FP’s New Blind Item: Rotten to the Core

INSECURITIES seem to be running in the vein of this wicked starlet WS. She seems to be insecure with just anyone, even with her own blood. Her misplaced feistiness often gets her in trouble, too.

WS entered showbiz on the strength of her connection- her very popular relative PR. They were a picture of an ideal family where caring for each other was the norm. PR did everything possible – making no stones unturned – even creating enemies in the process – so long as WS got the breaks and realized her dream.

More aggressive than PR is WS herself as far as self-promotion is concerned, she hates being upstaged. Anyone whom she sees as a threat, WS makes no bones to bash like there’s no tomorrow, including those who incur her ire at the slightest provocation.

WS is relentless – allegedly, including sleeping with anyone who is willing to help advance her career. Right now, she is so happy and feels she’s in very good and stable hands – two top guns are reportedly behind her back.

As such, must WS still feel insecure? Or she thinks she’s powerful enough that she can always get away with anything, especially with her signature meanness.

People thought that WS had long made peace with popular performer PP after their feud years ago – it appears that it was not yet the end of it.

PP and WS were together in a room for an event. Allegedly, WS was overheard alluding to PP when she sarcastically told people in tagalog (within PP’s hearing distance), “ At least, I don’t have any teleserye that flopped!”

Those who heard her could only shake their heads. It sounded that WS’ gripes were misleading – out of context, out of nowhere. However, PP seemed unfazed and looked too busy to pay WS her much-desired attention.

“Our envy always lasts longer than the happiness of those we envy.” ― François de La Rochefoucauld

My take

Wow ah, sleeping with anyone just to boost her career!?

Hahahaha! Buti na lang bistado na siya ni FP! And besides, this article seemed more obvious than the previous ones. Buti na lang, pumapantay na siya (FP) kay Ka Pete!

We know who is good-for-nothing trashy starlet is. Kahit ano pang awards ang makuha niya, she will always and forever remain a starlet because she can’t even act decently at the first place. In other words, 5% improvement. She’s someone not to be taken seriously, as a matter of fact.

I don’t get it why people ask me, “Why the hell do you despise her to death!?” Well, FP now explains you the reasons. Kung major-major mistakes naman ang nagagawa ko as an honest sinner (yes me is one, after all, I’m too tired to live saintly~according to the wishes of the people out there!), samantalang si WS, major-major namang makapang-wala. Proud bad girl kuno, but actually, we can always be bitches without the need to step on one’s shoes. Kung makapag-joke lang si WS, akala niya very funny–however, she’s the same as Lee Min Horse: Friends who won’t ever start a very sincere apology.

What… is sincere apology in their fucking vocab!?

No idea, but this starlet is absolutely going down the drain. As a matter of fact, she still needs to create controversies plus casting couch in order to earn a career. Is she that desperate!? Bueno, mas daig pa niya ang gold-digger at mga social climber. As a result, rather than being famous for her good looks and whatnot; she rather became infamous just because she’s a true definition of an objectified entity. Also, she does not deserve to receive ANY KIND of award because these awards are only a mere result of her consistent casting couch. Besides, her acting is just trash. She can’t act at all. Puro pa-cute lang ang alam, and that’s it! It’s all form but no fucking substance at all!



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