Maji de musings: Sakai Masato as… IKEMEN!?|Sakai Masato as Komikado Kensuke

Believe it or not people, Japanese netizens don’t think that Sakai Masato is a legitimate form of IKEMEN (a real-life bishounen). It is INDEED, confirmed that here, Sakai Masato isn’t that handsome according to Japanese standards (actually, there are a lot of good-looking Japanese tarentos out there, it’s only that the Japanese have almost the same reactions/feelings when it comes to local actors). If you want to know more about it, rather read MAJI DE!? if you want to know more how Japanese netizens react about their favorite local stars!

Sadly, they don’t really view him as an ikemen at all (contrary to non-Japanese fans, particularly Chinese-speaking people!), but they do acknowledge his acting skills (for those with high standards, he’s good enough as an actor, even parring with Johnny Depp and defeating Coco Martin–if Coco Martin WILL be compared to Sakai, I don’t think Coco will still look COOL with those weird facial expressions).

One netizen said:

That fishy-looking face and his exaggerated actions, as if he’s bragging that he came from stage plays…
I can’t stand him.

Now we know why Sakai Masato isn’t as popular compared to other J-actors, probably because he mostly works in stage plays. But trust me, his acting pars more with Pinky Amador since he knows how to adjust well, maybe except when doing comedy roles–you’ll know why his acting is like Chin-Chin Gutierrez (well, this gal does not adjust at all!) in Legal High, but less annoying.

Sakai Masato’s acting COMPARED to most Pinoy actors

Achtung: Sorry guys, but I’m no longer impressed with Pinoy teleseryes, after watching Sakai Masato act on TV and movies–Filipino thespians need to learn from him.

But… believe it or not, his facial expressions are much more expressive compared to Coco Martin. Coco may seem to be a very good actor, but PLEASE, his facial expressions are too cold and monotonous, for the love of gawd! In fact, Paolo Avelino has more expressive facial expressions that’s why I seem to like him more than Coco Martin. Coco’s Juan Dela Cruz is very disappointing–it’s the superhero version of Imortal (starring Angel Locsin, yours truly), and the scriptwriter does not have any good imagination at all. As much I do find Coco Martin good-looking, it’s all thanks to his charisma that brought him to television–he’s once called the Prince of Indie Cinema, but he cannot be a good mainstream actor. He’s not that versatile compared to Johnny Depp. Yeah, call Coco Martin a good actor, but after I saw Sakai Masato’s acting, I’d say that Coco for me is no longer THAT excellent as an actor. For the love of humanity, not even Robin Padilla would be that awesome anymore, unless he jumps again to comedy roles.

Not even Alessandra de Rossi. Yeah, Sakai may have angles that remind me of Alessandra, but Alex’s acting isn’t that impressive to me at all–she’s right now being overshadowed by Kaye Abad (but I don’t like her palengkera role in Annaliza) nowadays. Sure, Alex is a good kontrabida, but when it comes to being a bida, her acting is quite flat–her sense of humor is not that impressive, as far as expressing feelings is concerned. Nah, not even Maricar Reyes (TBH, she’s too OA!), Maja Salvador (she can act, but still she needs to improve more) or Andi Eigenmann (I still don’t find her an excellent actress, despite coming from the Eigenmann clan). Maja and Andi have the same acting style–their acting is flat; Maja cannot give justice to bida roles very well, and same goes to Andi. Maricar, however, is too OA in whatever she does. In fact, her Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig co-star Denise Laurel isn’t overacting when she gives justice to her roles–she expresses her emotions WITHOUT any unnecessary exaggerations AT ALL. She should have been the star of Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig rather than Cristine Reyes (seriously, and to be brutally frank, despite the fact that people will insist that she has improved, maybe a lot or a little, she has only improved 5% ever since she transferred to ABS-CBN. Marian Rivera’s better than her, as far as improvement is concerned. As a matter of fact, Cristine DOES NOT give any justice to any role she portrays–she acts pa-cute just like any typical Korean idol group member, and her acting is a lesser err… excellent version of Kim Chiu’s acting) because she (Denise) had a long career lifespan–just like Kaye Abad, Jodi Sta. Maria and Desiree Del Valle (Des should have her own break, too–I do think she’s a great actress). Si Denise ang nagdala sa Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig, TBH. With or without Rafael Rossell, she nails it!

