Sample of Kapamilya fan rabidity…Volume 4

BLAST from the Past: Roxyisferox’s… err… “away” with miss_maldita.

Grabe sumakit talaga ang DIBDIB ko sa kakatawa! Ang mga comments talaga ni MISS MALDITA, tunog-iskwaters area! EWWWWWW… as if ikinaganda niya ang palengkera niyang bibig!

Palengkera lang ang peg!? AHAHA… kung ako nga siguro ang nag-reply diyan, sandamakmak kong bigyan ng mga sarcastic jokes ‘yan, dahil SHE BELONGS TO THE CIRCUS… a CIRCUS FREAK! Also, Roxyisferox proved that she is WISER and MORE OPEN-MINDED than that katawa-tawa palengkera queen! ((:<

'Yun lang!


Readers, I recently received another attack from no other than moronic, dimwitted wench miss_maldita. Well, as you all know, we have been attacking to each other for around 2 days now.


Take note: You would be the judge. BTW, those messages in bold and inside the box are miss_maldita’s replies.




ExclamationRe: Wala. Panget na baboy ka lang talaga. Boba pa.


Pinapamukha ko lang sa iyo kung gaano ka talaga ka-panget, huh!

Ineng, FYI! Kahit anong ipamukha mo sa akin kung gaano ako kapangit, hindi na ako tatablan niyan. OMG! I’ve been through with some nitpicks from some bullies in high school so, now that I am an adult, why give a damn hindi ba?

And what you are doing—-alongside JoeyThe_Kuting, rusty2die, alex, and jed_allan—-is ohhh sooo High School. You are as if you’ve never grown up! And very very very insipid.

Kaya kung sasabihin mong…

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10 thoughts on “Sample of Kapamilya fan rabidity…Volume 4

  1. that was my first blog account with WordPress which I was not able to manage as I was focused on my Multiply then. When I felt I was no longer receiving any viewership on my Multiply account, that’s the time I went back to WordPress and created a new account.

    • Pero sayang ang mga posts mo sa Multiply. I was really entertained by your posts about your negative view towards ABS-CBN, and your obsession (choz!) to Korean dramas… and K-Pop. Anyways, when the Hallyu started in the Philippines, I used to be a “sort of” fan, but now… meeh… nvrmind.

      That miss_maldita girl really made me laugh! Just like the anon person who texted me about the sex video thingy! LOLz, as if he is talking to himself! ((:

      • She’s quite kinda’ like that. Shet! Pilit ko ngang kinakalimutan ‘yan kasi sakit sa ulong maalala ang potangenang iyan eh. Heto pa nakakakatawa, Korean wannabe at Social Climber raw ako. Tawagin na akong Korean wannabe because that time, I was at the height of my immersion to Korean media and the culture itself, even getting to know Korean language so when I react, when I write, I always include it with any Korean expression. Somebody can call me Korean wannabe, but the thought of making myself looking Korean, as well as turning All-Korean NEVER EVER ENTERED TO MY MIND.

        Hindi ko talagang maatim na tawagin akong SOCIAL CLIMBER. Sige, may mga episodes akong feeling sosyal kahit mga gamit ko at sinusuot ko hindi sosyal, and pinapasosyal ko ang pananalita ko, even resorting to English-speaking mode na namamali-mali rin. I admit that. However, that won’t make a person qualify to becoming Social Climber.

        UNANG-UNA, LONER akong tao. Eventhough I have since learned to socialize with my friends, I still find myself comfy being alone, doin’ mah’ own bizniz. If I make friends, hindi ako namimimili ng kakaibiganin kasi everyone is welcome, huwag lang ang mga manipulative na tao. Hindi ko rin ugali ang makipag-friendship-friendshipan sa mga rich people at makipag-rubbing elbows. If I do, sila ‘yung lumalapit, hindi ako ang lalapit sa kanila, or we simply compliment with one another. SECOND, and as I have said, hindi ko ugali ang makipagkaibigan sa mga rich at mga so-called powerful na tao. Lalo naman, hindi ko gagamitin ang isang tao para lang umunlad. Hindi rin ako Gold digger, dahil walang katapat na halaga ang buhay at dangal ko. Hahahahhahaha!

        Kung si Jeane Napoles matawag na Social Climber that would be understandable. #alamna!

