Expect (for) moar KOMI memes to come!

…and I would say that it’s like making Sakai Masato VERY FAMOUS na parang pagkakaguluhan na siya sa Internet, just like Chantal Andere’s fame here in the Philippines as Señora Santibañez. Hindi nakapagtatakang SIKAT na talaga si Chantal Andere ever since, but her over-all fame in the Philippines was revived after portraying Señora on the Internet! HAHAHA! ((:



Here, we shall give special attention towards KOMI (Komikado Kensuke in other words) to become POPULAR not only in China but also in the Philippines! If he is known for portraying serious roles with placing humor in it (LOLz!), he is here to be famous for his REMARKABLE COMIC role as Komikado Kensuke…

…and HELL NO. I do not aim to create a FUCK YEAH, Sakai Masato page or anything that involves Komikado as a MEME.


Rudeness is not allowed

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