My exact thoughts about Roxyisferox’s post about DJ hype…

The article HERE.

Seriously, hindi naman mala-Jesus Christ ang hitsura ni Daniel Padilla, ano?

Credits to Roxyisferox for this one…

I could not help but compare Daniel or DJ to someone else who deserves that “godly” status. Una sa lahat, hindi naman ka-samba samba ang hitsu ni DJ, ‘no? Tapos, kapag kumakanta siya, parang nata-TAE lang! I really don’t get it why the FUCK is he over-hyped. For the love of gawd, forumers in GIRLTalk loathe him and in the thread, “Mga Artistang Packaged as Good-Looking pero hindi naman,” he is the WORST-LOOKING person there.

Aete mashou: Kono hoshi wa FUKURO desu!

If AJ Perez did not die, DJ would have NOT BEEN POPULAR, and the popularity should have been won by Enrique Gil, if given the chance. I think it’s Enrique who deserves to be more immensely popular not because he’s handsome (of course!), but his charisma cannot be questioned. He is effortlessly handsome and more likeable than DJ, who is trying too hard to be like Binoe.

Now who deserves the “godly” status?

It’s no other than…

Image Source: (Purikyan Revolution)

Yes, that’s right! Sakai Masato should achieve that “godly” status, not because of his good looks, sex appeal and YES, his unquestionable charm, but it’s because of his acting talent–he could portray a serious guy, while placing humor on it! He’s the Johnny Depp of Japan, and he deserves MORE projects than the typical JE actor. Don’t ask me what JE means! LMAO. After all, someone like Sakai Masato deserves to be recognized all over the world. He deserves his own share of popularity, together with Origa and underrated Japanese artists who did not really make it to the US (Origa finally made it to the US, but it was only recent rather than matagal na).

Sa totoo lang, mas mala-Jesus Christ naman talaga ang aura’t charisma kamo ni Masato-chan. If you think that Masato is not popular in Japan because he’s “too low-maintenance” with his looks and “not-so-lead-actor-type-of-appeal,” I suggest you watch his movies. Trust me, he’s BETTER than your average Hollywood actor who is only showcasing his good looks, but ZERO talent.

As much as I do not like comparing him to DJ, Masato never fails to amaze the audience. Siguro kung ilagay si Daniel sa mga palabas ni Masato, no one will notice DJ–rather, the attention will be diverted to Masato himself, and nobody can deny that!

Also, DJ is not the SEXY TYPE of guy na pwede mong pagpantasyahan sa kama. In other words, when you look at DJ, he’s not the type of person who will make you go bukaka (a person who will spread his/her legs apart from one another; you know what split is? But the intentional one LMAO). In Tagalog, hindi siya (DJ) ‘yung tipong mapantasyahan mo kaagad siya, bubukaka ka na. Eh, hindi naman siya ganun, eh. S’yempre, kung si Masato pa ang papantasyahin ng isang tao, malamang, instant BUKAKA na ang gagawin.

Compare and Contrast

Isang titig pa lang factor:
DJ – tulo laway lang.
Masato – laglag panty na ‘yan!

Bukaka factor (while in bed LOL!):
DJ – Eh, ayoko nga!

Of course, boyfriend and husband material talaga ‘yan si Masato, so I would therefore call Kanno Miho VERY LUCKY to have him, and not to mention it was Masato who made the first move, and who showed MORE interest towards Kanno-sama. However, there are some speculations that Kanno is only using Sakai-sama as a rebound after her failed relationship with another guy–and there’s one commentor who was worried about Miho’s “childishness” vs. Sakai’s more mature mind (enebeyen!?). I don’t think so, and I think Sakai is old enough to get married.

Sakai Masato has this certain X-factor that not even DJ will ever have, and that’s it! Daniel was only overhyped because he acts like a badboy, while Masato does not have to act like a badboy because he is being himself–more simple and down-to-earth at the same time, and not to mention that he has won a lot of awards for his achievements. Eh si Daniel, may talagang award ba ‘yan? If he has won an award, I would consider that one as dubious, since he only got these due to the hype of fantards who look up to him as if he’s Jesus Christ, man! I cannot imagine DJ at the same level as Masato, since when did DJ became handsome? Well, between DJ and Masato, the latter has always been VERY HANDSOME ever since he started his career. He may not come from an acting dynasty, but since he was theater-trained in Waseda and was part of the theater club in high school, you could see that when he acts, there is NO SUCH THING as take two! Also, you’ll see that he is helpful to his co-stars at the set of Legal High. He nailed the series and he’s the reason why Legal High is a must-watch!

Sakai Masato, despite not reaching at least 5’9″ (in fact, he qualifies to be 5’8″, since he’s 172cm tall), has a sexy ass and sun-kissed complexion that suits his oozing appeal. Kahit tadtarin pa ng tattoo o piercing ‘yan, ROYAL HOTNESS parin si Masato-sama! Also, he’s one of my so-called “crushes” who is still sexy despite being a (chain) smoker. Eh, keri ba ni Daniel Padilla ‘yan? I doubt, he would still be as sexy as Sakai-sama with the tattoos, piercing/s and err… smoking (xD). Siguro magmukha pang jeje si DJ! LOL!

However, it’s not only Sakai Masato who deserves that godly status. The “godly” status should be awarded to someone who has an OOZING SEX APPEAL and not just being merely “bad boy.” Hindi na nga nagpapaka-badboy ‘yang si Masato, he’s still HOT!

Please lang! Huwag madudumi ang isip when we talk about Sakai Masato. Sure, masarap siyang pagpantasyahin, but if you were to ask me, he’s someone to bring in bed (hahaha, live-in partner lang ang peg!). But if he’s really a husband material, it should be not just sex that should be the top priority–it should be anything that is related with the norms of the society.

I really do not know if he’s really a husband material, but definitely NOT Komikado, TBH. Komikado is definitely NOT a husband material–he would usually dump you if he thinks that you’re no longer worth it, and when he talks about women, he will usually delve in luxurious splurging just to earn a lot of concubines–no wonder Keiko Schneider divorced him not because of their common attitude, but it’s Komikado’s womanizing instincts that will not make him a husband material–he’s someone to pick if you’re after his okane.

Salai Masato is god-like, especially if you see his ass…

Fukuhara Hiroko/|Look at that sexy ASS!

Sakai Masato deserves to have MORE merchandise, and he deserves to have his own magazine coming from either Candy Mag or hmmm… he should star as Michael King in A Man Called God, the Japanese version!

This also made me fall for Masato, he’s freaking toned!

Aside from playing the violin in Legal High, he also plays the piano!

Of course, aside from portraying remarkable stereotypical roles, he will be always remembered for his role as Komikado Kensuke and for his god-like features (hahaha, DJ fans, take that!). I doubt Daniel Padilla will be remembered for his role as Gino/Prince Yuan in Princess and I (EWW… he’s to jeje for a prince… just… eww).


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