A fantard’s (probably!?) reaction towards my comment on Maja and AA’s reprisal role

She said:


Sinong ido ‘yan!? NO, it’s not Kim Chiu, and I am never going to be a fan of that airheaded skeleton!

So, you think that Maja and AA’s “ugali” is not disgusting!? HAHA! Gotcha! You freaking troll!

Of course, Cristine and Maja cannot be as respected compared to Sarah and Yeng since the latter two are more down-to-earth and never engaged in ANYTHING that involves guys and they will do everything to stay in the media–with respect from the madlang people. Samantalang the former two do not deserve to be respected AT ALL because of their issues and controversies. Idolizing someone with loads of controversies means that a person does not have any concrete moral foundation at all. I don’t actually go for people who have a high level of ego and I don’t buy the “totoong tao” thing from them. If you want to be a “totoong tao,” be yourself, but do not forget to set a good example to the youth.

No wonder, a netizen reacted:

Ang problema sa entertainment industry, mas nakikita ng mga movie producers at TV networks ang mga intriga, scandals at controversies ng mga celebrities at lalo silang binibigyan ng magandang breaks. Yung mga matitino, tumabi na lang kayo dyan dahil hindi kayo pinag-uusapan. Sa ganitong paraan, wala nang mga role models sa mga celebrities. kung meron man, hindi na ito pinapansin.

This is still the best quote embedded in my blog. No wonder, whether you are a fantard of AA and/or Maja or not, you cannot blame me when I bash them. Natural naman sa mga katulad kong i-bash sila, because ever since, I never liked them. However, if you’re talking about talent, Maja is undeniably better–but she wasted her worth. She will be my pick–if she were to be given another chance. But Cristine? She should swallow a lot of rice to prove her worth first.

Side Note: Kaya it’s better off na naging Kapuso na lang ako, eh. However, because I no longer watch anime and Taiwanese drama, I don’t think I would regain my being Kapuso ever again. In GMA, once you have a scandal, malalaos ka kaagad-agad (look at Rhian Ramos and Iwa Moto). In ABS-CBN, it’s the opposite–you get all the nice breaks, and you will create another scandal as an excuse. Tengene lang, ‘no?

Kahit pabaya kasi ang GMA sa talent, they still manage to enforce their morality clause, as compared to ABS-CBN, damage control lang ang katapat niyan. Damage control and casting couch are in ABS-CBN’s vocabulary, as compared to GMA’s strict morality clause (I will soon write a separate article about ABS-CBN’s shenanigans, stand by). If you’re talking about ABS-CBN vs. GMA, I think the latter is more credible, speaking of retaining it talents according to their track record and research on news and current affairs.

Speaking of GMA, Jolina Magdangal and Claudine Barretto became has-beens, probably because of poor talent management. Not sure if Claudine is still staying or GMA or to return to ABS-CBN, but it’s good for her to be back on ABS-CBN because DOS is known to manage their talents in an excellent way (despite favoritism surrounding the said network). Ang mga gumanda lang ang career sa GMA would be Pia Guanio. Granted, she comes from ABS-CBN, but it’s better off that she’s on GMA and guess what? Her career blossomed. Speaking of GMA’s management:

“GMA hasn’t graduated from the “pabaya sa talent” syndrome up to now. It’s just getting uncool. Do I need to mention that their glory days are over?” – Roxyisferox

If there are more talent managers like Annabelle Rama (yes, despite being a warfreak, she’s really good in managing her talents–honesty and punctuality is a must!), I think GMA would be more recognized than ABS-CBN. Also, I think Tita Bisaya deserves to be in a higher position, if not for her classlessness when handling herself vs. the enemy (sana nag-aim lang naman siya for a higher position kesa naman tumakbo siya for Cebu).

There are more Kapuso stars who became famous in their home network: Solenn Heussaff, Lovi Poe and people from ABS like Sam Pinto and Dennis Trillo. Of course, the one and only Marian Rivera is still famous up to now–and she always remained down-to-earth.

