Do not expect me to be the same person you used to know

I am no longer the person you’re expecting me to be.

In fact, I’m not what you think I am.

Now let us begin the rant again.

You were thinking that I would act the same person of the past if in fact, I’m not that person today. If I treated you differently and suspiciously, that’s because I could no longer handle your condition. As a matter of fact, you’re simply getting through my nerves when you’re expecting me to be doing this or that.

I’m no longer interested in you anymore. I just… can’t.

If you smirk suspiciously, you didn’t follow my facial expressions. I am very disappointed at the back of my mind, dude. You don’t even know that you’re actually insulting me when you laughed because I lost that “something” that I really have to take. As a result, I could see you as someone who embraces material things more than what is even more free, essential and very crucial.

…and you’re expecting me to act the same person!?

Oh, please. If you just know, I swore to myself not to settle to a person like you. You’re nothing but a show-off if in fact, you’re the same as that “ugly” person you’re saying, and I’m outta here!

I will not settle for someone like you. Swear. Not interested in your old-school antics.


Rudeness is not allowed

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