Thoughts on Roxyisferox’s remarks about most Filipino netizens about hot topics and serious issues/matters

Roxyisferox said:

If Korean netizens are already cringe-inducing due to their over-the-top reactions, it’s the same thing with Filipinos. As a matter of fact, they try to proclaim how “intelligent” and “rational” they are while they are more capable of throwing ad hominem reactions than Korean netizens.

This applies to the ignoramus know-it-all hypocrite commenters in Fashion Pulis, specifically to Anne Hathaway and Maja Salvador sympathizers (MOVE OVER GUYS, I know that you’re not doing your research very well, just saying! Most of you I believe are Kapamilya-tards!).

As much as I understand Korean netizens for bashing celebrities due to their double-standards, most Filipino netizens, however, well… they bash in a way that will degrade the humble and promote and support and admire people who are simply airheads and/or at the same time trying to be controversial.

I am so much an avid hater of airheads and people who simply create controversies to be the talk of the town (if you know what I mean; actually even though I’m an introvert myself, I am even more expressive when it comes to blogging compared to extroverts that I know–not underestimating them but I believe that introverts are better bloggers).

Well, I’m talking about this Kapamilya fantard mania about how they defend people rabidly in such a way that they will say, “Fuck you bitch! You have no fucking right to bash them! They’re goddesses.”

Scheissen! Ein grosse Scheissen!

In other words, di lanchao bin kap piau si!

I do not hate fantards, unless they lambast me directly on Twitter and in such sites like PEP and Fashion Pulis. If you are going to throw such ad hominem comments, make sure that I’m in the mood to laugh at you big time–sometimes people will let’s say, ruin my personality just because they’re butt-hurt enough not to agree with me. If you simply do not agree with me then why not post negative comments WITHOUT being rude? It’s only showing that you’re LESS civilized and at the same time more jeje than you think. As a result, I look down onto these types of netizens.

In PEP, I only commend ledfarani for his/her (I do not know the gender yet) comments since it’s more civilized compared to the rest of the PEPsters who kind of defend immorality. Also, I believe that when it comes to Kapuso, I could say that GMA has a stricter morality clause since most of the actors there still keep their civility even though they’re accused of being unfriendly to ordinary citizens, unlike in ABS-CBN, damage control comes when a certain celebrity will do some shenanigans and the like, and morality clause is often disregarded. You see, one of the reasons why I do admire Kapuso as a network more than ABS-CBN is because I noticed that most of the artists who have committed serious shenanigans are like let’s say, expelled. Look at Iwa Moto and Rhian Ramos, where are they now? Well, this may not make GMA better than ABS-CBN, but in terms of retaining their artists, GMA is far, far better–and casting couch is less existent. ABS-CBN, however, is more intensive on this “casting couch” phenomena–you have to fuck with the bosses and executives in order for you to earn a career.

Side Note: Sadly, however, Kapamilya fantards defend ABS-CBN for being “more credible” when it fact, in terms of news and current affairs, there’s lack of depth unlike in GMA, news and current affairs are well-researched. Well, I’m not saying that GMA is better since most of the ABS-CBN newscasters I’ve encountered are actually down-to-earth in real life (Kabayan, Sir Ted Failon). I have also met Sir Mike Enriquez in person and he seemed OK, so there should be no fuzz about the rivalry between ABS-CBN vs. GMA. What I really want to say is that, both stations have their own forte: ABS-CBN is good in entertainment, while GMA is better off when it comes to humor and noontime shows. As a matter of fact, both TV networks should not manifest rivalry a la Ateneo-La Salle (speaking of Ateneo vs. DLSU, Roxyisferox stated that DLSU is better off than ADMU, speaking of track record).

I’m just telling the truth. I’m not saying that GMA is better than ABS-CBN or ABS-CBN is better than GMA, if you’re going to take a look at GMA netizens… well only a few of them I believe are rabid, but so far I have yet to encounter a Kapuso netizen.

If I were to be asked, casting couch is the most IMMORAL think you’ll ever hear of. People who had a sex scandal won’t ever resort to these things basically because they don’t want to repeat the same mistake again. Immorality in ABS-CBN is getting even more rampant, making me question the Lopez clan as a whole.

Damage control is quickly emulated by the Kapamilya fantards. They think that whatever ABS-CBN does is right, moral and just, if in fact I don’t see it. Papano naman, shoving sex objects to our throats and attention whores as role models kuno!? Also, when I said that AA is not a role model and a good example to the youth, there’s one AAdik fantard who said that “You don’t know her personally so don’t judge!”, it shows that the Popsters are more credible despite of the way they react towards issues involving SG.

There might be rumors surrounding SG that she is kind of arrogant and “maarte” in person, but you can never question her achievements, the way she retained her fanclub, the never-ending respect towards her.

Yes, and SG’s fanclub remains diverse and very large–to an extent that it might be at-par with Facebook in terms of population count. No kidding about this. If the Popsters will be a “country,” it would surpass Facebook’s population (if FB will be a country as well).

Also, another thing: So okay lang maging mayabang ang mga foreign celebrities while ang mga local Pinoy celebs, hindi? If you are mayabang, well at least you have to achieve something the hard way, rather than being too easy-easy na parang you’ll just brag because you’re affiliated with someone, something like that. If you are mayabang, make sure you won’t ever step on someone’s shoes. So most of the commentors in Fashion Pulis regarding AH and Majarot, I think, are starting to glorify people being conceited and pa-controversial at the same time + stepping on one’s shoes. Well, I hate to say this, but the Philippines is a know-it-all friendly country. In other countries, I hope that know-it-all people are the most oppressed.

Like what I said,

There is no such thing as transparency in our society, whereas introverts should be prioritized by giving them special and preferential treatment while the rest (most extroverts, know-it-alls, walking contradictions) should suffer and be oppressed in order for them to be taught how to survive.

Sadly, know-it-alls are the top priority in the Philippine society, and most of the them, they actually get away with almost everything. From wrecking friendships for no apparent or valid reason towards verbally clogging other people for their own satisfaction, this is how I depict Filipino netizens in general. Only a few are actually very considerate and forgiving as compared to what our society prefers–people who are not approachable and at the same time kiss-arse to the authorities in order to retain their so called, “power.” Fuck.

One last thing: To the bashers Roxyisferox is really making parunggit to, comparing venerable Ricky Lo to the adorable Manny the Movie Guy does not make the latter a better interviewer. As a matter of fact, Manny the Movie guy is more casual while Ricky is more formal. End of the novel.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Roxyisferox’s remarks about most Filipino netizens about hot topics and serious issues/matters

  1. Don’t let those fantards get to you. You have a right to have an opinion. That makes someone unique.

    • Exactly! When fantards attack me, that’s the time I will respond in such a way that will make them losers. Lol.

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