Analysis on Doppelgaenger’s

Yeng Constantino = Maja Salvador

Alessandra de Rossi = Rhian Ramos

Truth to be told, Yeng Constantino is better-looking than Maja. Mas malakas ang hatak ng first-hand accounts, na mas maraming magsasabing maganda talaga si Yeng, whether with or without makeup. Si Maja, on the other hand, malakas lang talaga ang appeal, and what makes her stand out is her dancing skills.

Meanwhile, Alessandra de Rossi has a slight resemblance towards Rhian, but the former is still better-looking. Although Rhian is said to be much prettier in person without makeup, people will agree more if I say that Alessandra’s prettier. Also, when it comes to talent, Alessandra is the winner.

Of course, beauty is really going to show when you are always getting rid and avoiding controversies in a consistent manner. Also, ang maganda pa kapag wala ka pang isyu is that, you tend to be more class.

Don’t you see why I do admire the more underrated ones? That’s because despite their talent, they don’t actually need to undergo casting couch. Kung sino pa talaga ang may magaling na manager, sila pa ang nalalaos ng biglaan, while people who prove their worth in showbiz industry are more often to be rewarded.



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