For the NTH time, anon!

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Shoganai. I have been very hesitant to share my link because of this jealous, good-for-nothing coward anon who has nothing to do but to force me to commit suicide–HELL NO! He is a coward, and still a fucking coward! For the love of Jesus Christ, that anon will be judged according to his SINS! And he will go straight to HELL if he does not stop. I’m not saying that I’m going to heaven afterwards, but as a matter of fact, I believe that if a person dies, the person dies–but intercessions prove it wrong.

Reposted from my FB page:

To those coward anons in, please ask MORE appropriate questions. You know who you are!

Gomen nasai, guys. It can’t be helped, this anon dude thinks I’m crazy as f*ck, and I cannot help but again, block this guy’s IP address. I don’t care if he comes from a rich or a poor family–after all, some people are just being desperate to seek for attention. DUH.

It’s also annoying when people will only ask in my, messaging me hate posts such as “baliw ka gago,” well FYI, I am NOT asking for the sympathy of other people. This guy must have made the kanto people more decent (no joke!). Whoever you are, I am NOT afraid of you! You think I’m crazy but you’re crazier! As in kinabog mo na ang mga pambansang palengkero/a ng bayan! HAHA, bravo ako sa’yo! (sarcasm)

For people who are reading this, I won’t care anymore about how you feel. It’s all up to you whether I should still be on your friends’ list or not. I just don’t like the fact that people are bringing me negative vibes or forcing me to commit suicide. I just don’t think it’s a good idea to bring nega vibes especially if you hate the person.

Lastly, don’t be a COWARD! I don’t like putting myself into trouble because I’m too tired to either answer back against you. Alright, call me patola again, but you see, I am not like others who are dedmacles to their haters. As much as I hate bragging to them, I could not help but LOOK DOWN on these people (like the anon with no breeding/asal-kalye-na-mas-masahol-pa-sa-buwaya). After all, these guys should NOT waste their time on spewing “baliw ka gago” on my

Apologies for my long post. I really despise the fact that there are some people who are in their asal kalye mode in, but thanks to those who asked politely to my Again, I’m not asking for everyone’s sympathy (I don’t need it, anyways). I just wanted this hate spree to STOP. I am NOT forcing you in anyway to ask in my Has anyone heard about sharing links and comment exchange? It’s about posting opinions with one another and learning something from them, NOT lambastments wherein you will throw hate against a netizen. That is crab mentality.

Again, I am not a perfect person, however, when learning mistakes is the concern, I have learned from them, but this anon has never learned his lesson at all. Whoever that person is, he must be someone who has a problem, not me.

The reason why I share my link is because I want to answer SENSEFUL questions. I will detect if the question is boring or not. Again, I was really hesitant again and again for posting my link because of more negative questions (yeah right, the pilosopo haters). What if you receive the same amount of negative (and rude) questions? Will you still answer them, haters? Geez, mag-isip isip naman ‘pag may time.

You may ask questions that have negativity on it, but make it constructive, NOT rude. Somehow, I do appreciate some people who asks polite questions even though some are boring. But to those who consistently call me “baliw ka + malutong na mura,” You know my name, but not my story. I am not a public figure in any way, and NOPE, I would rather be anonymous rather than to be popular at all. In fact, there are some people who will place you in a negative light due to their jealousy. Here, grades, educational attainment, good looks and assets should not be the basis for a person’s worth. You know that, guys. We should not be superficial when we judge someone. We should know first that life is really absurd–life is about consistency, compatibility and compassion. Measuring someone’s worth by looking at their good looks and achievements won’t make you a better person–what should make you a better person is how you treat someone. Also, before you judge my personality, first of all one’s personality has a SHEER difference with one’s attitude–and YES, my attitude depends on how you will treat me. I will not catch your attention first unless you make the first move–unless you are someone who will embrace me despite my downsides.

Again, sorry for the long post. It’s all up to you whether you will believe what I’m saying or not. I am not famous/popular enough to get started with.


4 thoughts on “For the NTH time, anon!

    • Well, he’s a coward. And there’s one time someone texted me as if he’s doing spam. Nasa IG ko ‘yun.

      Thanks btw.

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