Komikado Time! AA and Derek’s breakup!




Komikado Reacts

The Derek-AA tandem is so far the MOST disgusting couple I have ever seen! One thing that I really don’t like about this couple is how they make GIMMICK that they’re on para lang mapag-usapan! How deplorably CHEAP, hindi ba?

I just like the fact that AA is being punished because of her pakakak, hitad and HALI-HAROT moments! Jeezes!

Also, I think Derek is facing his own dose of karma. AHAHA… it’s a good thing that Angelica Panganiban got rid of that DUGYUTING ISTIBADOR! Well, hitsura pa lang ni Derek, nangangamoy putok na eh! No wonder, Señora Santibañez was disgusted when I told her that she was bitter because of DIREK… (choz lang… ahem!).

Now there are reasons why that Kubeta gal is being punished to death! Yep, she’s not a wife or girlfriend material. She’s a kama girl material, just pay her one million dollars and you may now have a ONE NIGHT STAND with that skank. Oh, ‘di ba? Basta makapag-lipas lang ng oras/araw, ganyan lang gawin niyo!

I don’t think AA (totally) deserves to be treated like that, but I really think that she should face it! She deserves to be lambasted, but to be just the “toy” of a guy? Hmmm… that’s another story, unless ginusto rin talaga ni AA. Eh ginusto niya talaga, so what can we do? HAHAHA… have fun with that fucking session!

Derek-AA couple/tandem: RelationSHIP or Relation-SHIT!?

I think it’s a serious relation-SHIT! AA is known for being pa-controversial because she still has to act bitchy to be called as “totoong tao,” while Derek is known for being a playboy… similar to Gerald Anderson. Derek, wala nang papatol sa’yo dahil kahit katawan mo pa lang, nilaspag na ng iilang mga babaeng nagpaka-laspag sa’yo! Pweh! Well, as much as I really hate making sermons to Angelica for making herself “laspag” to Derek, here’s the freaking catch: She IS the girlfriend/wife material, and no one can ever question that. Good thing her relationship with John Lloyd Cruz is controversy-free.

As for AA, hanggang nayon hindi ka parin natuto! Once a bitch, always a bitch! Kaya hindi ka rin pinanindigan ni Dennis Trillo dahil sa pagiging PAKAKAK mo! Also, I don’t think Dennis will ever take you seriously… and worse, baka masapak ka lang nun, like what he did to Jennylyn Mercado (actually, Jennylyn is also bitchy for some reason/s, and she faced her karma… but I don’t think that should be a “buti nga sa’yo” moment for her, though). Naka-ilang lalaki ka na nga ba, AA? Also, I think in order for you to have a project, you desperately fuck and do fellatio with the bosses just for you to have a career… pero kahit pinawasak mo ang clitoris mo sa MARAMING LALAQUE, wala parin! Kahit anong gawin mo, FLOP parin ang mga pelikula mo! Also, I don’t think guys like Chris Tiu will take you seriously (thinking of his matapobre standards, he will surely hit you and make himself a criminal, and he won’t be ashamed of being a violent husband/boyfriend towards you… but thankfully he won’t make patol to some PAKAKAK like you!), and same with the likes of let’s say… some guys with very high standards. You know that if you have a sex scandal video, it will be much worse than Neri Naig’s! I also don’t think that your credibility will be taken seriously as well due to your misconduct!

I don’t really think that you deserve to be respected–unless you think that your actions are wrong, and there’s one netizen who said that your past will come back to haunt you! Eh you still didn’t learn from them! HAHA! Have you ever thought of your haters? Bashers? Friends? Ex-fans? Ex-friends? Well, when you had a rift with your one-chan, everyone was very angry to you… and the mere fact that you apologized made us ease and tone down our anger–basta hindi mo idadamay ang mga kamag-anak mo sa kagagahan mo, that would be accepted. Ibang usapan ang idadamay mo ang mga kamag-anak mo for your own personal gain. Ganyan ka ka-controversial! Kelangan mong gumawa ng isyu para lang mapag-usapan! At saka, look at Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin, hindi naging ma-appeal sa mga netizens! At ang Dahil Sa Pag-Ibig. Wonder why it was stopped? Because of your annoying aura! It just sickens me that until today, you still didn’t learn from your past. Wala ka palang sinabi kay Ellen Adarna, eh! At least Ellen remained classy despite having a dark past. Kung pasaway siya, at least hindi siya nahihiyang ibunyag iyon. She’s the type of person who learned from her mistakes, despite being branded as a bad girl. Yep, being a “bad girl” may not be that honorable, but for as long as you know how to carry yourself, you got me. Being a “bad girl” is something you really have to maintain, but being pa-controversial is another story. It’s no longer being a bad girl. It’s being a whiny, pathetic bitch who does not deserve to be called a bad girl. As what MSP says:

Well, please take note that “spunky” is the better term for “bad” girls. I do not consider myself as a “bad girl” since I was the “good girl” during my high school and college years, only the haters think I am a bad girl (no joke, I do take offense if I’m called the bad girl) because they are the BAD GUYS who think that those who just commit mistakes are considered “bad people.” I prefer being called “spunky” or “astigin,” in other words. “Tigasin” is another term used to define someone who is spunky.

AA is a bad girl, but being a bad girl in a sense that she will do anything to be controversial. That is not being a bad girl anymore. You know what bad girl means? It means, being bold and daring while still maintaining dignity to yourself. No wonder, kung sino pa ang mga haters na namba-bash sa mga taong gumagawa lang ng mali, eh nagkukunwaring santu-santuhan, pero ‘yun pala, totoong bad guys nga sila–in a sense that they’re being mightier-than-thou.

Know-it-all people deserve the “bad guy” title. Look, I do not consider QueenRoxy as bad girl, but as “spunky.” “Astigin,” in other words.

