Anne Hathaway’s BAFTA speech

Well, she’s actually making herself a walking joke.

So there’s NOTHING really wrong and offensive with this speech that is FULL OF FAKERY and HIDDEN HYPOCRISIES!?

I was not laughing at her. In fact, my thoughts about her air-headedness just got a bit justified. Thanks Hatha-haters, especially those who err… support them (James Franco, Mrs. Jackman and Joan Rivers — I credit you guys for the wonderful err… “speeches”).

Seriously, Ms. Anne. Being in a musical does not give you a free pass to be “diva-divahan” (err… it is “acting to be like a diva/prima donna) if in fact, Katie Holmes, ScarJo, Natalie Portman and err… Charlize Theron are more respected than you nowadays. At least these people I’ve mentioned remained down-to-earth despite their global fame. Sorry but you have to stop being so fake and hypocritical even though we really do admire your acting skills. If you earn more detractors that are more logical than the typical know-it-all, mind you that the more down-to-earth A-listers will outsmart you.

However, people said that there’s nothing really wrong with this gal’s speech.

Diva Attitude < Feisty Attitude

Nowadays, people think that a fake attitude on the outside but a diva attitude on the inside is much more admired than the more transparent ones. I’d choose someone in Hollywood who really speaks out their mind rather than someone like Anne Hathaway who is showing fake modesty, fake humility, false sense of humor… I just do not understand the so-call “hype” with this “false acting” she’s showing.

Being a prima donna just because of your achievements does not make you superior. Even Lea Salonga attested that Anne Hathaway is not qualified enough for stage acting/musical casting. If Lea has the right to be a diva for her diligence, hardwork and numerous achievements (given that she grew up in an environment that is considered a real training ground), Anne has still a long way to go. Being a diva should be manifested in the RIGHT WAY which will make you still more likeable.

Have you ever heard Lea being bitchy in every interviews she was in?

So far, if you think that having a diva attitude is admirable, it’s either you’re idolizing the right person or not. There are famous singers and recording artists who possess diva demands during their concerts because they have the right to do so–but nevertheless, they still remain warm and welcoming. Look at Katy Perry and Lady GaGa–they both have diva demands, but do these demands make them less friendly? ‘Course not! When J-Lo was in the Philippines, she’s very much respected and NO single complain against her was heard (J-Lo also has a set of diva demands which include white flowers on a trailer).

These artists I’m mentioning still have a warm and welcoming stage presence despite their diva demands. At least they still have the right to be a diva, but in a good way–which will make sure that they still have their own personal space during their global tour/s.

It’s really sad that most people think that Anne Hathaway is still likeable despite her airhead attitude nowadays. Well, if that attitude is admirable, then that does not even make you more knowledgeable than the rest of the bloggers who side with the better. Reminds me of Majarot still being well-liked despite her shenanigans. As a matter of fact, the world is getting closer to the immoral and hypocritical side and the grey areas are depicted in a bad light.


8 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway’s BAFTA speech

  1. As your previous posts say, Sayang! Sayang talaga si Anne Hathaway at si Majarot. Respected nga sila in term of acting skills. Attitude wise- EPIC FAIL! Iyan tuloy, maraming galit or sneers or jokes ang nakukuha nila.

    Like you nagustuhan ko dati si Anne Hathaway noong ‘fairy tale movies’ niya. I think fame must have gotten into her head.

    • This is how I also felt towards Justin Bieber. As much as JB is okay in terms of his singing and his over-all talent, I would have admired him better if he was not conceited. Anne, on the other hand, well, she used to be very much likeable until 2009, when she was reported to be a total airhead, kaya flop din ang movie nila ni Kate Hudson, eh (well Anne’s comedy was far better than Kate, but she was just starting to lean from the fairy tale genre to the mainstream genre). Well, I used to dislike Kate simply because she’s too bland as a comedienne, however, attitude-wise, no problem. It’s only that Kate should not stick to chick flicks and romcoms–as a matter of fact, she should be collaborating with Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller.

      Also, Kate Hudson should have been the Fantine in Les Mis since she’s a better singer than Anne.

  2. Sayang rin si Justin Bieber like Anne Hathaway. One thing, I can’t stand JB also. My two younger brothers (one aged seventeen, one aged fourteen) ranted how he tries so hard to dance when they watched “beauty and the beat” and other music videos on how he tries to dance. One of my kouhai friends disliked him immensely and he said there are better singers than him.

    Wow! Kate Hudson sings pala! Interesting.

    • Well, Kate would have been more respected if she just entered the music industry rather than to be on chick flicks and romcoms. Besides, she should leave the “comic” thing to her momma.

      With regards to JB, however, actually I really do not like his antics such as his photographs taken by other people should be HIS property when in fact he should credit it rather since he has no certain rights to own it if his fans (whom he personally does not know on a daily basis) has taken a photo or photos of him. I know he has talent (well, I don’t like his singing voice, though) but he should focus on that rather than on his ego-istic escapades. Kaya nga when Miley Cyrus announced JB as the winner of an award, she had this sour face in her, which meant that she has this certain form of disgust towards JB’s attitude. As much as I am concerned, Selena Gomez deserves someone better than JB.

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