Joan Rivers > Perez Hilton

I may not know Joan Rivers personally and whatnot, but I could commend her comments regarding two of Perez Hilton’s biases.

Now I have more respect towards Joan Rivers compared to Perez Hilton. Surely, I may admire Perez Hilton, but he does remind me of Boy Abunda in some sort, but Joan Rivers? Well, after explaining her stance on the Hathahaters and allegedly being part of them, I guess she’s like teaching Rihanna a lesson for still having this feelings towards Chris Brown. HAHA, I guess Joan Rivers’ joke is NO JOKE at all, since her concerns towards Rihanna is more like, being the disciplinary type of person.

Joan Rivers acknowledged Anne Hathaway’s prowess, but she was oh… just watch the video.

She makes a lot of jokes, but actually, I would actually admire her more than Perez, for speaking out her mind. But with the Twitter feud vs. Rihanna… well, I could not agree more about Joan’s tweet…

She said through Twitter:

“Rihanna confessed to Oprah Winfrey that she still loves Chris Brown. Idiot! Now it’s MY turn to slap her.”

I agree. Rihanna needs to go to a psychiatrist just in case she saw herself again, fantasizing Chris Brown and he’s the only guy on Earth. OH COME ON! Chris Brown is someone whom you don’t want to be your boyfriend!

I guess, I’d say that the way I admire Cristy Fermin for despising AA, is the same way I admire Joan Rivers for being vocal towards Anne and Rihanna. She admires Anne Hathaway but has a negative view towards her publicity stunt. Meanwhile, for Rihanna, she’s just being concern about her love for Chris Brown.

Joan Rivers tell Rihanna to WAKE UP!

Rihanna needs to look for someone much BETTER than Chris Brown. Someone who is more capable of loving her the right way and not BEATING HER just because of this and that.


3 thoughts on “Joan Rivers > Perez Hilton

  1. Good article. Yun nga lang, The thing I hate Joan Rivers is she criticized Adele for being ‘fat’, which I think would be very insipid. Komo’t payat, maganda? Kung hindi lahat ng mataba ay pangit, it has always been proven na hindi lahat ng payat maganda. If Joan Rivers is only a Filipino, she could’ve heard the word HIPON.

    Dazz ryt! The word hipon doesn’t only apply to males, it also applies to women as well. Minsan feeling ko, mas nanaisin kong matawag na baboy kesa matawag na hipon. Hindi sa nagmamalaking maganda ako, pero ano kaya ang feeling ng labelling na hipon, at kapag nagme-make-love kayo, katawan lang titingnan sayo, hindi mukha mo, takpan na lang ng paper bag? Shet!

    Nevertheless, what I liked Joan Rivers is she has the nerve to make hardcore punkrock band PLASMATICS to be featured on her talkshow, at ang lupit ni Wendy O. Williams dun, walang tatalo pa sa hardkuran dun.

    • Agree with the Adele thing. Given, Adele is “fat,” but she’s pretty. Also, I have never been a fan of slimness hehehe.

      • Speaking of slimness, that depends. Kung yung tipong athletic and voluptuous, mas gusto ko pa yun. Ayoko yung payat na umaabot sa skinny level hanggang sa skinny talaga. Sometimes I don’t understand why Asians including ours have penchant for slimmer (or skinnier) figure. For me, I think, being slim equates to the “ideal” standards for Asians.

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