Kalkal moments… word of betrayal

IMG_5610 - Version 2

I didn’t notice that the fantard of Majarot would have been nice or somewhat a stranger to me at the first place, not until she was so butt-hurt that she ended up like, sinira ang pagkatao ko.

Well, truth really hurts, a’ryt. If you think that I lambated Majarot just because of her actions with Gerald, at least she’s not heavily lambasted compared to AA. Kung Popster (well no offense to them ok?) pa sana ako pareho ko pang laitin sila AA at Majarot, eh!

I think this person felt betrayed just because of me lambasting Majarot on Instagram.

So you were trolling!?

That would be too jeje for that dude to do so.

Yes, that is too jeje for them to troll a person’s account. Worse, they might breach ’em all. One thing that I do not like about these people is how they preach that we’re not entitled to lambast them or we’re jealous of them… but if you’re going to ask us what our beliefs really ARE, you have to delve in their blogs.

That is RIGHT! That would be jeje for them to do so–from lambasting haters and fans of A-OK celebrities, it shows that some fan groups like the AAdiks are just butt-hurt enough that they cannot accept the fact that AA deserves more harsh criticisms. Kahit gaano ka-sosyal ang AAdik, it is jeje for them to lambast a person if they simply utter a word like, “AA deserves to be bashed,” then someone said, “Don’t you know the reversibility criterion!?”

That would be a slap in the arse.

Trolling another person’s account just because he/she lambasted your idol does not make you a better person. So to speak, these Popsters, when they lambast AA, of course, does not make them a better person. It only shows that they stick to their beliefs–one thing or another, they won’t ever approve of people breaching in their beliefs and principles. If we are morally-conservative domineers (with high but flexible standards) who do not tend to be judgmental towards people who make mistakes but is a decent person, then we tend to raise our middle fingers towards people who are pa-controversial and at the same time will do everything to get noticed.

I live with my own beliefs, principles and standards. If you can’t stand me, then so be it. I could tolerate something only to a certain level, but it is still depending on how it will be handled/done.

Buti pa nga’t hindi ko na lang pinatulan ang mga anti-Yengsters, eh. As a matter of fact, kokonti lang ang mga haters at critics ni Yeng Constantino. Take a look at The Top Tens website. Even though it’s not credible enough, at least pasok siya sa listahan. Despite her red hair and fashion sense, she is at the same level as Aiza Seguerra, in terms of how they’re viewed as people. At least hindi nagpa-KSP si Yeng while on her singing career. Even the Yengsters defended Yeng from the bashers.

Kahit anong sabihin ng mga bashers, walang makakapantay sa kanyang galing sa pagkanta!

Of course, now you know why she’s better off than her idols. :p

I hope you will learn from this experience, as I do not consider myself a celebrity. To my Popster friends and online buddies, I hope you don’t lambast the AAdiks unless they attack you! :p Peace!


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