Asian beauty REDEFINED

Sadly, most artista’s in the Philippine entertainment industry are just mestizas and mostly halfies who are mostly pa-cute in every role they portray (Empress Schuck and Julia Barretto, anyone?). Also, most of them became paper-white (not really paper-white, but as white as flour) due to too much glutathione intake and the mere fact that the way makeup artists make their faces look like creepy Korean dolls… it’s too appalling. Yeah, you look like a fake, plastic Korean doll who acts pa-cute in every role you portray, and it’s like watching the aegyo factor being fucked up–by pa-cute actors who do the aegyo factor in a trying-too-hard manner. It’s just sickening, TBH.

Have you seen this collection for this season?|Seriously, these Korean beauty queens do not have to undergo the knife, for Chryssake!

TBH, you could still lighten your skin without looking like a ghost. Ideally, for really fair-skinned ladies, they don’t actually need to take up glutathione pills (they’d rather use sunblock to protect their porcelain skin), and for those who are not very fair-skinned, they could actually stay away from the sun most of the time. Achieving fair skin isn’t that bad at all (actually, for me, it’s a personal choice–look at Kaye Abad now), but being super fair like Cristine Reyes isn’t that good–I think Cristine will not be that “pretty” without that satiny white glow (her look-alikes are much better looking, TBH).|Kim Chiu and Cristine Reyes cannot be as effortlessly good-looking as Julia Montes

Roxyisferox even stated and she cannot really understand why people view Kim Chiu and Cristine Reyes as “ulzzang,” if in fact, the real ulzzang would be the following: Marian Rivera, Solenn Heussaff, Bea Alonzo, Ellen Adarna, Kristine Hermosa and a lot lot more. In Japan, concentration of ulzzangs is VERY HIGH, and to the point that you cannot distinguish who is really blessed with good looks ever since or it was only enhanced through science.

Good news is that, Sakai Masato is really good-looking. He is blessed with a very defined eye shape + double eyelids, and his dusky complexion (believe it or not, he easily gets dark since he has angles where he is fair) enhances these features. His nose is also perfect without the need to have it enhanced through science (no joke, I really think his nose is really beautiful)–and his skin tone also enhances it. Lastly, his body shape–even though he’s slim enough, his torso is toned enough (watch Legal High SP on the jacuzzi scene and you’ll get mah point on this!) and his ass is *ERMAHGERD* shaped for corporate wear (LOLz).

But his flaws are his bowlegs (LOL puh-leeze Komikado-sensei, stop calling Mayuzumi “ganimatta” or bow-legged because you’re also bow-legged LOLz!) and err… colored teeth due to (chain) smoking. Despite these flaws, at least his more dominant features I have mentioned enhances his sexiness and oozing sex appeal, and don’t you know that he’s also low-maintenance when it comes to his looks? It does not matter to him whether he’s wrinkly for his age (ahahaha thanks to smoking, he gets the wrinkles) since what matters most to him is the way he delivers his lines and the way he delivers his expressions, therefore making him an IKEMEN.

Sometimes, it’s not about good looks that really matter when it comes to acting. Sure, everyone may think that good looks enhances one’s acting talent, but in fact, what makes a person a good actor is HIS/HER WAY OF DELIVERING HIS/HER LINES without any TAKE TWO’s.

Sakai Masato’s acting skills

I only watched him in Legal High
But I was really amazed at how he was able to speak those damn long lines like that.
He must really be smart.

Yes, I really cannot believe that Sakai Masato could deliver his lines directly without ANY TAKE TWO in Legal High, especially in Episode Nine when he shouted against the elderly people–he may be like reciting a fast litany, but you can never deny the fact that the way he delivers his lines COMES FROM A PROFESSIONAL THESPIAN like him. No one else could deny that.

