UNLI ISYU na naman…

I am super sick and tired of ranting against AA, because she has always been a professional skank! HAHAHAHA!

Thechicka.com said:

Speaking of Cristine Reyes, the actress is allegedly caught in a new conflict with sister Ara Mina and her family. The sisters, who have just ended a year-long rift in March, are currently not seeing eye to eye again. According to reports, Ara and the rest of their family do not approve of Cristine’s new boyfriend who has sired two children from his previous relationship.

The guy was reportedly a gym/martial arts instructor who works in a gym in Paranaque which Cristine frequents. According to the grapevine, the guy left his live-in partner to be with the sexy actress who is slated to star opposite Gerald Anderson in the upcoming Kapamilya teleserye Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin.

Pati sa isang taong may dalawang anak, pinagpi-piyestahan na rin ni AA!? Wow ah! Wala na nga siyang sinasanto, hindi pa siya namimili! Yes, Dutch right peoplez! She is the true definition of IGAT. In other words, malandi to the max! HAHAHAHAHA!

Banderablogs also mentioned this one.

Cristine is really a certified homewrecker. To all Angelina Jolie haters (particularly Maniston fanz) out there, AA is a homewrecker. If Angelina may have been one, at least she isn’t promiscuous, contrary to what people think! Cristine will flirt with you, and there’s one rumor that she broke up with Rayver not because of their private conflicts and whatever, but there are some speculations that she had an abortion. True or not, it’s not the only thing that was thrown to her. She was also said to be diagnosed with STD (HAHAHAHAHA, sakit ng mga hitad, in other words!)–after contracting meningitis.

To AA’s fantards and rabid fans (haha, hello AAdiks), if I attack your idol, that doesn’t mean I am attacking you personally (same with Majarot’s fantards, too!). Anyways, mas karespe-respeto naman ang mga Popsters kumpara naman sa inyo! HAHAHAHAHA!

Quoting of course, my favorite blogger and a very close ally:

Joining beauty contests are NO JOKE, because it requires a whole lotta’ discipline to one’s self. Posing in Men’s magazines, having worked in strip clubs, doing uber-provocative scenes/bordering porn in movies and having photo/video scandals spread across the internet prior to joining Bb. Pilipinas CAN GIVE YOURSERLF A TICKET TO DISQUALIFICATION to the beauty pageants. I don’t even need to mention na bawal ang bobita, palengkera, umbagera, skandalosa at kung ano-ano pang kagagahan sa buhay.

Speaking of beauty pageants, even though they’re also objectified beings, they still impose disciplinary measures towards the candidates. At least these beauty pageant candidates should do their best to keep their image and reputation squeaky-clean.

I don’t think AA qualifies to be a beauty queen. While some people think she’s a goddess, apologies but I beg to disagree with you. Cristine is an epitome of a sex doll, or a high-class hooker doing enjo kosai in the busy streets of Tokyo, Japan. Kung ipa-rape na lang siya kay Issei Sagawa, eh (matutuwa pa ako niyan, hahahaha! BTW, Issei Sagawa is a Japanese cannibal known to murder and massacre the body of Renee Hartevelt, a Dutch exchange student, in France)! It should also be taken note that if AA was forced to fuck with all the bosses of the biggest conglomerates in the world, it would be her favorite job! HAHAHA! In other words, bagay siya sa strip club/beerhouse. Period. Walang comma.


2 thoughts on “UNLI ISYU na naman…

  1. I think na-reblog ko na siya na may affair siya sa may dating ka-live in. I am not different from her, because I am currently having a discreet affair with a married guy. While we are sweet towards one another, I don’t aim anything more from him kasi nakatali na siya eh. Mas nakakaloka yung ginawa ni AA, kasi yung kanya, yung jowa niya lately, handang iwan ang magiina niya para lang kay AA.

    Tang-Ina! ang douchebag naman nun, devah?

    Not good! Not good!

    At least si Patrick, nung pinatulan ni Hazel, hindi na nakatali. Kung totoo ang secret wedding, good for them!

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