Komi Says finally on Instagram!


So I guess people love the Kómi memes I made via Tinned Cam, and I guess I should spread the word myself. (:

YES, I will be on a hiatus (on blogging here at MSPanythinginrandom; rather I will post my thoughts via TinnedCam + Komi screenies in my iPhone) since I find myself more productive when I post photos with CAPTIONS, thus either making a meme or a descriptive post that bringa humor on the Internet.

TBH, I really liked creating memes rather than posting thoughts like, rants. Ever since I no longer use Photoshop (ASDFGHJKL it’s really a finicky app!), I started to lean towards mobile apps that could edit photos for free, and guess what? It’s even more handy than suffering from not being able to access Photoshop for a long time. Awwww… for me, it’s like the Stone Age era. Oh well, better luck next time to me!

Anyways, I will go back to photography once I have my REAL vacay. I have some serious problems to settle as of the moment. (bad mood)


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