Komi Says Episode: To all the stupid bashers out there…

To all the stupid bashers out there: Zero tolerance for bashing two people…

Another Komikado Reacts rant! (Reposted from Kensuke Komikado Memes)

No wonder, Komikado Kensuke of Legal High has always been a very arrogant and rude person, but guess what? He’s someone whom you want to make friends with despite his annoying character–and one thing that you will like best about him is his harsh criticisms against Pinoy netizens who bash people for no valid reason at all… and you know how INTELLIGENT some netizens are for spewing HATE against the REAL ENEMY…

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I find it really fucking annoying when people irrationally bash Ricky Lo and Yeng Constantino… does this mean that Filipino standards are now becoming LOW?

For the love of God, no wonder, if James Franco will be in a relationship with Miley Cyrus, that would be perfectly fine for me because I would rather prefer Miley Cyrus than Anne Hathaway in any way (great thing Anne’s married–sorry guys, but it can’t be helped) for James.

Now let me get this straight–bashing both Ricky and Yeng won’t make you BETTER people, you bashers! Another thing is, you pinpoint all the flaws of people in terms of face value, their speech and their err… lifestyle. Eh tingnan niyo naman mga standards ninyo when you judged the Star Magic Ball people… I was very disappointed. I really DO commend Queen Tricia G. for speaking up that your country isn’t that fashion forward at all! As a matter of fact, pati look ni Charice pinagdidiskitahan niyo pa (nga), eh! But when it comes to bashing Charice, that’s because she was too over-acting ang papansin at the same time. But now, I don’t think everyone should bash Charice for being “drab” to your standards–make sure that you could also carry yourselves with that tomboyish look–eh some of you pa naman are looking like GHETTO people pa nga, eh!

When you bashed Yeng for her gown at the Star Magic Ball thing… I was very disappointed. Yep, I think you were just jealous since she had the BALLS (as in two eggs and one hotdog!) to carry herself with that outfit. Eh kung si Kubeta pa ang magsuot niyan, baka LIPARIN pa kayo niyan! Also, I don’t think Majarot deserves to be the best-dressed in the Star Magic Ball thing (ano raw ‘yun!? Isang trying hard trendsetter wannabe like Majarot… will always look CHEAP–without the makeup, without the glam, without the Photoshop… jusko po!). Akala ko naman recycled lang ang damit ni Majarot sa Star Magic Ball na ‘yan!

Also her taste in fashion–Yeng, despite the red hair, red lipstick and super duper white skin, still looked like more of a red velvet cupcake to me more than a vampire. AT LEAST RED VELVET CAKE dahil masarap naman kainin ‘yun, and it’s an all-time favorite. Also, she’s not like wearing a Devil costume for Halloween, people!

Also with Ricky Lo. Yep, despite his lapses in interviewing foreign stars, he will NEVER ask about your personal life (your love live, for instance!). Si Anne Hathaway lang ang MAARTE’t diva-divahan due to being jet-lagged (boo! No wonder Kate Hudson and Katie Holmes are well-liked in the industry despite their so-so looks), and you compare Ricky to Boy Abunda? Dudes, Boy Abunda is also commendable, but please, bashing Ricky won’t make Tito Boy a better host/interviewer because Tito Boy likes Kubeta–and guess what? Bashing 101 did not like Boy as well. Also, you bashers have double-standards. You get offended when a local interviewer has lapses in interviewing HOLLYWOOD stars, but when interviewing Korean stars (or any Asian celebrity), ayos lang sa inyo na magmukha pang TIMAWA ang mga hosts… doing the stereotyping thing and shit! Well, as an Asian myself, that is RACISM! Ricky isn’t TIMAWA when he interviews someone, so please quit the bashing! Hindi perfect na host si Ricky and/or si Boy, but try to be observant naman sa mga nag-i-interview ng mga Asian stars. It’s NEVER OK to be timawa in interviewing ANY FOREIGN or LOCAL celebrity… I really have to tell you.

So komo’t American thing na, superior na kaagad? Guys, never under-estimate Asian culture, for the love of humanity. I mean, yeah, you may criticize Asian culture as much as you want just because you’re Westernized, but it’s like being racist to yourself. It’s like imposing double standards. No wonder, admin MSP thinks that if you go to either HK or USA more than once, that means you settle for anything less. That’s how simple it is. Going to JP (yep, Komi country!) 5x would be MORE honorable (although I really hate traditionalism, TBH).

No wonder, admin MSP would rather choose us rather than her own… just saying. Superficiality at its finest, I’d say… and I really have to BASH how people embrace superficiality… the KOMI style.

Well, as much as I am spewing these lambastments against stupid PEP netizens and FP netizens (well, most of them), THEY HAVE TO LEARN THEIR LESSON THE HARD WAY! Pilosopo na kung pilosopo si Komi (well, as a meme character, not a J-drama character), but if you are going to delve at his J-drama character, you’ll see why HE ACTS that way (watch one Legal High episode if you’re interested).

Komi Says

If you are going to delve at the note, you will see why Pinoy netizens are into superficiality. To all PEP and Fashion PULIS (FP) netizens, why spew the hate? Kung tutuusin, you were awed by Kubeta’s photographs, saying, “Maputi talaga siya at mabait pa ‘yan, pasaway lang talaga siya!” I was very pissed with that. She may be slim and fair-skinned, but that’s about it. She’s actually almost butt-ugly without makeup in person, and if you’re going to ask ME, I would appreciate her for her fair skin, period!

