Making friends with fellow Filipinos abroad: Beneficial or a huge dilemma?

I don’t think it’s a problem, but when it comes to racial discrimination abroad, Pinoys should never complain about it because they could actually speak it out loud that there is still such thing as crab mentality. They will pull your down once more because of jealousy and too much pride. There was just one forumer who shared that a Korean friend (probably) asked about the arrogance of Filipino people.

Seems legit, isn’t it?

I also think that their comments are agreeable when it comes to making friends with foreigners–at least foreigners won’t tolerate know-it-all mentality and attitude at the same time, which Filipino people usually manifest during conversations.

If I were in another country I would still open doors to make friends with Filipino people, but I would be more careful. Again, I’m not making any hasty generalization of Filipino people abroad/OFWs, but if I want a healthier relationship, I’d rather be picky.

This video shows the dilemma of hanging out with Filipino people abroad. Sometimes, they would actually be know-it-alls and commit crab mentality, so that they’ll think that they’re more superior than anyone else, in other words, payabangan ng gamit.

If someone is quite vocal about their stuff or things, s’yempre, maraming magre-react niyan. Also, most know-it-all people will really notice and pinpoint your ugliness as a sign of superiority complex. Bakit, does it make you more beautiful? Well, it makes you more annoying as hell since you think that whatever Filipino beauty standards dictates, it’s always right, moral and just.

What right, moral and just? HAHAHA, do you think it’s also correct to admire some foreign celebrity who shows a diva attitude during interviews? Well, you’d rather watch rude interviews by celebrities on local TV shows (or TFC in particular!) towards Asian celebrities. So como’t Kano na ang bastos, ‘yun pa ang tinitingala? Tapos ayos lang rin i-market ang mga Asian celebs in a mocking manner? Hmmmm…

Arrogance is deeply rooted in the Filipino society. No wonder, not all races and nationalities admire Filipino people. Yes, I have to admit that I also have that kind of syndrome, but since the Philippines is a know-it-all friendly where the Dunning-Kruger effect is rampant, it does not give room for people who are not really into socializing. Ayos lang sana kung know-it-all oppressive pa ang ‘Pinas niyan, asenso pa tayo niyan!

Let’s face it: Know-it-all people contribute to crab mentality, while some people defend the term as “helping one another” in the original context. Kung tama ang kabilang kampo, “detraction” is the more correct term. Dito magaling ang mga Pinoy. Even on the Internet, they will become haters of their own selves, because they think that it’s better to be kiss-ass to anything Western than to embrace being Asian, although this also happens in other countries. However, if I were to compare the Philippines to other countries, at least kahit they like anything Western, they still love and help one another, and the true concept of Bayanihan can be found in these countries. I hope Filipino people would do the same as well, whether in the Philippines or abroad.

I hope my fellow Filipino people will take this post constructively. Again, I’m not being racist/ethnicist to my own.


2 thoughts on “Making friends with fellow Filipinos abroad: Beneficial or a huge dilemma?

  1. Been a long time…

    Now I understand what is a know-it-all. They point your flaws while making themselves look good. In other words, they think of win-lose (quoting 7 Habits of Effective Teens by Sean Covey). I’ll be honest with you. I have trouble spotting a know-it-all person at first. But reading your posts help clarify it. There were some Filipinos thinking of lose-lose also.

    Filipinos need to wake up also that not all Western stuff are good (especially rude Western celebrities). I think it is time to open our minds to different things and look at ourselves. Also change for the better.

    • As a matter of fact, there are many Pinoys who prefer to stay in the PH for good. At least kapag sa Pinas, mababawasan ang kayabangan ng mga Pinoy, compared when they’re in a foreign country.

      This also applies to extended relatives. May mga kamag-anak din na pagti-tripan ka, and it’s possible that they will backfight you even though you’re not doing anything against them, hindi ba?

      Lastly, I have nothing against American culture, bust most Filipinos who become Fil-Ams by choice will underestimate Asian culture and norms since they believe thay whatever is American is always right, and they will not anymore adjust to the Filipino culture. Eh mga Americans nga hindi ka naman pipiliting mag-eye-to-eye contact unless they notice it. In the Philippines, eye-to-eye contact is voluntary.

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