        Ingli-Inglisera ang peg, social climber na agad? Bakit hindi ‘feeling sosyal’ lang muna? Hahahahah!

        Mag-feeling sosyal man ako, alam ko kung paano dalhin ang sarili ko. Besides, wearing high-end, branded clothes and accessories, achieving higher corporate positions and ability to travel to foreign places won’t exactly make anyone look sosyal. It’s how you speak your mind, how you carry yourself.

        Anyway, magmukhang jologs man ako, wa! ako! paki! In one of my debate episodes with that maldita bitch, pinagyabang niya sa akin na nag-call center daw siya, and she used to work their to support her studies daw, and ako pagmukhaing feelingera komo’t nakatapak na sa call center, or makapagtrabaho sa either Libis o Makati. Eh siya, kung ganyan din siya makapag-comment sa PEx o saanmang blog siya magngangangalngal na ganyan ang style, JOLOGS pa rin ang pagkatao niya. Period. There.

        Haaaaaay! Kung may mga rabid kapuso fans, mas malala naman ang nasa panig ng mga Kapamilya.

      • Wow… too long… pero anyways, kung ako nga siguro ang nakaharap niyan, I would have said, “Dude… you make me laugh!”

        As in puro ad hominem ang mga comments niya and the mere fact that she is judgmental simply because she cannot accept the fact that there are some truths regarding ABS-CBN’s shenanigans.

        Well, I have stumbled in your former blog about the Lopezes and because of that, I would add this one to the “ABS-CBN shenanigans”:

        re the lopezes, they are from iloilo where i take my roots from. i still visit the place from time to time. their family in iloilo is not regarded highly in the place. in fact, they have become a laughing stock. they have a family member who is ***, who painted his house all pink, who gambled alot (cockfighting mostly), and who traveled anywhere in panay island for **** derbies and others (you know what i mean) in his limousine (which is touted to be the longest in the country).

        the lopezes and marcoses were former friends. marcos’ vice president was a lopez. that time, utilities were provided by the lopezes. it must have been surmised that they got into politics for business purposes. but marcos was quicker to know the real motive behind, so he sequestered all their properties after martial law was enacted, to distribute ownership to other business players in the country. we should know how really bad if monopoly happens and persists.

        I guess ABS-CBN is more on profit purposes. Mukha nga talagang pera at hinahaluan pa ng pulitiko ang DOS eh, now we know why they hail Cory as a saint, and all of the Aquinos: They view Marcos and Arroyo as the BAD GUYS. Basta magaling na pangulo, they will place them in a bad light, kaya during that time, galit na galit ako kay PGMA because of that–but then, when PNoy came into the presidency, nawala na ‘yung respeto ko sa DOS.

        Also, when it comes to K-dramas, you’re right that GMA is better in choosing Korean dramas. I would have watched Bright Girl consistently because of its Korean vibe–and I know that it isn’t Taiwanese in any way.

        Calling you a Korean wannabe? Well, if you’re going to speak in Korean, I won’t call you a Korean wannabe because speaking a foreign language won’t make you someone a foreigner wannabe. If I have the guts to speak in Japanese, I would never give a damn if people call me a Japanese wannabe.

        Nako! ‘Pag inaway ako ni miss_maldita na ‘yan, I would have given her more headache! She may be a pain in the ass pero at the same time she’s quite entertaining for me. As in masarap talaga siyang pag-trip-an! ((:

      • Well hopefully, Hindi name siya nagto-troll sa PEx. Hindi name rin ako naglalagi run kasi skit sa ulo. Lalo as general movies and TV thread, mapapaaway ka sa mga kapamilya fntards. Well, I have so many things to do. I hate stressing myself with those dimwitted bitches.

      • Tama ka diyan. They’re pain in the asses… but they’re also a waste of time, TBH.

      • Yes! Maps marami pa akong magagawang maps makahulugan kesa magtroll o makipag-away

      • Kung may kapusong troll ganun din sa kapamilya. Malala sila as ad hominem comments sa pagtira.

      • True! Basta Kapamilya fantard they were dumbed down by ABS-CBN. Eh nasa PEX na nga sila, hindi pa nila natutunan ang dark side ng “IDOL” nilang network.

      • Yeah! Alam man nila sang dark side ng dos, wala pa rin. Hindi matinag ang fanaticism as kanila

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