Yeng Constantino is finally TAKEN! BAHAHA haters and bashers, she’s no lesbo!

from Yeng Constantino’s FB page

Congratulations, Yeng! You deserve it!

Granted, Yeng may have been single for a veeeeeery long time, but it’s alright. She’s been living to her standards even up to now. I’d say that she’s finally chosen who she should be with. Sana maging forever na nga sila.

This is one big step for Yeng not only as an artist, but also as a person.

To the bashers…

BLEH! To all Yeng’s haters and bashers, move over now! Like what she said, she is not a lesbian. Her transformation from a “nene” to a sophisticated ar-TEEST has been blossoming all over the years. Unlike the promiscuous celebs that we know today, Yeng has always been proving her worth as a person, and her faith in God has been proven sincere and not just for all-show. We need more artists like her, after all. I consider her a ROLE MODEL and a GOOD EXAMPLE to the youth, which Miley Cyrus failed to maintain (her transformation from a Disney wonder to a wild child is just… not right, but she’s still cool though). Despite her fame, Yeng always remained low-key.

See? Up to now she is still in the music industry, just like the one and only Pop Princess Sarah Geronimo! If you read my previous blog posts, I have more respect towards people who come from a talent search reality show, more than one-hit wonders who just had their career in just a short while; and they just… POOF! That’s it! But when you take a look at talent search champions, it is just proven that they endured something, and they could now have the right to brag about their achievements; but both Sarah and Yeng chose to remain down-to-earth. As in wala kayong mahahalungkat na isyu that they have been burning bridges during their fame, and they never resorted to say “yes” to a guy unless he is really worthy to them. Ganyan dapat. Talent search reality show champions who remained down-to-earth and at the same time maintained their good image deserve MORE, and deserve BETTER than the over-hyped stars who are just well-known because of face value, numerous issues and/or because of several boyfriends. Even though these “champs” are overrated, they’re famous FOR A REASON. They’re famous because of their AWESOME and REMARKABLE stage presence, rapport and whatnot; which aspiring artists should take note of. It should also be taken note that stage presence and a good rapport will BOOST the career lifespan of an artist–meaning to say that face value is only like plus points. Speaking of face value, these artists are not as popular compared to their earlier years of fame–in other words, even The Voice of the Philippines will prove to you that talent is MORE IMPORTANT and is the MOST IMPORTANT INGREDIENT as compared to whatever is just pure eye candy.

I think Yeng is also the mastermind behind all the MV concepts. Just check these out:




These music videos may have a separate director, but Yeng knows how to conceptualize her music videos very well. I think an artist should do this one, but only a few could create something out of nothing–and that’s why I pick Yeng, speaking of the overall qualities (talent, stage presence and rapport).

Just so you know, she actually received a Licentiate Diploma from the Academy of Rock (UK) based in Singapore. Oh, ‘di ba!? That is actually MORE HONORABLE compared when winning a Grammy Award (talk about being too academic LMAO). Since Yeng did not pursue a college degree, I think this is more than enough that she received something. Also, her fanbase (also known as the Yengsters) is still fucking solid! The Yengsters could actually be at-par with the Popsters–and this is really true! Somehow, Yeng has always been someone who is being herself, and does not pretend to be someone else–but she still retained a good image that is worthy to be idolized and be looked up to. Ganyan dapat. Always be yourself without pretensions; but always remain a pleasing aura in public. Also, these should apply to ALL celebrities who are willing to earn respect from the madlang people, therefore YES, Yeng is someone to be looked up to by the youth, speaking of track record.

With regards to Yeng’s love of her life, he’s a musician too, and they really click well. Oh, hindi ba? After all, it does not matter when you’re talking about transformation of looks. YES, reinvention is important, and Yeng did it RIGHT! Well, no need to elaborate about the transformation, but to those who think that Yeng had her nose done, well DUH! She always had that same narrow nose ever since–believe at the wonders of makeup. If she had a nosejob, at least it suited her. I have a feeling that she just had her complexion lighter (well she has always been fair-skinned, why did she made it lighter if she does not need it)–and she lost weight; which is good. Actually, she was really chubbier when she just had a fresh start. Kaya maraming gumagawa ng isyu about her because she’s always been changing the way she looks and whatnot; but she knows how to carry herself, even the fanciest of all hairstyles, she could pull them off the awesome way! Hindi siya nagmumukhang trying-hard compared to those people who actually seem CHEAP because they try too hard to emulate the most bizarre hairstyles (well, KC Concepcion is an excemption–I thought at first red hair didn’t suit her because it’s too bright for her; but at least keri niya). For me, when it comes to fashion sense, Yeng Constantino has been the most sought-after trendsetters. In fact, magmumukha lang muchacha sina Majarot (well she needs to refine her manners–Yeng is still far better!). No kidding, at least if you’re going to compare someone who has a GOOD image compared to someone who has a BAD image, the one with the good image wins.

Yeng Constantino on Bashers…

When dealing with haters and bashers, Yeng is really the quiet and the cool type. HAHAHA, the best piece of advice: “You still have to listen to the advice of people with a very strong personality rather than those who just do it as is.”

…and I really like the way she reacted on Taylor Swift’s songwriting style.

“She’s very open.”

There are no dull moments with Yeng. Well, compared to other stars who pretend that they’re too clean to be criticized, Yeng is still being herself without the need to be too loud to handle. In other words, she shows NO sign of fakery or whatsoever. She is just cool–just being herself.

Yeng Constantino on “Sandata”

Lastly, my favorite interview. Yeng explained on why she colored her hair red and her body mods: Her first tattoo and piercing(s). The reason why this is my favorite interview of hers is because it’s more substantial, and it’s really enjoyable compared to other interviews there there are dull and bland moments that will make you want to switch to another YouTube video.

Oh well, that’s it for now!


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