Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance: Why the hype?

I may not be a super fan of Miley Cyrus, but I do like her because she has a great attitude and personality, which made her an “idol” towards the youth, but not today…

So people think that Miley Cyrus is a disgusting person after she performed in the VMAs.

Well, if you’re going to delve on why I am NOT bashing her in some way is because like Beyonce and Rihanna, she’s part of the Illuminati cult, and that way, Disney is up to now linked to that secret organization.

I know that there is something really wrong about Miley Cyrus–is she the next Charice Pempengco!? LOL! I don’t think Miley should be the next Charice, but I guess she’s trying waaaaaaay too hard to be skanky. First of all, her body shape is TOO UGLY to be called “sexy.”

So far, I like the song, but NOT the music video! It’s too violent (sarcasm) and somewhat inappropriate for children. From her Hannah Montana days, I think she has gone WAAAAAAY TOO FAR from her previous image as a role model. On Twitter, she is branded as the “next Lindsay Lohan” or “Amanda Bynes” just because Miley’s parents are on a ruckus… yep, that’s right! I think Miley is being rebellious against her father Billy Ray!

It’s a good grief that she and Liam broke up because SHE’s the problem! But still, I won’t bash Miley just because she leaned towards the dark side. And I guess Taylor Momsen is RIGHT for bashing Disney as “bubblegum shit” for its connection with the Illuminati–I could call her the female version of Marilyn Manson.

I really do not like the way she changed–from her hairstyle to err… slutty outfits. Well, even Rihanna was NOT impressed at Miley’s performance despite being part of the Illuminati–thus making Lady GaGa even more normal (well for them, but I don’t think this makes Gaga more normal than Miley).

Yes, the “We Can’t Stop” video is disgusting (not just disturbing) as fuck. It also makes Anna Nicole Smith vindicated (well, even she know that she became trashy before she passed away, at least she’s known for her classiness) and other sluts out there in the Metro.

However, that does not define Miley as a person. I may think that her MV was disgusting, but I think her attitude is still the same. She should also NOT be compared to Charice is because Charice is still more decent-looking, although both of them are BASHED due to their drastic transformation.

My take on the bashers:

I think most people GOT IT ALL WRONG to bash Miley. I mean YES, her VMA performance was just wrong and somewhat does not appeal to the audience, but does it define her attitude? In some way, Miley Cyrus is nice to her fans and I was very much impressed with her guest appearance in Eat Bulaga. Even though she was jetlagged (or had a body clock problem), she still showed a great impression towards her fans by answering politely to Pia Guanio’s interview questions. The audience SCREAMED when Miley came and Eat Bulaga hosts did their job very well.

To quote Roxyisferox:

Eat Bulaga hosts know how to make the atmosphere look funny without the expense of others. They know being funny without making it annoying. Even when Miley Cyrus guested in Eat Bulaga, Pia Guanio et. al. knew how to handle Miley professionally.

To summarize, I cannot blame Miley for her performance–it is a sheer reminder that the Illuminati is lurking, even in non-Disney people. It serves as a warning if you still want to associate yourself with Illuminati symbols that caused Megan Fox to lose her career and caused Amy Winehouse and Brittany Murphy to depart in an untimely fashion. There is also a reason why Lindsay Lohan is in critical danger (I had a dream that she died–no joke!).

I don’t care if people do not like Miley anymore just because of that performance. So far, it’s worse to have a bad attitude than to have a drastic transformation–in terms of personal style.

Again, I am NOT bashing Miley Cyrus. I feel sad when she twerked only to emphasize her “We Can’t Stop” song.


5 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance: Why the hype?

  1. This is the first time I read about the Illuminati cult. So upon reading this post, I immediately googled it. Nevertheless, I can’t still get over Miley’s Hanna Montana days. 😦

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