Got this from FP.


So the comments are very positive: Maganda siya, maputi na talaga siya ever since at ang bait pa, wala pang ka-ere ere sa katawan.


Guys, with regards to her whiteness, hiram na puti lang ‘yun when she was still in StarStruck. She only became super white because of glutathione injections. Refer to most of Ka Pete’s blind item articles and you’ll find out who that person is.

But with regards to her attitude, I still feel pessimistic, however, if she’s ready to change herself, why not? At least there are lots of opportunities for AA to improve her acting and other things such as dancing, singing and comedy. She should take a cue from her older sister and from her friends who are very nice people, even in real life.

Remember, AA. If you want us to admire you and embrace you entirely, you have to behave very well. It’s not for our own benefit, but it’s also for you. If you have learned from our very harsh criticisms, this made you go and apologize to your older sister. However, still, we’re still pessimistic–even though you reconciled with her, we still respect people who are still raising their eyebrows towards you.

from pinoyparazzi:

Pero marami pa rin ang nagtataas ng kilay sa totoong pag-uugali ni Cristine. Pakitang-tao lang daw ‘yun kay Wenn dahil director siya nito. Hindi pa raw lumalabas ang sungay nito. Kung ang sarili niyang kapatid na si Ara Mina ay nakuha niyang sira-siraan sa ibang tao, ‘yun pa kayang hindi niya kaanu-ano? Say ng kausap namin.

Again, take these comments constructively. If you want us to admire you, whatever harsh comments there is against you, take it constructively.


One thought on “OMG… WTF!?

  1. Aa eversince is already white. Maybe not as white, but she’s not morena or something. I know I’m from Marikina. 😉 As for her attitude she is nice naman in person actually but she is also fierce and stubborn. Really like d how she looks now, flawless glow to the max in person. We use to tease her about it a lot when she comes by the neighborhood. But she is still approachable, just ask permission for pix and she will do it as long as she’s not eating or something. lol.

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