Dear Maxx…

Bashing the haters personally will make you less of a person… but not in this case, it’s WORSE.

So Maxene Magalona is the queen of all patolas! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I believe that AA was a bad influence towards her. IMHO lang, ah. I don’t think AA is really a good friend, kahit siguro kay Maxene. Pero look at P-Chi, na-BI ba siya!? Hindi naman, ‘di ba!?

I think Maxene has gone too far this time, and I think Saab is waaaaay better, speaking of attitude and somehow a good rapport towards people (the netizens in particular).

I may be an avid follower of Saab’s blog, but hmmm… I have no serious updates so far since I am venturing in other blogs, but I still find her a good blogger. If she ever reads this post, well, no offense to her and her sister (hindi kami close, and I never seen them personally although I’d love to do so haha), but I think they’re well-known not only in a small community, but they’re known because of the mass media (GMA).

CLICK HERE for the FP post…

Grabe lang. Buti pa ang mga katulad nila Yeng Constantino at saka ni Rufa Mae Quinto (P-Chi), hindi sila patola sa mga haters nila. They’re even more polite when it comes to them. I actually liked the way Yeng responded to critics and bashers with the tattoo she had on her back. Chito Miranda was also there to tell everyone that it does not matter whether you are inked or not. Good job, guys! You’re preaching them the right way!

Maxene should remember that she’s a celebrity, at kada galaw niya sa IG o sa Twitter mino-monitor ‘yan. Okay, I may sound biased, but there’s no problem with me if Ashley G. and Lea Salonga will rant on Twitter or on IG but at least these people won’t ever bash someone personally (well, more on parunggit lang) unless, sirain ng mga bashers ang pagkatao nila. There’s one post that Ashley G. posted about this basher when he actually said, “Kulang pa ‘yan! Dapat naka-level pa kay Charice o kay Hayley Williams ‘yan!” As if he knows more than Ashley, so I do understand Ashley’s way of ranting online, even though she’s well-known in the metro.

Turn-off lang. If I’m very guilty of bashing stars on IG, then a celebrity bashing an ordinary person is such a turn-off! LOL, reminds me of Piolo Pascual when this certain guy posted his tweet on IG about Piolo being gay. Well, Piolo is soooooo patola because it’s true–he’s gay, and even my gay buddy attests to that. However, since Piolita is a nice guy, he should have kept mum about the whole thing.

Buti pa nga ang ibang patola stars, hindi naman sila ganito mag-post as if they’re going to their level. Why can’t Maxene block the grammar nazi instead? LMAO, it justs shows how airheaded she is, unlike Saab, who still remains low-key. Also, considering that she’s from Ateneo, I believe she succumbed to the “stereotypical” Atenean na mayabang, mataas ang pride, na daig pa sa mga Isko ng Bayan. No wonder, mas celebrated pa nga ang mga Atenistang low-key, eh. Even one of my batchmates in HS still remained down-to-earth despite being an Atenean (she won’t ever go on a ranting spree na ratatatatat).

One FP commentor said:

I’m just saying na kahit sa mahal at prestigious school siya nag aral, wala pa rin siyang breeding. Education can’t buy breeding. Mas may breeding pa yata sa kanya yung mga nag aaral sa mga ibang public school.

I must say, yes. You could still be feisty with class, but in Maxx’s case, she’s gone too far, and she left her mind somewhere. I understand that the basher ruined her day when she greeted Master Rapper on Fathers’ Day, but she should have blocked the guy instead. Yes, napagdaanan ko rin ang mga bashers na ‘yan, but guess what? Mas wala pa ngang breeding ang mga nagba-bash sakin, ih. They claim that they’re classy, but they’re actually NOT! Kulang na lang naghubad na lang sila!

Actually, the grrr anon and *****mwah have something in common: They won’t stop bashing and damage your over-all being until they win. HAHAHA, these people have no fucking life at all. Kung i-bash ko lang ang mga artistang masama ang ugali, ibig bang sabihin nun we’re offending you!? Take offense if a know-it-all is bashing them, but mind you that I’m not as know-it-all as those people who are actually know-it-all in real life (hahahaha, those know-it-alls? Baka dumugo lang ilong ng mga bashers!).

There’s nothing wrong when bashing these so-called “bad celebrities.” Eh si AA at si Majarot, thinking na lilipat sila sa TV5, do you think sisikat parin sila!? HAHAHA, easy has-been na ‘yan silang dalawa!

Yes, these people are jeje enough to be walang modo… but what Maxene did is waaaaaay worse than the typical jeje:

hay nako i unfollowed her kse naman sobrang patol tlga sya mga haters nya! may mas malala pa sya ginwa before dyan. dinelete lang nya! nakakainis yang si maxene huh! dpt d nlng nya pansinin ung mga haters! hayaan nlng nya!

The FP commenter said it right! I find Maxene sarcastic nowadays, which would make AA “better” but no. AA used to rant on Twitter and on FB but that does not make her “better” than Maxene since I think she’s the BI behind the way Maxx bash the haters! HAHA.

Kung nainis man sya, ok na sana na nag reply nalang sya. Pero bakit kailangan iupload pa yung photo nung guy? Nakaka turn off si Maxene, for someone who has a pa-classy image pa.

Unless the basher will post negative comments in MORE THAN ONE of your photos na, eh one photo lang naman, eh. So Maxx, hindi naman MARAMING pictures ang ni-bash niya, eh. Magtataka ka na lang kung halos lahat ng posts mo, i-bash na niya.

Whatever happens, Maxene should take note na hindi lang nag-iisa ang grammar nazi na ‘yan. I have dealt with many of these bashers and I therefore conclude that they are so many to handle. When it comes to correcting grammar naman, well, depende naman sa context. If a person will post some wrong grammar corrections in this blog, make sure na it should be constructive. This is for the grammar nazi who posted on Maxene’s post on IG. However, the grammar nazi was like a know-it-all person (will post about this one) which made Maxene spark the fire–but in a way that she will place the guy to shame na in a stalking mode. Eh ako naman, I just take a screenshot of the basher and post it, or their comments. ‘Yun lang.

Sa akin lang pwede kang mag correct ng grammar kung close kayo. Ewan ko ba mga Pilipino lang ang ganyan. Sa ibang bansa wala sila paki basta nagintindihan nung kausap mo okay na un. Minsan may mga comment na wrong grammar sa salitang Pilipino pero hindi naman kinocorrect.

Kay Maxene naman sana hindi na lang niya pinatulan. Deadmahin na lang basta hindi below the belt ang comment.

I don’t see anything below the belt regarding the guy’s comment, but he should have sounded more constructive. However, this time I’m talking about the know-it-all people in some context–they’re going to make you feel that their knowledge, opinions and whatever that is–they’ll show it to you that these things are MORE superior than yours. Ganun sila, eh. But I don’t think the basher (not siding with that dude) sounded too know-it-all. She should take note na maraming mga know-it-alls sa mundo, and with that she should ignore them because after all, know-it-alls are ignoramus hypocrites who defend immorality over whatever is accepted as “good” or “right.”



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