As promised: Amuro Namie’s THEN and NOW inked left arm



I really disliked Amuro Namie at first not because of these tattoos on her left arm, but because her facial expression when mostly posing in photographs and at the same time singing in concerts is just… monotonous. Too cold and too gloomy but after this happened…


From “Hands On Me” screenshot

Well, now Namie feels better and the aura! Her tatts are already almost out of her skin, and I’d say that she’s grown out of these ink that she have regretted (imagine placing them on your left arm while most of the time you’re wearing sleeveless tops LMAO!).

Seriously she rather looked like someone from jail rather than someone from a rock band. Peace to all Namie’s fans, but I think she’s better off without these tattoos. Even though they’re like more of a reference than a fad, I’d say that she had a very bad taste when it comes to ink. Ayumi pulls tatts off better.

Well, that’s the post for now.