#KomiSaysMemes Twitter Scoop…


Komi Says: Sakai Masato (aka the guy who brought me to life, obviously) actually dropped out from Waseda to focus on his acting career. Originally, he wanted to become a civil servant but failes because he had poor grades in Mathematics.


Komi Says: If only that was the real Johnny Depth, I would have expressed a great amount to gratitude towards him. I think Maestro Sakai and Mr. Depth almost have the same acting style, it’s only that Mr. Depth is an effortless comedian. (:


Komi Says: Yeah, same sentiments here. I think Kitchie was starving herself due to her faith, but truth is, being tanned does not suit her. Mas maganda pa si Kaye Abad, ‘yun nga lang the latter has a not-so-strong appeal. But the best-looking would be Lara Quigaman… ayun kahit me eyebags siya marunong siyang magdala sa sarili niya. And the last tweet… I oh so agree with that HaHa! ((:


Komi Says: IKR!? Majarot has been controversial a là Taylor Swift. Well, at least when it comes to lovelife. Besides, it is not irrational to compare Majarot to AA when it comes to their reputation.


Komi Says: If AA would shut her classless mouth and her cunt, I would have MORE praises towards her… and don’t forget she lied about her nip-tucks. She had her nosejob two times and err… liposuction plus boobjob. In short, she’s like a Kim Chiu.


Komi Says: Has anybody heard of the term, “Casting Couch”? Even the ones who have a face like Kristine Hermosa and Song Hye Kyo without the brains of scientific thinkers would fuck with a judge to win. Fucking hell, why can’t people like let’s say, a woman who has the face of Melai (oh no offense to Melai’s fans, she’s not chaka but NAH she’s not me type) with darker skin and let’s say, 5’5″ frame win the pageant!? Do we need someone with regal features to win a beauty pageant!? HELL NAW!


Komi Says: I’m a harshtigger too, mehn. However, her style of harsh-tagging is too JEJE in the eyes of conservative and élite people! But my harshtagging style is for comic relief!

If you want to reply to me just harshtag on Facebook/Instagram: #AskKomi #KomiSaysMemes #LetterToKomi #DearKomi (Meh… I don’t have Twitter sarrey).

DISCLAIMER: #KomiSays: Sorry if I have to reveal your Twitter usernames and your real names, Twitter people! I really hate to reveal your identities! #PeacePo #PeaceOut


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