Dollface Galore

Move over, AA and Majarot (and Trina, Rhian or someone whose beauty isn’t that enviable)! I think there are some cuter, kawaii-er girls who are more deserving to be in this list of my top cutest girls!

The kawaii and aegyo factor are things that make women very feminine… almost like someone to drool at. Well, let’s just look at these Top Ulzzangs…

Emily Browning – Australian actress

Biography: Emily Jane Browning was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1988. She was discovered at a school play at the age of 8, although she originally wanted to pursue fashion designing. Her biggest break so far would be in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. Being 5 feet and only an inch tall, she was required to wear heels in order to become 5’4″ in the movie. Her other movies include Sucker Punch and The Uninvited.

One good side about Australia is that, their celebrities are really good-looking (although most Aussies are not even that good-looking, anyways). From famous Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman to models Gemma Ward and Miranda Kerr, it’s no doubt that Australia has a huge roster of good-looking celebrities, not to mention the Hemsworth brothers–and Heath Ledger.

Emily Browning is not just a typical Aussie looker–as a matter of fact, she’s really a promising thespian who didn’t actually intend to become a well-known actress in Hollywood. She may be well-known in Hollywood, but when she was asked, she prefers New York over L.A. since she finds the latter a boring place. Despite her fame, she wishes to star in more Australian shows rather than in US shows, and she really looks up to Nicole Kidman and Kylie Minogue because these two made it in the USA. Well, it’s normal for people coming from countries that speak English as a lingua franca to move to the United States in order to achieve fame–and Emily proves that right. As a matter of fact, she explained that as an Australian, it is normal that they’re bombarded with US mass media and with that, she got her American accent while watching Sesame Street.

Rosa Kato – Japanese-Italian actress and commercial model

Biography: According to most sources, she was born in Naples, Italy to an Italian father and a Japanese mother and is believed to be formerly fluent in Italian as a child, until her family moved to Kagoshima, Japan when she was six years old. Today, she is married to Daisuke Matsui and gave birth to her first child in France.

Believe it or not, I usually associate her with either Saab Magalona or Michelle Trachtenberg! However, I really like Rosa Kato’s facial features–which makes Namie Amuro and the rest of the Avex trio girls (well, Utada Hikaru and Ringo Shiina included haha) the underdog/s (no joke about this one, though). She’s one of the best-looking halfies that could par the most beautiful actresses in Asia–only that she’s too underrated.

NEW! Ha Hwang Haiyen – Vietnamese actress and girl band member based in South Korea

DSC03191|Without makeup


Biography: Ha Hwang Haiyen comes from Hanoi, Vietnam and has previously lived there. She moved to South Korea in 2005 and after a short number of years she decided to become a naturalized Korean citizen in order for her to become a full-time actress in Korea (not a Korean actress because the context is very different, somehow being a naturalized Korean does not make her 100% Korean, although she said that she had become one). She studied in Hanyang Women’s University, major in Business Administration. On her career in Korea, she starting on small roles that require her to speak in Vietnamese. When her Korean improved, she started venturing on bigger roles, having four TV shows in Korean television.

Little is known about Haiyen and her personal life as an actress since only a few information is spread about her on the Internet. Probably because Korea is not that open-minded when it comes to foreign actors based in South Korea, compared to Japan, which is a more open-minded approach towards foreign and halfie actors. Even though Haiyen is a foreigner in Korea, it seemed that Jasmine Lee is more popular (Jasmine Lee is more popular because she lived in Korea when foreigners there are not yet abundant–and not to mention that time she was married to a Korean). However, Haiyen made it through the mainstream show business as part of the girl band M.I.S.O., which is composed of a Chinese, Japanese, Korean and a Vietnamese girl.

So far, Haiyen is one of the most underrated actresses in Korea, despite her fair skin and big eyes, and I don’t think she’s really full-blooded Vietnamese (I think she’s a quarter French) since Vietnam is kind of racially heterogeneous (considering that it was invaded by China, then France). I first knew her when browsing through asianfanatics (afspot) forums and I saw this topic called, “Vietnamese teenagers.” Now I saw Hai Yen and just typed her name and it turns out that she’s actually based in Korea rather than being a local Vietnamese actress.

Chae Yeon meets Haiyen – This is the only video about Haiyen available in

I really find Haiyen really pretty. No kidding, I even find her more attractive than Song Hye Kyo, considering that the latter is the Kristine Hermosa of South Korea (I think Song is part-Japanese or Taiwanese, full-blooded Korean beauty is more on Lee Young-ae and Choi Ji-woo). If Haiyen just stayed in Vietnam and had her career there rather than being an actress in Korea, it IS an advantage since she’s really doll-like, and qualifies to be an actress based in Vietnam. However, most of the Vietnamese entertainers are actually more talented rather than good-looking since I have read that most netizens believe that Vietnamese entertainers should have more talent than face value–this makes Vietnam more credible than either Thailand and/or the Philippines since the former does focus more on talent than just on good looks while the latter two pressures the female society to look better rather than to be better on their craft, regardless of their looks.

Now… what do they really have in common?

For the love of gawd, they’re really doll faces that could almost fit a matryoshka doll! Kidding. Well, these are viewed as feminine-looking by Filipino standards and when you’re not like these girls, then you’re ugly. Granted, Filipino beauty standards are too black and white, but if you’re going to evaluate their standards as if you like exotic-looking ones, then they’d rather be ashamed! LMAO!


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