As promised: Yeng Constantino’s two new MVs!

Yeng Constantino has always been BAD-ASS on her new music videos. To those who think na masyadong matipid ang mga producers ng video, I don’t think it’s pagtitipid, because you don’t even know what minimalism is all about. Yep, HD video na ‘yan, ah, and when using HD, it’s NO JOKE to make the most out of it because aesthetics-wise, you need to capture a shot that does not bring out vibrant eye-candy objects, but simply a concept that is considered as ABSTRACT.

One thing that I do like about Yeng’s Sandata is that, she’s able to walk barefoot–and the mere fact that nagpabasa siya sa ulan shows that she could stand on her own despite having NO brolly and errr… shoes at the same time.

[I have yet to replay it to learn and re-learn the message of the song.]

Meanwhile, Josephine talks about Yeng’s life as a superstar–behind the scenes. I like how she expresses herself through her music videos with passion. These two MVs are quite different from B.A.B.A.Y. and Chinito, where you see Yeng’s happy and gregarious side. This time, Yeng shows her serious side, which people would say that they’re not used to it.

One netizen even said, “Hindi ako sanay na umiiyak si Yeng.” Of course! Malayo sa personality niya ang umiiyak sa MVs, although when interviewed, she cried because of the financial situation her family used to have.

Can’t you believe that she’s one of the few stars coming from a talent search series who had a LONGER career lifespan? Sure, defunct na ang Pinoy Dream Academy, but she became champion because of hardwork, resilience and determination to support her family. Even though she didn’t have a college degree, she still remained classy like Heart Evangelista, and you won’t ever hear any negative issues against her (hard evidences pa ‘yan, ah!).

One netizen even said (Sandata):

the video is pertaining on how a person decided to turn her/his back on worldly things(the people who are walking) because she/he is hurting without knowing what is her/his real purpose. and, in the video, Yeng closed her fist @1:19. and that’s the time she decided to go to the opposite direction which means, TO GOD. and even when she’s hurting she keeps on walking and when the people is gone(worldly things are gone), she received the freedom from hurts(the people who bumped her) around her. -JM

One thing that I like about Yeng Constantino is that, she never fails to amaze the audience. There is a reason why she surpassed the original female rock stars; she isn’t really a rock princess because she has other genres that she tried.

[This is all for now… for extra thoughts, you know what to do.]



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