Do these messages come from the same anon?

If you guys have read my warning post against a hater anon, I guess you guys have to see these blood-curling posts:


The anon from said, “baliw ka gago!”

So yes, I think it’s something really alarming because either he is suffering from ADHD or schizophrenia (hmm, please don’t laugh when I say that term because it is NOT A JOKE to have this mental disorder). I don’t think this guy is just “asal kalye” because he might be a LUNATIC:

(Psst! Kwento mo sa pagong ‘yan!)

DINEDMA ko lang ‘yan. Why would I ever waste my load on making patol to that guy, anyway!? As if he is THAT desperate to degrade me as a person (the link does not work at all). Also, I don’t think he has finished school or mingled with normal people.

Hmmm… my other relatives who are “too contented” may have a scary side, but at least they’re approachable! There are also some of them who are “kantoboys” and “jejemons,” but they won’t ever resort to this type of violence!

I really do not know whether I should post this one for the world to see. This is not only a form of bullying, but it’s MUCH WORSE than bullying. Maybe they have NOT YET moved on from their tragic past mainly because they see me as successful or maybe someone who effortlessly survives. OVER MY DEAD BODY! ((:<


That is right. Whoever is the bully, their insecurities are much more deadly than bullying victims. Even the popular kids have their own fair share of dislikes within themselves, so no wonder, they do not want to be left in the African wilderness.

Yep, that would be all for now.


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