Give respect towards Jessica Soho!

Okay, after I watched Vice Ganda’s joke about Jessica Soho, well, I was not disgusted. However, if he wants to be respected as a comedian, he should have not mentioned the “rape” thing because first of all, rape is NOT something to be taken as a joke. Kaya nasaktan si Jessica Soho not because she took it personally, but she also took note of rape victims, which made her and GMA magnify the issue.

“Jokes are jokes, they’re not meant to be serious.”

I know, to those people who think this way, I respect that, however, if you’re going to joke about the “rape” thing on someone, that should never be publicized–in any form.

I understand how Jessica Soho felt since she is a respected journalist and at the same time a veteran reporter. Oh, ayan. There’s Ricky Lo as a veteran journalist on GMA (admittedly, I do recognize him as “veteran,” speaking of journalism). There’s also Jessica Soho… as a more respected newscaster and a TV host. Seriously, while I like watching Rated K, I enjoy watching Jessica Soho’s TV show, “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” more than the former. I find the latter show more informative and well-researched compared to Rated K which magnifies anything and everything and sometimes hindi nawawala ang “retoke” promowwwsheyn, and last thing, 500 peso + tsinelas, UMAY-gahd. As a matter of fact, I do like Jessica Soho as an interviewer when she interacted with the Oxygen Lady Lee Young-ae.

Roxyisferox said:

I’d rather consider Jessica Soho MORE PROFESSIONAL in interviewing Korean stars unlike Kris Aquino, Mariel Rodriguez or even Gretchen Fullido to any Taiwanese or Korean stars, though I commend Bianca Gonzales the way she conducts interview with 2NE1.

True that! Well, it’s not only Jessica Soho whom I respect in Kapuso network. I also recognize Ms. Susan Enriquez as a veteran, too. Hate to brag, but I am close to her daughter. :p But sadly, I have never met Ms. Susan in person.

Well, that’s all. As a matter of fact, I will officially go back being a Kapuso again! I hate (CHOS!) Kapamilya network na talaga (but still, I owe ABS-CBN, but no longer recognizing it as a trusted network).


7 thoughts on “Give respect towards Jessica Soho!

  1. ABS-CBN does only great at entertainment, but not news and public affairs. I usually turn my TV to GMA for news and documentaries. GMA’s documentaries are award-winning, no doubt about it. Bobo lang ni Vice na pati katabaan ni Jessica balahurain. Insipid.

    • Agree with that. Ayos sana kung si Nadia Montenegro okrayin niya eh chos! Well, sana he should have made fun of himself na lang, hindi ba?

      • my thoughts, exactly. nung sina Aiai delas alas, Allan K, Jose and Wally nag-start bilang stand-up comedians until making it great to entertainment industry, naging pader na ng industria si Aiai pero never nakapambalahura ng ibang tao. inookray na lang yung baba niya, hahahahha! si allan k naman, yung kanyang ‘matangos’ na ilong…. heheheheh! choz!

      • my mom even told me she saw AiAi in person, and she looks better daw in person. di nga lang daw namamansin

      • Ah that’s good. Same with Ethel Booba, actually. Hindi naman chaka si Ethel in person, ano lang, so-so.

      • pangit lang talaga si Ethel sa TV. Mas maganda pa si Ethel nung hindi pa siya nagpapa-collagen ng labi.

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