If Maja and AA will not change their image as “promiscuous,” hmmm… if they’re placed in more conservative countries such as Saudi Arabia, it’s either they will be banned (as foreigners) or will be stoned to death (as locals). Kung tutuusin, columnists who are against these two (or kahit kay AA man lang), for me, are MORE CREDIBLE as compared to those who defend them. There’s a reason why I lose respect towards Boy Abunda, even though I do commend his professionalism. There’s a reason why I started to respect Cristy Fermin despite being controversial. It’s just a matter of defending what is right or wrong, but even though Cristy is known to be controversial, at least she sticks to the norm–hindi ‘yung making what is wrong as “right.” You never heard of AA having friends who are veteran stars (haha, thanks Tita Shawie for the clarification). I don’t think Vilma Santos would befriend someone like AA, and there’s this one blind item when Maricel Soriano allegedly humiliated AA because she “cannot act very well” and there are more retakes to do (yes, hindi lang applicable kay Gerald Anderson ang insidenteng ‘to).

For the record, AA and Maja will always be a guy’s rebound. Once the guy makes them rebounds, he will become tuyot and at the same time an instant has-been!


4 thoughts on “A fantard’s (probably!?) reaction towards my comment on Maja and AA’s reprisal role

  1. Another sign of respect on an artist.: Male or female, young or old, rich or poor, they never fail to get their respect.

    Whatever the artists gives something whether good or bad, babalik talaga iyan. 😀 Look at what AA Klenk and Maja-rot. Papansin and boyfriend stealer. Iyan tuloy marami silang basher particularly the ladies and the veterans.

    Meanwhile Yeng Constantino, Sarah Geronimo, Mocha Uson and other good stars get a huge amount of respect not like those two.

    • Apir! Kaya that’s why when it comes to fanbase, respected artists have fans that are not just teenagers or just men, kahit mga lola, adik rin kay Sarah! My late grandmother admired her so much that she was lashing out against AA–meaning to say that SG, even though she’s reported to be snob in person, is at least wholesome. Surprisingly, FP readers commented that SG is really nice in person (consistent comment iyan).

      I think AA and Maja’s fantards should start facing these harsh comments against their idols constructively. I mean, kung may idol ako siguro na nagkamali, I think I will be major-majorly turned off, like for instance, Shaina Magdayao. Shaina is good in acting, but when it comes to love life, she fails on handling it, but when it comes to family and friends, she does not fail to build more bridges. Same with Angelica Panganiban.

  2. Hindi lang gumanda ang career ni Pia Guanio mula nung naging Kapuso…. GUMANDA PA SIYA LALO… Literally. Kung naabutan mong si Pia Guanio sa ABS-CBN, mas mukha siyang haggard dun. Even Julia Clarete, nung naging Kapuso and mainstay ng Eat Bulaga, mas nag-blooming ang ganda ni Julia compared nung Kapamilya pa siya noon.

    As for Rhian Ramos, well, she is still existent and still has her career despite the abortion issue thrown by Mo Twister. Minsan, ultimong credibility ni Mohan kaduda-duda, questionable pa ang morality niya. Nabuntisan niya si Bunny Paras ng hindi niya pinananagutan, tapos biglang nag-babu sa showbiz si Jannette McBride nung kasagsagan ng kagandahan ng career niya sa Talk TV nung nabuntis siya ni Mo and eventually, naghiwalay rin, and lastly, did Mo realize he is a cradle-robber himself? Ilang taon si Rhian nung pinatulan siya ni Mo? At least ngayon, alagang-alaga si Rhian ni KC Montero.

    Sabihin nating laos-laos din si Maricel Soriano, but she has the right enough na pahiyain ang mga tulad ni AAnghit. May pinatunayan na si Maricel Soriano, walang karapatan manguestyon si AA pati mga fantards niya

    • I stand corrected with regards to Rhian’s career–siguro siniraan lang siya ni Mo (and good grief he’s suspended!). Siguro hindi na ganun karami ang projects niya compared to what she got before.

      Sabihin nating laos-laos din si Maricel Soriano, but she has the right enough na pahiyain ang mga tulad ni AAnghit. May pinatunayan na si Maricel Soriano, walang karapatan manguestyon si AA pati mga fantards niya

      Tumpak! Kung sana dapat there should be more veterans who will eventually correct AA’s behavior and her acting skills. Lea Salonga should also have the right to bash AA’s singing, too! HAHA!

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