Komikado Memes 2!



Of course, Komi also has LOTS of reactions when it comes to AA and Majarot! (:


Komikado Reacts


The bashers suddenly came and lambasted Komikado…


While Sakai Masato majored in Chinese literature, it is inevitable that he will LIKE Yeng because she is learning Mandarin (ahaha)… Sakai here is in his Komi mode.


Komi knows everything! LMAO! I think this Komi dude knows how to evaluate based on HIS standars… kidding!


He also thinks that ABRA is a cool dude… for the love of gawd.


He was actually SHOCKED when he learned that Majarot is… malakas ang appeal! LOLz!


Lastly, Sakai Masato does not like people who are “talented” just because of their fezzlak balyu! Besides, he thinks that TALENT > GOOD LOOKS!

Any violent reax’ns!?


4 thoughts on “Komikado Memes 2!

    • Actually you just have to download TinnedCam and Font App if you’re an iOS user (: not sure if these apps are available on Android.

      And the photos of Komikado were achieved through screencaps + Dropbox app in both MBP and iPhone (:

  1. You know, because of this funny dude, I want to watch his show, Legal High. I hope I can find time.

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