Also, he could deliver his Chinese lines as well. No wonder, he majored in Chinese Literature at Waseda University (for the nth time, I’m saying this one) but he dropped out (aww… too bad). He could also deliver his English lines as good as how he delivers his Chinese lines since he underwent language training for Sukiyaki Western Django (despite having a minor role). YES, that’s right. He’s a MAN CALLED GOD in a sense that his acting is really unquestionably priceless, that not even other actors will ever achieve that unless they idolize him.

He is idolized not because of his good looks but because of his CHARM, CHARISMA and anything that makes him stand out among all the Japanese actors. He deserves more projects and he should be more famous here in the Philippines or in China since he’s more popular in the Land of the Red Dragon (check out Youku even though you’re not familiar with the Chinese language)–and in the Orient Pearl, he will be MORE popular because he’s basically a foreigner (but still Asian, and Filipinos do not view their Asian neighbours as foreigners at all since they’re so far more regionalistic). I think Sakai Masato should have a real debut in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau or in Southeast Asia–he will be more popular there (I think there’s NOTHING really wrong to be popular overseas, for as long as you establish yourself).

I think the reason why he cannot be predominantly popular in Japan is because of his looks that is not the lead actor type–but other actors who are not that good-looking such as Moritz Bleibtreu of Germany made themselves predominantly popular in their home country is because of their charisma, and I don’t actually find Moritz that charismatic at all (he’s just one funny guy who is a polyglot). I think the most charismatic actor who predominantly made it popular in his home country without the need to make it immensely popular in the United States would be no other than Shah Rukh Khan. He became popular in the US without flying his ass to the US to be immensely popular–but other Indian actors didn’t also need to be popular in the States to become popular, and just remember that Bollywood is getting more popular overseas (no joke about this one). Same goes with Chinese and Korean actors–only a few Japanese actors make it big in Hollywood mainly because the Japanese entertainment industry is TV-oriented, according to Chiaki Kuriyama (in contrast, China is more on movies than TV series).

I never watched him because he has a face that I can’t really take, but I’m honestly feeling uneasy seeing how he’s become popular like this.|Komikado at his UGLIEST! LOLz!

At first I did not really liked his Komikado character (yeah, I find Komikado annoying at first, and it’s NOT obvious for a mischievous dude to win a case that makes an UNBREAKABLE WORLD RECORD!), but when episode eight came, I actually started to like him… and Sakai Masato. But what’s actually interesting about Sakai Masato is his facial expressions that are unique and out-of-this-world. You have to see him act in a wild, free-spirited manner. Trust me, he’s really SUGOI in everything he does!

I’ve never seen or heard anyone who has called him an ikemen.
But I’ve also never heard of anyone who says extremely harsh things about him.

You can never say any BAD things against him. Like, come on. Sakai’s someone who is a GREAT actor, but not just that. He’s a celebrity who remains down-to-earth, and therefore expresses himself through his works. He may not have this “star quality” compared to Abra, Mario Maurer or even most Korean pop idols, but his charm and charisma is undeniably timeless.

This guy must be really scary when he gets mad.

I cannot answer that one, actually. As a matter of fact, his anger is expressed during the filming/taping of Legal High Episode 9–and YES, he could be quite scary. But mind you that even though he gets angry, he does it with poise–and whatever antics he does, he digs it with ELEGANCE, therefore his name means, “an elegant person” or “a person of/with elegance.”|Komikado at his sexiest! LOLz

Also, I don’t believe that Sakai Masato only got that ikemen status/title just because he married Kanno Miho (personally I don’t find Kanno-san that attractive, but not homely either), but what I actually liked more about Sakai-sama is that, he does not judge someone based on his/her good looks–there are reasons why he never intended to be romantically-linked with Gakky and Hirosue Ryoko, and there are reasons why he would rather think that WORK IS WORK, and there should be no romantic rumors that will damage their reputation (well, you know in Japan, things are different when you have a relationship with your co-star!), although Sakai worked with Kanno before getting married (he kept this relationship secret, but they only dated and became together for three months).

Yeah, guys. To my Japanese netizen friends, I hate to say this, but Sakai Masato is undeniably an IKEMEN. From his sexiest features to his sex appeal, you’ll realize why Kanno Miho is LUCKY to have him.

