The next time you admire someone with a diva attitude…|Justin Bieber and his trouser STYLEz!

Quoting Kat Viola:

Respected nga sila in term of acting skills. Attitude wise- EPIC FAIL! Iyan tuloy, maraming galit or sneers or jokes ang nakukuha nila.

Well, if you think that Justin Bieber’s music is awesome, then it’s only about his music. His attitude, however, is a total turn-off. I really despised the fact that he became MORE conceited despite being a Canadian… no wonder why most Canadians don’t want him back anymore.

Justin “poo-pants” Bieber cannot be respected properly because of his rudeness towards his fans–come on, Justin may be talented, but his attitude makes me puke, but I don’t care about him. His face is tolerable, but he looks like someone to be the usual target of JOKES…

Justin Bieber is someone I have nothing against, not a fan of–which were my feelings to him before. I don’t actually care about him at all not until he went to the Philippines with that airport incident. Truth to be told, that actually made me lose respect towards him as a person.

Other people like Anne Hathaway are suffering from the Bieber effect! Usually, Hollywood stars who have not much issues do their best to impress people and their fans, and not themselves.

Poor them (to the conceited airhead celebrities). They suck dick.

Komikado reacts




Komi iz not impressed!



…but it Kant be helpe’d!



Actually, Komi could be arrogant as much as he likes, but sometimes, he is the type of person who shows a logical and compassionate side as well.

But he has some warning against Majarot sympathizers on FP!



I think Komi deserves to be recognized, along with Senyora Santibañez. I think his facial expressions really work when he talks about the showbiz industry vs. commentors in Fashion PULIS blog. And besides… he votes for Yeng over Maja-rot!


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