Suri Cruise called a “brat” by the paparazzo guy!?

Thanks Perez Hilton for this one, though!

kabuki girl said:

WHY is she a brat at 7 years old when she does not want photographers all in her face and her friends???? Suri has NEVER liked the media attention. She did not choose to be a “celebrity”. The photog called her more than a brat though. That was pretty rude. I child yelling at adults for no reason may be a brat – a child yelling at a mass of flashing photographers to leave her alone so she can go to her car is NOT being a brat! Suri just wants to be a normal kid!

The problem of being a celebrity is how they are actually being followed. While stalking is a very big problem in the United States, what more with other countries?

In Western countries, usually, the paparazzi will follow you EVERYWHERE! That’s one reason why British women sympathize with Princess Catherine–stalking means that you’re no longer respecting someone’s privacy, 100%.

Know-it-all people may call me a stalker when it comes to people I do admire, but at least I never resorted to obsession crimes. Like, DUH! Some people need to be educated about being judgmental about people following someone–that is NOT stalking, for Chrissake! Investigation is the right term. Stalking is used when taking photos of wild animals, like DUH! Also, I still respect other people’s privacy though, even though I do have a crush on them.

When stalking Asian celebrities, that’s another story. Usually, Asians are quite more reserved, so no wonder they do value their privacy more than being a public figure. While paparazzi is a big problem in the West, in the East however, it is more discreet. Usually people will just pass what they see or hear about them and that’s it!

Since Suri is my least favorite among the celebrity kids, I don’t think her actions are bratty-ish at all. All she asks is some privacy from the press.

That is all!


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