My thoughts about the Chemical Attack in Syria


My prayers go to the children who died of the chemical attack in Syria. I seriously LOATHE it when warzones involve children–it’s like killing Syria through assassination. In other words, it’s like GENOCIDE. Or let’s say, it is GENOCIDE for the love of humanity.

As much as I want to read more news about Syria, I personally believe that NEWS and CURRENT AFFAIRS give me much more stress–which forces me to be altrustic and sympathetic due to social conditioning. Again, these news gives me the headache, especially when the news contains GENOCIDE with children on it. This makes me NO LONGER want to surf the Internet anymore due to social conditioning: You are considered cold and heartless when you have no comments to these news. In other words, these people who force you to sympathize brings more NEGA vibes to everyone.

No hard feelings, please.


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