Julia Montes latest mukap…

Thanks FP for the pic.

My take: Mukha siyang zombie dito! And the mukap is for stage play, na pinagmukha pa siyang matanda dito… or is it because of a bad angle? LMAO

As much as she has the nicest angles (well compared to me, I loooook so-so average-looking chos!), this is the first time I saw her in a BAD ANGLE!

True enough, Julia is better-looking without makeup. Nagmumukha kasi siyang ma-ere with mukap eh, and nowadays, due to high-quality resolution of digital cameras, everyone would look more like walking wax figures from Madame Tussauds truly, than to look like a real human being. Compare the makeup photos of Hollywood celebrities–whether classic or modern, compared to Filipino celebrities. Ang mga mukap artists ng Hollywood are even more and more experienced, compared sa Filipino. If you want to look more natural than wax, makeup artists should take a cue from fashion bloggers like Tricia Gosingtian since she does her own makeup and guess what? She does not look like a wax figure even though she looks like a doll. You could still look like a human doll (read: human doll) like Dakota Rose compared to Ukranian model Valeria Lyukanova (aka the human Barbie) who really looks like a wax figure! Eek!

Aside from Julia Montes, sino pa ba ang mga mukap artist nila Kim Chiu, Yeng Constantino, Kathryn Bernardo at ni Jasmine Curtis-Smith? Parang they cannot imitate the way experienced makeup artists enhance their clients’ features, tapos adding insult to injury pa ah, parang kapag na-Photoshop, they might as well look like the horrible version of Cristine Reyes (check out LOOK Mag na may AA at Angelica P). ‘Diba may rumor pa nga ang kay Charice at kay Jinkee Pacquiao sa mga mag pics nila!?

The wonders and horrors of makeup

Makeup could do a lot of wonders, but to over-emphasize your facial features might make you look like a wax figure. To add insult to injury, what more kung dalawang beses ka pang nagpa-nosejob? Ha! Take a cue from Rufa Mae Quinto. While she has always been white-skinned throughout the years, it seemed that her nose just because bigger… in other words, too big for her face. Halos naging kahawig pa nga siya si Redford White eh. Also, compare her makeup free pics then and now–she looks too ordinary without mukap, and what is actually “natural” to her is like, no more. Pati boobs niya nadagdagan na rin, pati ang gluta, haha.

Actually, pale-skinned people do not need makeup at all. That’s when you enter the brown-skinned people at the scene, where they still do not look like wax due to their skin color. Whatever makeup you do with brown-skinned people, at least if it retains your natural look, you still look like a human being. Eh ang problema dito sa Pilipinas, kapag mineykapan ang isang artista, wagas! Nakikigaya rin sa mga Korean celebrities na cake-y kaayong mag-mukap! Notice that most Koreans, even ordinary ones have cake-y makeup done, and not even the Japanese people are spared. Since Japanese doramas have very high video quality, kahit makeup napapansin na rin. Pati flaws, hindi kayang takpan ng makeup. Now this is what I could say about makeup: Soft focus is really needed in every TV show or movie, because that’s one ticket to a good movie.

It’s not necessarily wrong to wear makeup, since I prefer using it more than going under the knife. Peace!


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