SHOCKING MUCH? The dark, brooding, and immoral side of Cory Aquino

Define false saint. After revelations about Pres. Cory Aquino has been unleashed, I started to think that my history professor IS RIGHT that she should not be the Mother of Democracy. I could really sense that our history textbooks are whitewashed, just like how Japan’s Ministry of Education whitewashes the events during the World War II. I also really sense that the educational system has been monopolized. Kung nakalkal ang mga baho nila Marcos, there are still some people who do not like him WITH RESPECT, but for me, I really admire Marcos, but the downside is, he was too abusive and did not even glanced at his own limitations. Same with Kumareng Imeldific. However, despite their “dubiousness” in terms of credibility, they are so far more “LOUD” when it comes to their actions–they don’t whitewash their shenanigans (in other words, they’re honest sinners).

But my respect towards the Cojuangco-Aquino is something really disputed. First of all, I think the Aquino side is more credible since Ninoy was supposed to be Marcos’ heir to the presidency (after all, it was NOT Marcos who plotted Ninoy’s assassination, but it was Marcos’ henchmen who plotted it). Also, I think that the Cojuangco side was more dubious since their lineage dates back to well… check out PinoyMonkeyPride for more.


7 thoughts on “SHOCKING MUCH? The dark, brooding, and immoral side of Cory Aquino

  1. girl, asan ang like button? hahahaha!

    I guess, I have said enough, but I think not enough. I could have done it harsher for the Aquinos (within Cory and her children only).

    BTW, the entire world history is almost totally whitewashed and manipulated. Not just the Philippines. Speaking of the Philippines, it is not only the history that is manipulated. Media as well is manipulated. Masses has always been dumbed down, at kung titingnan mo ang comment ng mga ibang netizens using their facebook, sinasalamin ng bawat salita nila kung gaano sila nabobo at pwede pang mabobo. Mas lalong madaling mabobobo ang mga nasa poverty line, lalo na yung ni $20 walang pang-internet.

    • Yes, and lalo na doon sa Congress. One friend and schoolmate of mine said that nakaka-bobo lang ang mga arguments regarding the RH bill. At mas malala pa diyan, ang daily arguments nila sa legislative assembly ay ‘yung history ng mga ancient Greeks, Romans… and yep, mostly on civilizations. Funny but true.

      Onga! Well, the like button is with the “star” on it. (:

  2. kaya pala ang mga rason ng mga senador at congresistang anti-RH bill, patawa lang din. Logic nila talo pa ng elementary…. hahahahhha!

    • Truelaloo! (: Tapos when it comes to feisty vs. diva attitude, parang mas pine-praise pa nila ang diva attitude due to their stupidity. For me, I think being feisty is okay, for as long as it is shown with class and it is placed at the right place, right time, right timing. Pero ang pagiging diva-divahan, haaaay nako! Anyways, @komisaysmemes on Instagram has a lot of revelations to tell ((:

  3. I respect her and I think she was really a good person, it’s just how their family became rich.. cojuanco’s, hacienda luisita ect.. sad but I think if Marcos remained the exchange rate of the peso will not reach 40 pesos.. db it was $1 to 2 pesos..

    • Yep, Marcos exchange rate was simply amazing. But nevertheless, I still think that Tita Cory had a good side (but I don’t think she’s really a good president). It’s only that she had a dubious background.

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