SML’s letter to FP: I prefer Cristine Reyes over KC Concepcion for Darna role

Komikado reacts:


He says, “Whu… whhhh… eh?”


He says, “EWW!”

Of course, not even Komikado will approve of it! (YEP, this is my first KOMIKADO REACTS rant post)

Komikado says, “Ahahahaha! I would not watch a soap opera whose asadora heroine is doing enjo kosai desu ne!”

from FP:

Dear Fashion PULIS

I heard from DZZM teleradyo that KC Concepcion will be the one who will portray Darna. Okay… Cristine Reyes was not really my bet since she doesn’t live up to my expectation, but KC Concepcion? Come on! I’d rather choose Cristine over KC. In my humble opinion, Cristine is way better than KC. Her body, her curves, her everything is just perfect (not her attitude and prolly her complexion as well, but seriously, ABS-CBN need to stop giving projects to someone who does not only “fit” the description, but also does not know how to freaking act- though I have to commend KC for playing a kontrabida role because it perfectly fits her character and her real attitude).

I don’t know if this true, BUT the hosts of MISMO said that it was already confirmed… so I guess I will no longer look forward to watching Darna. The title should even be changed to DRABNA or DRAGNA.


My take:

EWWWW… perfect body mismo… si Kubeta!?

L-A-S-P-A-G ang matatawag mo sa katawan niya! Kahit saan mang anggulo ‘yan, mukha talaga siyang nilaspag ng 100 men na nang-gang rape sa kanya!

Take note of the word GANG RAPE! (Ipasok ang ahas! LMAO!)

I don’t like to watch a pornstar doing a Darna drama, it’s so fucking cheap! And not to mention that she’s only worth a fucking peso!

HAHAHA, as much as possible, Komikado will say this in English:

“It’s AGURII! AH-GOO-REE!” (It’s ugly)

If Komikado will be asked, he will probably answer in Filipino this time…

“Matatawag mo bang ‘puro’t malinis’ ang mga KAGAYA ni LAAspAAgitang AA!? Mangarap kayo! Ang puro’t malinis, hindi AA ‘yan. Yeah, malinis ang kutis ni AA, pero ‘yun na ‘yon!”


Komikado says, “Sono hoshi wa KUSO desu!” (That star is shit!)

Also, Komikado will provide dirty evidence (well the pics I will post will be courtesy of FP!):

Of course, Komikado will say:

AA should not be Darna! The asadora heroine (well, asadora is a Japanese term for “morning drama,” which is a trademark of NHK) will be a pornstar doing enjo kosai!? Ah please! Don’t gemme started with that! She’s U-GU-LY for the role!

The three pics via FP shows that AA is too laspag for the Darna role. If Angel and Marian nailed the roles A-OK, I don’t think AA would do the same as well. I would rather commit seppuku than watching AA as Darna… because it won’t give her justice!

Not even superstarmarian would approve of this one!

She will say:

“I’d ra-THOR nat wats it, eat’s AGLI! Agri kay Komikado, she’s Lust-FAG! Aym match be-THOR dan AA… haha!”

Komikado will respond:


Well, that’s all for now!

Coming up next: Komikado-sensei’s reaction towards superstarmarian!


13 thoughts on “SML’s letter to FP: I prefer Cristine Reyes over KC Concepcion for Darna role

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  2. AA Klenk cannot have the bad-ass attitude needed in Darna or superhero movies. At least kaya ni Angel and Marian. ;D

      • clorox is bleach. dati un ang leading brand bago ang zonrox…. kaya siguro sa halip na word bleach ang gamitin, cloroxng term na karaniwang ginagamit ng mga pinoy

      • What I mean is that, how is it related to AA? Her skin tone? LOL haha ((:

        Actually, when it comes to Clorox nga, it reminds me of “chlorine,” the ones that sanitize swimming pools (although ideally sandwater and err… seawater are less harmful in some aspects). Kaya ang impression kapag naliligo sa swimming pool na may chlorine, “Puputi ka niyan!”

      • hindi rin nakakaputi ang may chlorine… hahahha! sus! nung bata ako nagsuswimming ako during summer vacay and kahit mag-whitening lotion ako in substitute for sunblocks, umiitim pa rin ako

      • oo, outdoor. magkakaroon ng improvement sa skin kung ilang buwan akong hindi nagswimming. anyways, have you checked by blogwrite about daniel padilla earlier? as you noticed I have disabled comment section on that thread. sakit sa ulo minsan yung mababasa mo puro defensive comments ng mga fans ni dj eh

      • Yep, I’ve checked it na, and grabeh… they think that DJ is like Jesus Christ na.

      • Ako rin (LOL).


        Anyways, I also learned that the Japanese entertainment industry is no different from the Philippine entertainment industry. Kung sino pa ang MAS magaling umarte sa Japan, they get lesser recognition and most popular actors there are from Johnny’s Entertainment. Such for instance, the guy who portrayed Komikado (yep, he’s the funny dude in my post about AA vs. KC as Darna)–it’s a shame that he’s not that popular in Japan, but in the Chinese-speaking world, he gets more love.

        You may check out again my article on Random Thoughts About the Music Industry and it also applies to Japanese entertainment. I will post something about the downsides of the Japanese entertainment industry.

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