Raising the Posh and Becks/Brangelina Way vs. the Amy Chua Way

There is no such thing as right or wrong upbringing. However, everyone deserves to be a DASEIN, since it defines a person’s existence.


Raising your kids the Amy Chua way will make them a das man. However, raising your children the Posh and Becks/Brangelina way makes them the DASEIN. Speaking of the das man and the Dasein, raising your children the Western way would make them the DAS EIN. In other words, if you will never shove them your desires and err… old-school family traditions, they will be themselves, and learn from their own mistakes. Meanwhile, to shove them your desires and not allowing them to quit them will not make them grow into individual human beings.

Speaking of hierarchy, for the daseins, it is old-school CRAP. Hierarchy is only applicable to the corporate world. Hierarchy is only applied when addressing your boss or your teachers, seniors… but within family!? Hierarchy should be limited in some manner.

If people will raise their children the Amy Chua way, mind you that these kids will grow into a das man. They will apply slave morality into themselves and will not get their wishes, which should be against their will.

Also, I will not force my children to play the piano, take taekwondo classes or take glee club or sing any birit songs. That way, I could say that I could be a BETTER parent because I do not want them to become victims of the “Tiger Mother Way.” (Mind you that I was encouraged to take up law… but in a dictator manner but I intentionally protested, since I am not interested at all.) To apply the Amy Chua is YES, that’s right, it’s only for losers. Raising them the Posh and Becks/Brangelina way will make them BETTER people.

That way, I have said enough. Most parents who have applied the Amy Chua way are still in denial that they used that method–and once they were accused, they will take it as an offense–well, except Amy Chua herself, of course. And GirlTALK’s sis carlijn’s mother would BASH me for being honest about her evil ways.

Quoting Roxyisferox:

I am not yet a parent, pero anak rin ako. In reality, you can never predict your offspring’s interests and desires.

If parents expect us to respect them, they should also respect our decisions. In some way, respect begets respect after all. That way, hierarchy is CRAP.


2 thoughts on “Raising the Posh and Becks/Brangelina Way vs. the Amy Chua Way

    • It all thanks to Herr Heidegger, I learned to love German philosophers, and they make me love the German language more. (:

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