My thoughts about Wendy Valdez’s transformation…

Credits from FHM forums

Another lolli-bashing again! HAHAHA, kidding.

Alright, if you’re a skinny girl (as in waif-slim) with a C-cup and above and reading this post, it’s better if you leave now, because you might find my posts offensive to read, I’m sorry but this is for your own good haha.

I am not a fan of Wendy Valdez (well, I’m more of an ex-hater hahahaha!), but here’s one catch about her transformation, plus her bod’s relationship with her tittays! LMAO!

Don’t get me started when I bash skinny ladies with a C-cup chest because IMHO, I don’t find them attractive at all!

Well, Wendy is becoming more beautiful (I think? HAHA)… but I don’t really know about the attitude.

GIRLTalk|Wendy when she transferred to TV5.

People insist that Wendy’s boobs are for real, but sorry to say this, but her tits are fake, together with Phoem Barranda. However, I think she is becoming more class than trashy, because since PBB, I kind of find her trashy. Trying-hard maging sexy, and her boobs didn’t suit her skinny frame too. Haha, that’s why I don’t like her at all. In fact, I don’t think she’s blessed and gifted with such huge, round breasts (in fact, she’s small-chested in person). If I were to be asked, ang gifted talaga would be Iwa Moto.

Side Note: I don’t get it why people find waif-thin with cup-C chest (even though she lacks ass) attractive? Well, ask Roxyisferox or Sophie Monk. If I were to be waif-skinny, I’d rather be as flat-chested like Keira Knightley or Kate Hudson rather than to retain my current B-cup (I’m a large B-cup, BTW’s since I am not very tall). It’s like making myself more convenient by not wearing bra when going out of the house (this will make me wear tube blouse with confidence!), or maybe fill in the smallest sizes (yes, that’s one of my frustrations! I am really big-boned, to be exact, or probably the same bone size like Nicole Richie’s), or both. In fact, skinny women with bigger asses than their tits are more pleasant to look at, despite the “absence” of fat in their chests.

My speculations regarding her boobs are kind of vindicated, since one strong factor that she went to Japan has been quite a supporting argument (pardon my academic vocab!):

funky f said:

Si wendy parang before pa ng pbb, parang fake na boobs nya e.

caramelli said:

^tingin ko rin sa pbb palang fake na boobs nya. parang sya ata yung nagjapan dati, correct me if im wrong po.

grace.kelly said:

but yes, Wendy’s boobs fake talaga tignan kahit sa pbb pa lang.

sassy_taurus8 said:

Nagpa-enhance ng boobs si Wendy, yun ang alam ko.

I always thought that Wendy’s tits are really enhanced. There’s one person I know who saw her in person, and ironically, maliit lang pala ang boobs niya in person (just like AA). Nadadala lang sa push-up bra ‘yan, believe it or not.

But anyways, back to Wendy. I don’t think she’s ugly at all. What makes her ugly is her “epal” attitude during her PBB days. As if she wanted to be the “queen” of PBB and will do everything to bag the title as a champion. Truth to be told, she also underwent casting couch, and that’s it. She won it!

[Side Note: I prefer Bea Saw in PBB. Cute, charming chinita looks and she looks mayaman pa. Gee-ann, no comment.]

Her current look reminds me of Megan Young, and I’d say that she’s better-looking nowadays when she transferred to TV5. Her skin type has been enhanced, thus making her dusky complexion more goddess-like compared when she was in PBB–in other words, mukha pa siyang taga-squatters’ area na nag-Japayuki (meganon?).

Tapos nagkalaman-laman na siya, which is a big improvement to her looks. That’s what we call it as sexy: Slim but fleshy, not those supermodels who need to maintain their skinny frame–which is actually sickly skinny!


2 thoughts on “My thoughts about Wendy Valdez’s transformation…

  1. It’s very obvious that she has fake boobs. LOL, inuna ang boobs sa balat? Kebs. Sa bagay, agree with you that skinny/waif body + big boobs = yuck.

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