What do I really think about Jeane Napoles’ online posts about luxury things?

Wow lang, ah. Kinabog pa niya sina Paris Hilton, and other really, really wealthy people.

Well, Paris Hilton does not need to brag her luxury and signature stuff because she’s really a rich kid. Thing is, she does not have class, and acts like a not-so-wealthy lass from Gossip Girl.

I may not be a fan of Paris, but what I like best about her is that, despite growing up rich, at least she knows how to mingle with the not-so wealthy people.

I could not help but to make a comparison between Jeane vs. Paris Hilton and some of the Chinoys who make it to the spotlight.

Jeane Napoles? What can I say about this person?

I don’t like to judge her and her family, but the pork barrel scam won’t end until they admit their sins. What sins? Ha! It’s about denying these things like those 20 luggages and err… the YSLs that Jeane usually collects.

Bragging your gadgets is a different thing–whether it’s low-end, mid-end or high-end, it does not matter for as long as you KNOW how to use it with your knowledge. Also, learning how to use a gadget is NOT a joke–so if you think hindering your son/daughter to own a gadget that they really wanted will make them better persons and patronizing the fake ones won’t make you more literate and all-knowing! Mag-isip isip din kapag may time, ah!

However, bragging designer labels is a DIFFERENT story. Bragging YSL, LV, Chanel and other luxury brands will really raise eyebrows. Bragging them will make people doubt you–ayos lang sana kung ang ipagmayabang mga mid-end designer brands (pero sosyal), but to brag all these high-end labels and travelling to Paris, Tokyo and other European places + holding a birthday bash in a luxury hotel in the United States–especially if you’re Filipino = will make people question you.

If a person brags about gadgets, I don’t think that will make them rich and arrogant at the same time, and I believe they’re just expressing themselves and sharing their happiness to the world. The phrase, “Money cannot buy happiness” does not always apply in day-to-day situations. As what Nietzsche (whether you are a fan or not) said, there are two types of morality, namely master and slave morality–when weighing the quote between these two types of morality, people practicing master morality will take this quote as a “pathetic excuse” because buying happiness for them means buying material things, and to fit in through their powerful status–either as wealthy or as merely superior, but in a good way. Meanwhile, people who practice slave morality would usually take this quote as a thing to live by–they believe that happiness is not about material things. They will usually believe that having A LOT of friends will make them happier, but master morality views having many friends as somewhat dangerous–for them, choosing friends is a VIRTUE, because in the end, it’s not about QUANTITY that is important to them, but it’s about QUALITY that counts. For those who practice master morality, the believe that “Sugar is sweet, but remember, it’s wrapped in plastic,” and “My friends may be as loud as a TIN CAN, but at least they’re not PLASTIC.”

The notion of “self-moderation” only comes in when talking about the amount of material things that you possess. If you own a LOT of high end stuff, that means that you are really thick-faced in reality. Kung high-end ang pag-uusapan, then the people who lambast other people having iPhones and Galaxy S phones should rather raise their middle fingers to people who own the same gadget/s, but at the same time matapobre. I don’t think the Napoles’ are matapobre, but rather, swindlers.

I hate comparing Jeane to Paris, but what I do see in Paris Hilton is that, she’s not trying too hard to be class, and she would rather be trashy and rebellious just like Prince Harry, but at least what they have in common is that, they have cleaned up their act. Paris Hilton made the most out of her money by opening a business, and when she came to the Philippines, that’s because she is going to open her business and not because to get kiss-ass to PNoy. Remember, Paris Hilton does not talk about socio-political things and does not engage herself in those things. However, with Jeane, it’s different. Involved pa sa pulitika ang nanay niya, at isa pa, it’s quite obvious that their “wealth” comes from the money of the government and the taxes of the people.

However, these things about Jeane should not make everyone lambast her just because her mother is a swindler. Truth to be told, if she were to get kidnapped, it will just show, okay? I will not put the blame on Jeane just because she showed her wealth through social media, but it is her mother that should be blamed.

After watching ABS-CBN news, I really do not know if showbiz showbiz-an lang ang mga claims ni Donya Janet (este Donya-Donyahan Janet), but these 20 luggages in Tokyo and other stuff–galing na nga sa Instagram account ng junakis niyang si jeane, dine-deny pa niya! I won’t be shocked if Jeane will be kidnapped by the gangsters out there–at least this will reveal the “baho” of the Napoles’.