Sakai Masato vs. majority of Filipino actors

If Sakai Masato will be compared to contemporary Filipino actors, sorry guys, but I think that Sakai Masato’s acting could be achieved by the most veteran contemporary actors in the Philippines. Basically, Sakai is a flexible actor (he could portray a villain, a hero, a jester, or someone who becomes the comic relief when serious things happen), and not even local Kapamilya stars could come close to his acting. Sure, call me too biased because I patronize foreign stuff over Filipino ones, but I believe Filipinos and Filipino filmmakers and actors COULD learn a thing or two from Sakai Masato. They could learn something that will make them improve their acting skills and of course, follow Sakai’s secrets–but not necessarily imitating his acting style because it would be considered as a mere “photocopy” of something.

Also, Filipino thespians could a learn a thing from Sakai Masato that the darker the skin, the better the acting (I kid, I kid!). Actually, I really prefer Filipino actors following the footsteps of Sakai Masato–from his comic acts to his Johnny Depp style of acting, you’ll never realize how AMAZING and AWESOME Sakai Masato is. There are NO moments where his acting is too appalling for the love of humanity. It will just come to the point that you’re only going to watch a movie JUST BECAUSE Sakai Masato is there!|Sakai Masato with soldier-cut hair

And sorry guys, Sakai Masato is EVEN MORE HANDSOME (100x more handsome) than Derek Ramsay. Yeah right, Derek Ramsay may be “handsome,” but I only find him “macho” than gwapo–but he’s only Masato’s ass! LOLz. In fact, Sakai could still be effortlessly macho without being too “feeling gwapo.” Eh si Derek Ramsay, moreno lang siya, and usually, darker skin is more suitable for the males (haha, I have moreno crushes too, and that includes Rico Yan). But is Derek Ramsay THAT handsome? ‘Yung tipong mala-Adonis alpha-male ang peg? He’s too far from that. Kung ikukumpara lang si Derek kay Masato-chan, eh magmumukha lang kantoboy si Derek! Yeah right, I may be in a compare and contrast mode here, but Masato Sakai looks CLEANER than Derek Ramsay. Kahit magulo ang buhok ni Sakai, at least hindi siya nagmumukhang taong grasa!

Sakai Masato at his unkempt hair… yes, he’s still HOT!

Sakai is also MUCH HOTTER than Aljur Abrenica and err… Daniel Padilla. I had this article about my exact thoughts about Daniel Padilla hailed as the Jesus Christ of the next generation. HELL, Sakai is again, 100x more handsome and MORE talented than DJ!

Also, don’t get me started about Aljur as VERY HANDSOME. Mas papalicious pa ang isa sa mga prof namin sa school, ‘no! And I’m not even kidding–Aljur is too ordinary to be very handsome, but he’s lucky to have Kylie Padilla. Also, there are LOTS of young actors out there who may not be “very hot” and “good-looking” but could act to save their lives, which Aljur failed to demonstrate. I could safely say that Paolo Avelino is MUCH CUTER and MUCH BETTER in acting. Same goes to Coco Martin (even though I do not really see him as a very excellent actor).

Overall thoughts…

I am actually saying this is because Sakai Masato NEVER sounded annoying and irritating at the same time when he delivers his lines. When he is soft-spoken, he does it without any serious effort at all (but not necessarily 100% effortless), and when he gets mad, he delivers his lines WITHOUT EFFORT AT ALL. That’s what makes him an IKEMEN–he is not over-acting and at the same time an irritating and lousy actor. Kung ikukumpara mo siya sa mga good-looking actors na hindi naman marunong umarte at the first place, these “other” actors becomes Sakai’s shits. Nagiging tae lang sila ni Sakai (apologies for the term, I know I sound like a meanie but being ma-ere in your performance does not guarantee you impressive remarks from the madlang people).|I see sexiness in Sakai Masato, for the love of humanity.

Lastly, Sakai Masato is really sexy at what he does. He never fails to amaze his fans and the audience. I think he should rather debut in Hollywood or make it big within the Sinosphere. That way, he will be as immensely popular, as what we are wishing.

Overall, he’s indeed one thing in mind: A REAL, GENUINE, NOT PIRATED, A REAL and most of all… a LEGIT IKEMEN!


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