Random thoughts about the music industry in the Philippines

This is one of the things I said about what the music industry should be:

If you’re in the music industry, face value is only a mere decoration of one’s career. No one should base someone’s talent on singing just through face value alone.

Roxyisferox agreed:

Well of course, we are not in music business, but as listeners and music lovers, we can say that we are cringing in this industry because the basis is being popular than anything else. If you only possess good looks but lacking talent in singing or, having almost no stage presence in performing on stage, and no innovation when it comes to music dynamics, those should not be in music industry.

To be honest, we need more Cacai’s than Kitchie’s. You know what I mean?

In reality, why do most people go ga-ga over Daniel Padilla if he sings like a drunkard? No offense to Kathniel fanatics, but I don’t see any substance towards Daniel Padilla. Sure, he may have a good impression at the first place, but the HYPE simply made him look like as if he should not be taken seriously.

The music industry is about HAVING AN EAR for music. If you’re going to ask Lea Salonga, she’s being correct on how singers should be SINGERS, and if you don’t have the voice to sing really good, then she will say, “Na-uh! Again! Again!” The only reason why she’s impressed with most of the contestants in “The Voice” is because of their ability to showcase their singing talent, and they showcase their own singing style.

There’s one reason why Yeng surpassed her err… “idols” este her predecessors in the Pop-Rock genre is because of her talent. Just pure talent, and Yeng did not showcase her face value alone–she’s popular among the crowd is because of her ability to prove everyone wrong that she’s NO ONE-HIT WONDER.

yengfandom said:

And Yeng was no one-hit wonder. In fact she would fare much better than most reality show winners, save for Sarah Geronimo who’s in a genre all her own (and will be reason for another essay). What is extraordinary about Yeng though is the fact that she’s in a rocker-chick space all her own. After all, we have lost track of Barbie Almalbis and Kitchie Nadal, and even in relation to them, Yeng would still be different: she ain’t of the rich, is willing to make fun of herself, and is more rakenrol than we imagine.

True enough, I was right. Your ability to sing and to popularize songs is not based upon face value alone, and remember why Yeng is still in the music industry up to now–it’s because of her album, Metamorphosis that made her rise again from just being a guest/regular in ASAP. (I will make a separate article about Yeng’s Metamorphosis)

Although I have to admit, Yeng also have lapses in singing, but that’s actually part of being an artist. Actually, one of my bosses in the internship was cringing on his seat when he hears the songs that are just recorded overnight. He said:

Here in the Philippines, the recording is just one session. Meanwhile, in the US, there is always TAKE TWO, until the artist makes it PERFECT.

What perfect (haha CHOS!)? Well, not really perfect, but the most satisfactory performance, because even Regine Velasquez, Lea Salonga and other top divas in the Philippines have their personal limitations. Lea attested that the “birit” thing is NOT FOR EVERYONE. Also, what is the use of “birit” if what you only do is to “shout” without substance?

This is what I actually mean. Singers also have lapses in singing, and it’s no joke that lip-synching is a BIG NO-NO when performing LIVE and ONSTAGE. If you lip-sync, that means you’re not a singer after all!

Also, stage presence represents the singer’s worth to stay in the mainstream industry, and not to mention to lengthen the duration of their career lifespan. What is the use of your face value when you lack stage presence and at the same time, you were only popular because of the hype people gave you. Remember why I actually wrote articles that actually made me glorify talent search champions versus one-hit wonders–for instance, Yeng vs. Kitchie Nadal (not Kitchie Benedicto, okay? I don’t know her at all). Now why did most netizens look up to Kitchie Nadal as “substantial” and “before there’s a Yeng… blah blah” while they think that Yeng is just merely a “one-hit wonder”? I have nothing against Kitchie, but it was her face value that actually convinced her manager to enter the music industry (after she went solo in Mojofly, where she would have had a better career path)–and there are some feedback that made us think that she has almost NO stage presence at all. After all, hindi ganun ka-powerful ang boses niya to get started with. In fact, her vocals are weaker compared to Yeng, and this also applies to Barbie Almalbis because she lost her original voice (well, although Barbie’s out of the question). Apologies to my acquaintances who knew Kitchie personally (yeah, I know some of them), but even though I do appreciate some of her accomplishments, I still cannot be a “real” fan of hers.

Now there’s a reason why I chose Yeng–stage presence-wise, vocals-wise, and the number of hits she produced–even Barbie and Kitchie attested that. After all, there’s no competition between the three; it’s just mutual support that actually made them go indie than returning back to mainstream. In other words, Kitchie is only apt for the indie music genre. Peace to Kitchie’s fans, but I think there’s a reason why your idol did not actually brought her previous fame back–prolly because it’s her personal preference, or she simply chose to do business with her siblings (according to most sources, I would say that she comes from a well-off brood).

This also applies to Cacai Bautista. While Cacai may not be as good-looking by Filipino standards, her voice is undeniably that of a diva’s, and stage presence-wise, she’s a swagger. I think she deserves to have an album of her own, and at the same time MORE recognition. Roxyisferox stated:

She is worthy to have a record deal and it’s saddening she ain’t able to have it, while celebrities of not-so-great vocal ability can have a recording album. I am not expecting her to be the lead actress in any TV series or Movies. I simply want her to be given a project that will showcase her talents and not just being stuck into her usual supporting comedic roles.

Yes, and she should be the singer in the beginning of A Secret Affair, rather than Nina (actually, Nina’s makeup made her look OLDER and err… making Pops Fernandez better-looking). I mean, siguro may comic side naman siguro ang A Secret Affair if they made her one of the stars there.

