Breaking News (raw!?): Rayver Cruz dating Imee Hart

My take:

Credits to Roxyisferox and PEP for the article.

While I am not very much familiar about Imee Hart (real name is Imee Schweighart), I guess she would be a (far) better girlfriend compared to AA (dunno if Imee just dating him or a secret na parang sila na).

While I am not a fan of Rayver Cruz, I guess it is good for him to increase his standards–whether it’s high or low, his standards should be flexible. Ang naka-date pa niya, beauty pageant contestant pa! Bongga!

I have checked Imee’s background and surprisingly, despite her aristocratic features, she is born a probinsyana in Palawan to a Filipina mother and a German seaman father. I think she is 1-2 years younger than I am and of the same age as Julia Montes, but I find her better-looking than Julia (madaling pagsawaan ang fezzlak ni Julia, although according to many accounts, she’s even better-looking in person).

Mahilig siguro si Rayver sa mga may lahing Aleman, ‘no? Cristine may also be of German descent like Imee, but hell, she is said to be darker-skinned when joining Starstruck (I don’t think she very fair, and the mere fact that it’s because of the lighting that made her fairer). Also, kahit siguro umitim si Imee, I bet Cristine will look like someone from the squatters’ area.

benj_aquino59 said:

Any woman is better than Cristine Reyes, unless isa lang ang gusto nyo sa babae na yun! CR is not somebody you would take home to introduce to your family. Sobrang ewww, bagay talga silang dalawa ni Derek Ramsey!

I absolutely agree. While Cristine may be “perfect” to the AAdiks and the rest of the guys who really admire her, actually she’s far from that “almost-perfect” image. Her features almost par with Kim Chiu and typical Korean celebrities who have work done on their looks, almost looking like wax, while Imee does not look as if she underwent surgery. And the commenter is right. While Derek is seen as a “maniac” among the crowd (haha, nagpaka-laspag pa nga diyan si Angelica, eh!), he would make a good match with AA. First, he broke up with Solenn, then broke up with Angelica after their four-year relationship. While Angelica may also have some “promiscuous” moments, she won’t ever fall to the skanky level of AA (after all, Angelica knows how to handle herself very well). Lastly, hindi naman talaga gwapo si Derek, ah. Macho siya, oo, but calling him handsome is a different story. If I were to be asked, Will Devaughn and Chris Tiu would qualify as better-looking, despite their dubiousness.

Also, it is also for Rayver’s own good that he found someone that would make him even happier. Hindi nakapagtatakang magiging under-under-an lang siya kay AA, and you will see sadness in him, plus ugliness (hahaha, pahabaan ng beard when you fling with a skank! HAHAHA!)–in other words, it’s like a TomKat drama. ((: Pero sa totoo lang, AA is only a freaking rebound after an EPIC fail of Rayver’s courting towards SG.

Sabihin nating buddies parin sila AA at si Rayver, but RC deserves better. Good luck na lang sa kanya with Imee.


4 thoughts on “Breaking News (raw!?): Rayver Cruz dating Imee Hart

  1. This hasn’t been true from the beginning. 18 year old Imee Hart has been seeing Congressman Michael Velarde since she was 17. The pair is still going strong. The story about Rayver and Imee were just rumors from the start. Check your sources.

    • Oh sorry about that. I saw it in Fashion Pulis that Rayver and Imee are not officially together. Thanks again.

  2. It’s okay. Just a clarification. The real current couple is 37 y.o. Congressman M. Velarde and the then 17 y.o. Imee Schweighart. Anyway kudos on your blog, it’s very interesting. More power

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