A pessimist comment against Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy issue!

fropki.com|Hmmm… Angelina is already 19 here, but how come she’s small-chested!?

Jake said:

There’s nothing heroic about Jolie’s decision. First of all she never had cancer and she did NOT have a double mastectomy. She had a partial mastectomy or implant revision surgery to remove her old implants and replace them with new ones. She did NOT have her nipples or areola removed, she had them lifted to a higher position on her breasts. She has tried to sell this elective surgery into a tale of cancer survival, when she never had cancer. How is that heroic?

Like what people said:

While Angelina’s getting skinnier, her boobs are growing the opposite direction.

Meaning to say that Angelina already had implants ever since (probably at her 20s, we don’t really know)!

There’s no doubt why I have always been an avid basher of skinny women with a cup-C chest and above. Seriously, if these women exist, without the presence of hips and ass plus protruding ribs, EWWW… that is sooooo disgusting (again, no offense if you’re this type of person, physically). Unless if a skinny woman has the body type of Freja Beha Erichsen, now that’s better (Freja has small hips and ass, too, aside from being flat-chested). I was also very happy when I found out that Taylor Momsen is also small-chested! But anyways, TayMoms for me is someone whom I now admire because of her pretentious ignorance towards JB!

Or probably because Angelina lost her virginity at the age of fourteen, and that the guy had touched her tittays (well, some speculations say that once a guy touches your tits, it will get bigger). Well, maybe because of the heat energy coming from the guy, which stimulates both sides’ promiscuity!

However, during her pre-20s, her breasts are not that large yet. Well, I do not major in pre-med, but I think that’s because of her influence when flinging with the guys of her life, coming from what I have explained about guys + touching boobs.



2 thoughts on “A pessimist comment against Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy issue!

  1. It doesn’t matter how she came with the decision but for sure that’s for her sake. If this happened to me with a threat for my breast health, I won’t hesitate to undergo a cosmetic surgery in Philippines.

  2. Angelina Jolie had her choice, and it was the right thing for her especially into her career. It is amazing to know who are ones who catered her those surgical enhancements. In the Philippines the number one state-of-the-art aesthetic medical facility that offers advanced dermatology, aesthetic plastic surgery, and slimming services is Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines .

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