Kung face value lang naman ang basehan ng WORTH ng isang tao, well, your minds are too shallow to judge someone. If you think that I prefer Yeng over Kitchie does not make me possess “very low standards,” because seriously, if you’re going to delve through each one’s musical background, mas mahaba at mas malalim naman ang background ni Yeng. She first appeared in PDA as a contestant, then she became a champion. Therefore, that does not make her a one-hit wonder–AT ALL.

In fact, I myself NOT being a fan of Daniel Padilla does not make me automatically his hater. It does not also make me an automatic fan of both Julie Anne San Jose and Elmo Magalona (well TBH, I’m not a fan of these two at all). Sure, you may of course, like Daniel Padilla because he’s “astig,” but speaking of “ka-astig-an,” Robin Padilla does it better. I don’t think Daniel Padilla would be that famous, if not for Princess and I. Another thing, kung hindi lang namatay si AJ Perez, Daniel would not be that famous. This would also give room for Enrique Gil to be popular among the crowd (well, gwapo naman talaga si Enrique Gil, but why is he not the “heartthrob”?).

Daniel Padilla actually RUINED the music industry–why was he made an ambassador/representative again? Huh? In his birthday concert, grabe, I think his singing is pilit na pilit, na parang lasenggo na ang kumakanta sa stage. It’s just cringe-worthy. Tapos ayaw pa raw niya kay JB, but TBH, he’s copying JB’s style!

This applies with Center for Pop Music. While I used to be a student there, I was really cringing why Nina is the ambassador for the said vocal school? I think Sarah Geronimo should be the ambassador, speaking of reputation, track record and whatnot. I don’t think Nina deserves to be CPMP’s ambassador because speaking of track record, you will know why we lost track of Nyoy Volante. No kidding, he has talent and he’s substantial, but he wasn’t able to bring back his fame because of his family’s debt to Nina. WOW LANG AH, parang may something kay Nina that I do not like AT ALL. In fact, her style is like Pia Guanio’s style when she was still a Kapamilya. At least si Pia, nag-improve ang craft and of course, the looks. Eh si Nina? Nasan na ba? HAHAHAHA!

While the music industry in the Philippines is only about cover versions, why can’t they innovate and reinvent their image as “original”? I mean, if XLR8 and Pop Girls would be popular not because of concept, the marketing, then they could be popular in the Philippines not because of being “P-Pop,” but because of these concepts:

Yeah, you may call XLR8 as Super Junior wannabes, but at least the way the perform in this MV is waaaaaay more impressive because at least they’re not synchronized and orchestrated compared to Super Junior.

Pero this song, actually, even though it’s a rip-off of “Sorry, Sorry,” mas na-enjoy ko siya, actually.

MsMysticworld said:

OK naman yung kanta and MV ang kaso ang pinagkaiba ng pop groups ntn sa mga JPop and KPop artists eh mas magaling yung artists nila kapag live perf.

Kasi yung ating pop groups eh maganda at magaling sa MV pero pagdating sa live performances medyo hindi sabay sabay at nawawala sa tono, they should train more and magpa audition ang mga entertainment companies talaga, yung tipong wala sa itsura, yung skills and talent ang shino-showcase.

True that. While most of the XLR8 boys are good-looking naman, they’re far more talented compared to most SuJu members. Remember that most of the Korean singing groups are actually manufactured. Better check this article first before bashing P-Pop groups as “baduy” and “walang originality.”

P-Pop could actually be err… nurtured if the marketing and packaging is just apt for television. Also, when preforming live, these talents should actually train better and improve their craft, plus their teamwork in order to come up with the best that they can do.

Also, mas mukha pang LALAKI ang XLR8 kumpara naman sa typical member ng isang K-Pop group, ‘no! If you were to ask me, these guys could sing, dance and present themselves as BETTER performers. Poor marketing actually deteriorated them as a band, and this is not a joke at all.

Well, there’s part two about this blog post. I could no longer elaborate further as for now.


4 thoughts on “Random thoughts about the music industry in the Philippines

  1. Hi, I believe you. If we are in the music industry, it is MUSIC which is our first priority not the looks or image thing. Filipino aspiring musicians and the audience must take note definitely 😀

    I also dislike Daniel Padilla when he sings. 😀 Pilit.

    • Dapat nag-venture na lang sa acting si Daniel. I could see any potential in him when he acts, but singing? Never mind. Ang music kapag siya ang star, nasisira, parang CFC na nagde-deplete sa ozone layer natin.

      One problem about the Filipino society is LOOKS before talent. IMO, if I were to be asked, dapat nating bigyan ng chance ang mga talented talaga sa pag-aawit.

      Not to be harsh, but most people with a great voice would be people with the following traits:

      – malapad ang ilong
      – matataba
      – kayumanggi/maitim

      What makes an artist famous is the recording company that dictates their own interests, than allowing the artist to venture on his/her own.

  2. share ko lang sa inyo.. nasa middle east ako and merong pinoy radio station naman dito but I barely listen to it. makiki “rant” din ako.. sino ba naman ang gaganahan makinig? 1. puro cover songs 2. puro revival 3. nagpupumilit lang na singers na hindi naman dapat. wala na bang composers sa pinas na interested mag compose ng new songs?

    • Correct, and singing is not for everyone. I prefer songs that are popularized based on the originality of its lyrics. No wonder, kahit mga rap songs okay lang sakin, ‘wag lang mga revival ek-ek.

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