Tunay na Buhay: Marian Rivera

See the video.

I may be a former fan of Marian Rivera (well, probably I’m not a fan of hers, but the mutual admiration is still there), but I bet Roxyisferox will be very happy to see this one.

People may say that Marian isn’t a good actress (or let’s say, she does not know how to act), but when she delivers her lines, she does her best to OUTSMART the not-so-good examples from ABS-CBN (alam niyo na dapat ‘yan! lol). It’s a good thing that she didn’t have to transfer to the rival network because she might not be as straightforward as you might think!

Also, I do not like how ABS-CBN packages outspoken people as PALENGKERA–‘yung tipong gagawa lang ng isyu para lang mapag-usapan. Meanwhile, in GMA, straightforwardness is packaged as intimidating with substance.

I have also read sis qmoonlight (of GIRLTalk)’s statement about GMA:

Actually GMA is really known for strict discipline sa mga artist nila. Just like what they did to Iwa Moto and Jackie Rice before na sobrang pasaway kaya hayon suspended, si Jackie natuto, si Iwa hindi. Sa ABS medyo covered nila mga artist nila, lalo na kung mapeperahan pa.

It should also be taken note that Marian has received positive remarks from Ricky Lo. Samantalang ang mga ibang artista diyan sa DOS, they cannot even have a veteran friend, unless they’re really passionate to their craft. Look at Yeng Constantino. Despite many bashers she had have, she collaborated with some of the most respected stars in show business. Chito Miranda also defended her after she posted her first tattoo that reads as “Jesus” in Hebrew (well, she said it’s in Aramaic, but either way, they seem identical).

To those who said that Marian is palengkera at saka “masama ang ugali” in person, I don’t think she’s really bitchy, unlike Kim Chiu who comes off as pretentious. Look at how Marian responds to bashers. She is more often sarcastic but still remained gregarious unlike Kim Chiu who is irrationally defensive in Instagram–and there’s one time she tolerated her fans to bash Majarot + comparing her with Kim. Oh yes, Kim tolerated and let’s say, glorified her fantards to do so because she’s fucking conceited. Eh si Marian nga, kung tutuusin, saludo ako sa pagiging straightforward niya kaya wala talaga siyang masyadong kalaban–compared to the YOU-KNOW-WHO celebrities who will often flaunt their cunts off to fuck a boss then get away with it by creating issues.

It’s a good thing that she stayed in GMA. At least, GMA imposes strict discipline even though they’re reputed to be “pabaya” sa talent. Even though haters throw statements against her that she cannot act, here’s the catch:

She’s a better actress unlike YOU-KNOW-WHO, who is until now, PA-KYOT!


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