My take on Lesya’s face tattoo|This is Lesya, controversial tattoo artist Rouslan Toumaniantz’s girlfriend.

One word: UN-SEXY!

Indeed, it may seem disgusting to you, but even though it’s very un-sexy to me, I have respects for this person. She has a very strong personality to wear this huge gothic script as if she sees herself as “beautiful.”


Funny, but true! Look at Jocelyn Wildenstein! She sees herself as good-looking even though her fake face makes her look like a circus freak, but still she’s very proud to be very famous because of that.|Just… eww. Fresh face inking is just to bizarre.

People reacted as if they feel sorry for other, but others say that the tattoo just looks good at her… and believe it or not, they believe that it suits her well.

Wait… does this lass know anything about facials, facial care and acne!? If she has pimples after the tattoo, it’s just ewwwww… can’t stomach it anymore.

However, she’s still gorgeous as ever. It’s only that it’s too weird to handle. I just fear about the jobs she’s gonna take. Hmmm…


Rudeness is not allowed

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