Personally, I don’t really see Jeane’s wealth flaunting as wrong or bad, but if it should be bad, then we should blame it to Janet, and she should be blamed for teaching her daughter to be a spoiled brat–in a wrong way (yes, actually it’s understandable if a rich kid’s a spoiled brat–may karapatan silang magyabang, pero ‘yung magiging kuripot na ewan, tapos they won’t be generous enough out of excess is a different story; rich people tend to be generous out of excess–but this type of generosity comes from the heart, not from their minds). Kung mayaman talaga sila, then they should NOT flaunt their wealth on social media–wealthy people who flaunt their wealth, I tell you, are not rich. Ang tunay talaga na rich, they do not flaunt their luxury items ONLINE, but in private.

Also, real rich people do not actually burn their money excessively on really branded items. Take for instance, famous Ateneans such as Camille Co, Tricia Gosingtian and the Gosiengfiao sisters. Yeah, people may call them well-off just because they post a lot of stuff online, but what they’re posting are STUFF THAT WON’T BURN ANYONE’S MONEY. As much as I hate including them and at the same time comparing them to Jeane, well, that’s because they are of Chinese descent. You know that Chinoys are very practical spenders–they won’t splurge on signature stuff and would prefer spending on not-so-luxurious but classy brands like Zara, Mango Forever 21, BAYO and shoe brands like Aldo, Charles and Keith, Naturalizer… Parisian–yeah, these are brands na affordable naman kahit medyo mabigat-bigat sa bulsa. Ang mahal talaga would be YES, you named it, Christian Louboutin, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, Versace and other European brands. Basically, these brands are actually very costly since they really appear in such fashion magazines and YES, they’re produced in countries within the European Union, and basically, the European Union is a transnational organization which involves many states–and once you step in one of the EU member states, expect that the cost of living is very expensive–in Filipino, makatapak ka lang sa isang bansa ng EU, mararanasan mo na mabigat talaga sa bulsa kung makawaldas ng pera sa Europa. Ask any European person or someone living in Europe–the locals will really tell you that travelling across Europe is considered as a luxury trip, and when you are on a tight budget, you got warned: Most countries within the European Union are very costly, and living in EU’s capital cities would be NO JOKE, speaking of taxes, finances, wages, et cetera.

Back to these Ateneans of Chinese descent, yes, they’re wealthy just because their popsies are Chinoys, but these gals are taught to remain a low profile. Kaya look at them, no matter how many fans or bashers they have, they at least remained low-profile. I hope people won’t bash them simply because of their wealth, unless their wealth comes from dubious sources.

I really do not know what to say about the Napoles family. I think they should learn their lesson the hard way because they could get easy money by swindling people’s taxes and use it for their own personal gain.


19 thoughts on “What do I really think about Jeane Napoles’ online posts about luxury things?

  1. While I have nothing against people showing off their wealth, these scams made me really angry and hurt. We, ordinary Juan dela Cruz, work hard to earn money and pay our taxes only to find out that this is where our taxes go. Those who promised to guard the nation’s coffers are actually the ones who betrayed us. Such a sad reality. 😦

    • Exactly! Also, these nouveau riche people, when they pronounce English words, parang daig pa sila ng hindi naman super rich but has better diction.

      Also, I do agree with you when it comes to taxes. Turns out that it will just end to the corrupt officials’ pockets.

    • Until now, we have always been looking at government from the outside as passive spectators and as bystanders: Not anymore. CANA believes the route to real People Power is via information, education, organisation, advocacy and participation. Working simultaneously at the local and national level provides us all with practical opportunities on a daily basis in our communities. It also gives us a national voice and stage.

      So CANA is working to help set up a minimum of 28 local citizen action groups for accountability – but we hope many more groups will join together to build a national network for learning and sharing. Most importantly, CANA’s future rests not with the few groups that launched it, but with you – the people and communities across the country who will take future ownership and charge of CANA, just as we all need to take ownership and charge of government.

      Understand and organize. Monitor and engage.


  2. the way this napoles kid is flaunting her wealth only seals my opinion of their family as nouveau riche. every chance they get, pinapakita talaga nila in public na mayaman sila and they can afford it. janet napoles should re-evaluate her parenting skills. nahiya naman yun mga galing sa old rich families sa pinas who work hard at maintaining their anonymity abroad while trying to live a low-key lifestyle.

