Alex Valentin Brosas (of Pinoyparazzi)’s comments about… The Voice PH

Here’s the article:

Si Lea Salonga, masyadong OA. She reeks of class and sophistication and having said that she wasn’t appreciated in the country when she was much younger, she probably thought that being a little down to Earth sa show will change people’s perception of her. But no, she’s wrong, very, very wrong.

Her reactions to some contestants are very THEATRICAL and to some extent, HYSTERICAL.

Actually, nagmukha siyang TRYING VERY HARD, WALANG SINCERITY at FAKE.

Exact opposite naman sila ni Sarah Geronimo na most of the time ay ipinapakita ang sarili niya. She cries when she feels emotions building up her chest. She’s not afraid to hug a contestant. She was REAL.

Apl. de. Ap, being an international artist, brings so much confidence in the show. He’s too confident perhaps that he forgot MANNERS.

There was one instance na nakataas ang paa niya while listening to a contestant. And in one episode last Saturday, we saw him na nagkakamot ng kanyang braso.

Also, he looks MABAHO. It was disgusting to see his kili-kili nang itaas niya ang kanyang kamay. He should have dressed better than wearing a sleeveless outfit.

And what about Bamboo?

Well, he’s just a rock star. That’s all there is to him.

Owwwwkay… so I really laughed at this columnist’s err… thoughts about the Voice. Agree about Lea Salonga, since she should be more of the serious type, but to add some “humor” to the show, she becomes OA-OAhan. But in spite of that, she is very sport, and she even sat on the floor!

Si SG… well, ayos lang siya mag-judge, and I’d say she’s the most calm and the most polite among the judges (POV lang ah).

Si naman… whoa, grabe lang! Mukha bang mabaho si apl!? ‘Teh, mabango ka ba!? HAHAHAHAHA! ((((:<

Eh ano ngayon kung itataas ni apl ang kanyang mga ilok!? At least he has the right to do so in order to show that he’s Mr. Clean… and skin color should not be the basis of being “mabaho.” FYI, mabango naman tingnan si eh, and he is very neat as well!

[Side Note: HAHAHA! To all “racist kuno” Pinoys who think that dark skin makes a person “mabaho,” may nag-comment pang mukhang bad breath si Wilma Doesnt, eh! Well, mukhang marumi in a sense, but calling someone “mukhang mabaho” is a different story. So ibig sabihin nun mabaho na rin si Nancy Binay? HAHA! Hasty generalization of people who look “dugyot” just because of being dark-skinned doesn’t make you cleaner because look–Lovi Poe looks dugyutin, but does it make her look as if she smells like crap? Nakakatawa lang. So if Serena Williams will raise her underarms, will that make her spew some body odor!? HAHAHAHA! You’re wrong! There’s something in Serena that makes her really stand out against other tennis players. Even though I’m not a fan of hers, I do acknowledge her as a champion.

It should also be taken note that the darker you are, the more you become popular (funny but true).

Lastly, sa GGV. Bakit, mukha bang mabaho si “Negra”? I don’t think sowwwww!]

Lastly, Bamboo. Hmmmmmm… nothing against him, actually. I think he’s too discreet.

I do actually observe some lapses with regards to Brosas’ comments. As if hate niya si SG in a way, pero ‘yun pala confused admirer din (Haha Ar, take that!).


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