Also when being judgmental towards Lovi Poe–she may have no boobs, no butt and dark-skinned, but she has a positive aura compared to most fair-skinned Filipinas. Lovi is dark-skinned because she loved swimming, and she’s one of the people I do have utmost respect because it’s her personal choice not to go mainstream–in fact, MSP also has very high respects towards Lovi Poe because changing one’s skin color should be a PERSONAL CHOICE–not something you will be pressured due to society’s expectations. Look at me–I am dark-skinned, but why the hell am I appreciated for my good looks? I could proudly say that I am more handsome than Richard Gutierrez (he’s a typical mestizo, but that’s it).

I hate the fact that people are teasing Lovi for being “dugyot” just because she’s not beauty conscious–in fact, she does not care about these taunting. One time, MSP recalled that Lovi Poe endorsed a whitening soap (haha, ironic!)–and no joke about it, Lovi Poe is one of the best-looking teens that time, until the DRAB thing happened.

Guys, just because you think that Lovi Poe is “dugyot” due to her skin color won’t make you CLEAN(er). Calling Kiray “DRAB” during the Star Magic Ball won’t make you better-looking. Calling Yeng’s gown as DRAB won’t make you a BETTER fashion expert. Lastly, calling Annabelle Rama as “EVIL” won’t make you santa santitas. Make sure you par with Korean netizens when it comes to spewing harsh comments because I don’t see anything really significant about bashing–but if it is an American bashing, well, I find their hash comments too shallow.

Also, when it comes to bragging stuff, if you say that bragging is STILL bragging–stop making things upside down! Being rude to an interviewer is STILL RUDE, and thinking that Anne Hathaway did the right thing to Ricky Lo is “just” for you netizens–I will be direct towards you: YOU ARE ALL STUPID! If you think Ricky is a “mediocre” host, I remember one guy saying, “Anne Hathaway has above average looks but below average intelligence. What do you expect?” However, I cannot blame both of them because these scenarios are INEVITABLE. Can’t you see why there are Hathahaters? Can’t you see why I do prefer Miley Cyrus for James Franco over Anne Hathaway? Can’t you see why Americans are more substantial when posting comments? Call me someone who again, does not follow the norm, but if you’re going to be analytical, I have said enough in my FB note. I don’t want to elaborate further.

If you think it is butthurt that Filipinos are more stupid than Americans, there are two things: It’s either you get butt-hurt just because you spew ad hominem comments against someone, OR it’s because you are telling this to everybody just because you’re a know-it-all. Make sure you are intelligent enough to say that Filipinos are stupid, unless you really have an ANALYTICAL and OBSERVANT mind. Yes, Filipino people are stupid when it comes to voting people based on their popularity because most of them rely on traditional media (which is whitewashed) compared to the Internet (esp. PinoyExchange) which has more legit accounts.

Also, being prangkang know-it-all won’t make you RIGHT, CORRECT and exactly 100% a real answer–guys, just because you are know-it-alls won’t make you more intelligent. Rememeber, if a person is domineering and controlling, one thing that MSP will do is to FIGHT BACK, because she thinks that these people should be eliminated. Meek people simply just say “yes” because they are too shy to fight back. But MSP? Jeezes, she will trash talk against you.

This is what I freaking mean. Meek people will praise AA and Majarot just because they don’t have a sex scandal video (AA recently had a rumor of having a sex vid… umaygad!), but please! If you prefer these skanks (unless Majarot will apologize to her BFF) over Maricar and Janelle… you prefer Krizzy over Pammy! That is what we call it as… false morality. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

This also applies when you are going to interview Hollywood stars. Like, seriously? It’s alright for you to interview Asian celebrities the “timawa” way while you should act “professional” if you are going to interview Hollywood and European actors? Jesus Christ, for the love of God, Korean celebrities do not deserve to be the “butt of jokes” while they’re interviewed and handled by any noontime show hosts, mapa-Kapamilya pa ‘yan o Kapuso… but moving on, I really appreciate the way Kuya Germsn and Ms. Jackie Lou Blanco handled U-KISS, and you’ll see that U-KISS had fun with the hosts:

I really liked the way they handled U-KISS. No tension at all. I also think that Kuya Germs is LOVABLE not because he looks funny, but the way he speaks and his humor is really… something. In fact, they promoted U-KISS without making fun of them.

Kuya Germs and Jackie didn’t need Grace Lee to assist them (owz? LOL joke!)–also, when comparing the situation of Grace Lee vs. Ryan Bang, Grace Lee receives utmost respect from peers and netizens alike (especially when she was in a rift with Angelicopter) in GMA, while Ryan Bang is merely made the “butt of jokes” in Showtime. YES, granted, Ryan may be effortlessly funny, but making him the butt of jokes at a daily basis would place him to shame.

No wonder, some people didn’t even realize that Ryan needs and deserves a break, too. Komo’t funny siya sa mga mata ng madlang people, pagtatawanan pa natin siya on a daily basis? Sure, you may think his Tagalog is baluktot, but he has no intentions of doing so. In fact, he is proving that he speaks Tagalog is because he loves the Philippines, and to those bashers who think that Ryan Bang is NOT good in Tagalog, also make sure your Tagalog is PERFECT as well, since dito, hindi labanan ang pananalita ng Tagalog sa tamang balarila’t pagbubuo ng pangungusap. Dito, ang basehan, mala-diretso man ang Tagalog mo o hindi, ito ay dapat ginagamit sa bawat oras, bawat araw… again, siguraduhin ninyong hindi baku-bako ang Tagalog ninyo kapag ipupuna niyo lamang si Ryan Bang.

That again, I have said enough. Comments are disabled because people might spew again BUTT-HURT ad hominem comments. (: Comments will be sent to THIS LINK.