed to contact me through PM,” this was fucking lost! Now one reason why I value my privacy as well even though I have tons of friends on FB. I don’t want people breaching on my site to troll and troll until they had enough of my sharp tongue. This is really insidious for FB. Now I know why some people are not even allowed to use FB, or probably they prefer not to join. I know, some people hate FB because of its profit-oriented nature, and I understand that.

What I really do not like about Facebook is that, it sometimes becomes conceited. No wonder, when watching The Social Network, it is evident today that Mark Zuckerberg did go back to his roots and repeated the same mistakes–shaming Erica Albright because he was busted, but that was the thing of the past. However, depriving FB users from their privacy rights makes FB more dubious and something to be questioned than to be admired. As a matter of fact, it’s not the most well-loved social networking site in the world. I have read that most Japanese people tighten their security settings or rather NOT join FB at all in order for them to secure their privacy. You see, privacy is a very sacred jewel for the Japanese people, so if you’re too pushy to ask questions, whether personal or not, that is rude. You have to know them more in order for them to welcome and accept you in their life.

Please facebook. I have received numerous messages from people who are not on my friend list. They are hurtful and distressing. So much so that last night I deactivated my facebook account just so I could get a good night’s sleep without worrying who was contacting me. I have gone around in circles tonight to try to stop anyone who is not on my friend list from messaging me. I dearly want to stay in contact with my friends and do not want to permenantly deactivate my account but I cannot deal with these hurtful messages. Please do something about it.

I feel you, dude. For some reason/s, I deactivate my FB account and go to the other one in order for me to stay alive and well without the invasion of these trolls. I suggest, Twitter is better. At least you’re not harassed as if you’re now losing your worth as a person–and I won’t allow that to happen. Freedom of speech is more open and you will never be attacked as is. So that’s why I do not tolerate invasion of privacy when it comes to social networking sites. Stalking should have limitations, because what makes stalking a strong and offensive word is the notion of privacy invasion. There are people who will delve on to your FB account in order for them to troll you. Trolling is a mortal sin, and I know some people right here who troll LIKE THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO LECTURE YOU LIKE KARMA.

I’m sick of getting unwanted messages from people that I don’t know. All my setting are at strict. I only want to be contacted by my friends. I don’t appreciate being harassed by strangers. How do I stop these messages from coming through?

Me too! Now that’s the exact concern I wanted to slap to Herr Zuckerberg! He never learned from his previous experienced, as shown in The Social Network. As much as do admire him as a CEO, I believe that he’s getting full of himself. He should follow the example of Bill Gates who still remains down-to-earth even though I’m no longer a Windows user. At least Bill Gates is someone who made Windows accessible to the general public even though his OS business is commercialized. He was the one who even secured the privacy of his life even though he’s a public figure–same with the late Steve Jobs who shunned the media and expressed himself in EXPOs. Now that’s what a true Chief Executive Officer should do. They should not allow and tolerate trolls and shithoes invading the site of others.

I don’t want everyone to send me private messages. I want only my friends to have access on that! Please bring back the old settings!

Yes, this is effing true! Bring the shit back or we’re out of FB! HAHAHA!

I don’t get tired of saying this. I’ve always had my private message setting to “only friends”. I chose that for a reason. Days ago, this people took away a big part of my privacy, even though you keep talking about big improvements about that. I don’t want everyone to send me private messages, you should respect that. I should be able to choose if I want all the freaking world to send my messages or not. And I DON’T! Who’s the big brain behind all this? Why would you think this was an improvement?! It’s incredibly annoying and unnecessarily unsafe. Bring back the old settings, PLEASE.

Respect is something that Facebook failed to observe. They wish that people’s privacy will be breached that they will be attacked. HAVEN’T THEY LEARNED from the spread and spam of porn stuff and those photographs that include sick babies and people and “Like/Share if you love Jesus, Ignore if you’re pro-Satan”!? If they didn’t, then fuck them! I believe that there’s a better site than Facebook but I cannot commend Google+ for that matter (well, user-friendly wise).

I had to deactivate my previous account because of this rubbish and still i got messages from weirdos asking my number and other busllshit ! We need to step up and get old privacy setting back. Its my PROFILE and i want my control over it. Another big issue is the Timeline covers. People steal them and misuse them.

I hope Facebook Staff will look into this and would do something about this soon. This is not only affecting me but my relationships as well.

This is one last straw. True that!

Learn from the past, get back to your roots!

From The Social Network movie to controversies surrounding FB, you’ll see how much social networking played an important part in our lives. Also, if you’re talking about Facebook as a “safe” site, then you must now rethink you path now.


5 thoughts on “F*ck you, Facebook!

  1. sana nga hindi nga nababasa ng mom ko yung mga messages na HINDI NAMAN NIYA DAPAT MABASA, lalo kung isa siya sa mga finilter ko sa message na iyon

    • Anyways, anyone could send me measages sa FB even though they’re non-friends. That’s what I mean my breaching. Facebook no longer respects everyone’s privacy though :/

      • paano iyan, kung i-customize ko yung message ko na hindi dapat makabasa ang parents ko, tito ko, pinsan ko, ang makakabasa pa rin nun is yung mga friends ko sa network ko na hindi ko sinensor?

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