    • Agree with that. It’s like Donya Janet is teaching her children the WRONG values. Buti pa ang mga talagang rich people they’re very generous and do make the use of their wealth for good intentions. Eh, sa mga Napoles naman, galing nga sa nakaw, for bad intentions pa ang pera ng bayan.

  3. And this is why I HATE PAYING TAXES. I get it, We need taxes for building roads, maintaing government offices and wages of employees, but lagi nalang NAWAWALA ANG PONDO. Why would I give them my money when I can give it out to the less fortunate myself? Tapos hinahabol palagi ng BIR mga middle-class and businessmen, pero after we pay them those taxes and “MORE” (pang-kape, pang-dinner, pang-anu-ano), the money goes missing.

    • To be honest, I am not yet a real taxpayer (graduating student right here), and I deeply apologize if this comment of yours went to the spam folder (actually I did not touch anything; I just saw it sa spam folder)… well, I feel sorry for those people who are paying their taxes as their burden, but this issue is YES, it’s an insult towards them. Kaya in the Bible, you will notice that tax collectors are sinners is because they tend to cheat by using them for their own personal gain.

  4. Girl, your blogwrite about Jeane Napoles really captured my interest because sa lahat ng kasosyalan, this is the mindfuck one. I don’t want to judge her for all the luxury stuff she is bragging via her Instagram and Tumblr, but the fact na ang nagbibigay pa sa iyo happened to be nanay mo na politiko at sangkot sa pork barrel scam, the anger is understandable, though the kind of anger thrown by some netizens out there are irrational and really shows utter hateration.
    If there are any socialites and celebrities out there are not receiving so much hateration from netizens unlike what Jeane Napoles does nowadays, especially Paris Hilton— Isama mo na rin si Greta or Tetayski— because hard-earned money talaga nila ang ginagastos dun, hindi galing sa buwis na ibinabayad ng taumbayan na napupunta sa gobyerno. Not only that, they don’t need to disclose what brands they will be wearing for that event, and if there is, designed pa ng mga tulad nina Rajo Laurel, Inno Sotto, Kermit Tesoro, Joey Samson, Lulu Tan-Gan etc., ‘yun ang mga pinagyayabang nila sa TV. Magyabang man si Paris Hilton ng mga luxury goods niya, galing ‘yun sa yaman na tinatamasa ng pamilya Hilton, and galing din sa mga kinikita niya sa business niya.
    (I will continue my reply later)

    • Yep, I do acknowledge Greta and Krizzy’s good side–they favor Filipino fashion brands than the foreign ones. Also, when one is bragging about Paris Hilton’s apparel line (plus Victoria Beckham’s apparel line), well, I would understand that, but to brag luxury French brands? Everyone has to be more cautious–everyone could brag their luxury items through their friends in private, but online, it’s either you receive positive remarks or not. Usually, ‘yung mga nega ang mga reactions tend to be MORE jealous than those who would share positive feedback. There’s nothing wrong when one brags about their luxury items for as long as it comes from hard money (and business).

      This is one thing that I would also like to share–the only thing that I liked during high school and grade school is the unending borrowing of my gadgets–unlike when I entered DLSU, puro nega feedback ang natatanggap ko–they would usually contribute to crab mentality rather than getting used to it. As if hindi pa nila nadadaanan ang ganyan (if I know, mas masahol pa silang magyabang!).

      Anyways, back to topic. Jeane Napoles’ trip to Europe, owning an apartment in the United States and whatnot, I think there’s nothing wrong with it, pero ‘yun nga, awkward lang because the Philippines is a relatively poor country (but not necessarily a low-income country–it’s actually a lower middle-income country), and when you’re rich, you are expected to be generous out of excess. Ang sakit lang sa Pinoy, once you brag about the latest gadgets, you will receive negative remarks from people who think they’re not used to these things.

      I don’t see anything wrong on people bragging about their gadgets for as long as they know how to familiarize themselves with the system. Also, it should also be taken note that when one brags about their gadgets, they could never impress anyone, not even those with the “settle-for-less” mentality.

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  6. Well, for all it’s worth, this is what I think:


    “However, these things about Jeane should not make everyone lambast her just because her mother is a swindler. Truth to be told, if she were to get kidnapped, it will just show, okay? I will not put the blame on Jeane just because she showed her wealth through social media, but it is her mother that should be blamed.”

    I agree. Kaya lang, I can’t help it … inggit pa rin ako 🙂

  7. napaka lakas ng loob na i bash ang asawa ni manny pacquio to wear a diamond earrings worth 7 million. at least nakita ng taong bayan kung pano dugo at pawis ni manny ang ipinambili nun.

    • Jinkee does not deserved to be bashed for her earrings. Eh gift naman ni Pacman un sa kanya eh.

  8. i respect your opinion, but you have double standards. to quote what you said:

    “ayos lang sana kung ang ipagmayabang mga mid-end designer brands (pero sosyal), but to brag all these high-end labels and travelling to Paris, Tokyo and other European places + holding a birthday bash in a luxury hotel in the United States–especially if you’re Filipino = will make people question you.”

    ok lang ipagmayabang ang mid end? whats the difference? bragging is bragging. your logic means stealing a little is different from stealing a lot. they are the same form of stealing.

    we share the same disgust over these people, but please dont try to justify something done less to be any better than something done in excess.


    • Thanks for the feedback, however…

      Sorry dude, but I have FLEXIBLE standards (even though it’s very high). Yeah you may say that bragging is bragging, but bragging something OUT OF HARDWORK is more acceptable. One big example would be Jinkee Pacquiao and Mommy Dionesia. Yes, they may have been rich because of Pacman, but that’s because Pacman is working hard for the money. Also, the way they’re flaunting these stuff is through just letting the media focus on these things.

      Also, to brag something mid-end has a sheer difference with bragging the high-end ones. Yeah you may insist that it’s STILL bragging, but it is LESS awkward than bragging something high-end.

      we share the same disgust over these people, but please dont try to justify something done less to be any better than something done in excess

      It STILL depends on the person’s interpretation. IMHO, in the case of Jeane Napoles, she should make a name for herself and make her drafts a finished product. Pero in the case of Tricia Gosingtian and Camille Co, they established themselves as creative entrepreneurs, and it’s in the envy factor–I do envy Tricia and Camille, but not Jeane. First of all, Camille is a fashion designer who has made her name and established COEXIST, while Tricia is known for mainly being a fashion photographer and a blogger at the same time (check out UNO and Candy Magazine). Also, they do endorse mid-end brands mainly to encourage their audience that these products are more affordable and these also have designs that are much better than the high-end ones. They actually HIDE these YSLs, Louboutins and LVs in their closet, if ever they have those things. Ang awkward lang kasi if you brag these high-end brands, while brands such as Forever 21 are much safer–at least you choose the nicest clothes there; even rich people buy there. Of course, I may say that Tricia and Camille may have the right to brag the clothes that they’re displaying on their blog, but that’s because they worked hard for it, and if you see their photos displaying their Forever 21 shopping bags, that’s because they are also asked to endorse them–Tricia being a brand ambassador. Kung may ipinagmamayabang si Jeane na Forever 21, Zara or Topshop, hindi ‘yun tinitingnan. Ang tinitingnan ay ‘yung mga high-end brands.

      Check out these blogs and see the difference:


      Lastly, bragging for something less doesn’t mean it’s good or bad. Think outside the box naman.


    • “Also, to brag something mid-end has a sheer difference with bragging the high-end ones. Yeah you may insist that it’s STILL bragging, but it is LESS awkward than bragging something high-end.”

      Bragging is bragging no matter what. There’s only black and white: no grey area.

      It may be true that some rich people do not brag about their possessions but there are some that who do otherwise. Those some are the ones who are INSECURE of THEMSELVES, the kind that want to manipulate people and use their possessions as power. There’s a possibility that Jeane belongs to the latter.

      Yes, we all utterly loathe Janet for stealing from our country, and we hate everyone else who benefits from it. Including and especially Jeane Napoles. The ‘bragging’ turned out ‘insensitivity’ showed on her blogs are plain sordid. What I’m saying is, we hate her because she’s Janet’s daughter. We hate her even more because her posts are sheer evidence that they are thieves.

      Also, you should not be comparing Jeane to Camille Co or even Tricia Gosingtian. These people are Style Bloggers who make a living through their posts. The majority of their audience is in middle class, reason that they post clothes that are affordable to normal people.

      Just my two cents.

      • Yun oh! That’s what I’m trying to decode! Before Jeane should brag something, she should make first a living for herself–if she wants to be called a fashion designer. Well, as much as I despise comparing T and C agaist J, it can’t be helped–even though Tricia and Camille are both style bloggers, they were born well-off (IMHO).

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