Well, it’s all up to you whether you will use the term or not. For me, I don’t think being a “bad girl” suits me, since everyone is good in nature, trust me.

While I do not consider admin MSP as a bad girl (she’s a good girl to me, just don’t piss her off, swear to God!), I do think she’s someone who would give harsh but constructive comments. Same with Marian Rivera, people think she’s a “bad girl” mainly because she’s a palengkera. Well, palengkera ang bibig niya, pero hindi siya bitchesa kumpara sa mga haka-haka ng mga iba diyan! Marian is actually not socially-gifted in person, that’s why she’s mistaken as a palengkera. Ganyan lagi ang society eh, you need to be goody-two-shoes to be idolized. Well, acting sweet is not wrong in many ways, but acting sweet on a daily basis na may pa-tweetums pang kasama? I don’t think that’s healthy.

Cristine Reyes is someone you don’t want to be very close with. Sure, people may say she’s accommodating with having a picture taken with her, but that’s about it. Also, her neighbors and relatives have negative thoughts about her and in school, she was having a problem with the Guidance Counselor. Kumbaga, she was most likely to be a school bully.

I also don’t think equating MSP to AA is a good thing. Sure, MSP Admin may have done a lot of mistakes, but when it comes to good moral character, consistency-wise, she does not fail to give a good impression towards her spectators. Ang mga spectators lang na mahilig sa sipsip na tao ang nega ang tingin kay MSP (you know who you are!). Also, I don’t think being totoo sa sarili would make someone a bad girl. There’s one reason why she chose to blog in WordPress about her experiences from any part of the world. Kumbaga, she’s the epitome of maintaining a good record while being honest to herself. Ganyan rin si Marian when she was at the height of her fame. She is often branded as “palengkera,” “palaaway,” but for some reason, she’s not socially-gifted, that’s why she’s often branded as a bad girl.

Also, being the bad girl just because she’s palengkera does not sit well with me. Alright, call someone a bad girl because she’s palengkera online, but in real life, you have no right to judge him/her. Now you see why MSP admires and respects Maricar Reyes and Janelle Manahan despite being involved in a sex video scandal? Being involved in a sex scandal won’t make someone a “bad girl,” and looking at their track record, they’re just two lasses who are both quiet and low-key, compared to AA and Majarot who are WORSE than people with a sex video. Trust me, look at a girl’s track record when it comes to relationships. I do not aim to glorify double standards, but just take a look at how they give a good impression towards the audience. Also, Majarot and AA are NO match to either Kate Hudson or Taylor Momsen because the latter two never fail to impress their fans, and they have learned from their mistakes as well. Besides, they only need to improve themselves and their craft as artists, because they won’t be THAT popular without grooming themselves up.

AA has to clean up her act… AGAIN!

I don’t think AA will change her attitude, but if she learns from her mistakes, she’s got a long way to go. She’s a man-stealer, palengkera and at the same time a skank, that’s why she’s often being the butt of jokes. Also, she’s part of the Cinco Evil together with Majarot, Georgi Wilson, Andrea del Rosario and Angelicopter. No wonder, these bitches have a history of being NEGA to the eyes of the audience, and remember why Andrea del Rosario didn’t become that popular–and she also had a history of being a gold-digger. I also remember when she said something bad against Maui Taylor (well, I ain’t siding with Maui but at least she kept mum about the issue), but that was too long ago. Also with Georgina Wilson–she comes from the Diaz clan, but unlike any rich and sosyal people, she’s arrogant without a word. As in she’s like one of my classmates na dakdakera lang, walang substance (no wonder why that person didn’t even endure the legendary prof. in our school… that’s because she can no longer swallow her pride!), and Georgina herself is often not taken seriously is because of the way she speaks. No wonder I do find her and Borgy as a “great” couple. No kidding *sarcasm*.

Lastly, Angelicopter comes into mind. Grabe lang siya when she lambasted Grace Lee for some reason. Also, her admiration towards AA (Kubeta) just gave me an impression that she’s also not someone to be “admired.” Here, I side with Grace Lee (yep, she’s someone I really look up to–far more substantial than Angelicopter, if you were to ask me). A PEP comment via Roxyisferox stated that:

Nakakatawa ang mga pinoy , pagnasa ibang bansa nag co-complain na sila ay victims of discrimination pero sa sariling bansa dini discriminate nilang mga ibang lahi. Mga ignoranteng pepster, Kung ano ano ang pinagsasabi ninyo sa lahi ni Grace lee ay dapat ninyong malaman na si Angelicopter ay may lahing banyaga rin. Nagkausap ko na ang dalawang, napaka pinay ni Grace Lee, napakagaling mag Tagalog,ngunit si Angelicopter ay hirap na hirap mag Tagalog. Hindi ko lang sigurado kung sa PInas siya pinanganak or hindi, kung sa Pinas siya pinaganak at hirap magtagalog ay nakakahiya siya, ika nga mas malansa pa sa isda ang hindi marunong ng sariling wika.

Sure, call Grace Lee a Filipina wannabe, but I don’t view her as a Pinay wannabe at all! She’s a Filipina on the inside, for the love of humanity! Yeah, she’s Korean on the outside, but she thinks that being Korean and a Filipino at the same time is awesome! Don’t you realize that!?

MSP says: Mataas ang tingin ko kay Grace Lee, at mataas ang respeto ko sa kanya. If she’s being a Korean on the outside, well, she’s both a Korean and a Filipino on the inside, which is one thing that I do think about her. In fact, dahil dito siya lumaki, I would not view her as a foreigner at all–although basically, I do not view Koreans as foreigners, but as fellow Asians.

Well, just think about the intelligent PEPsters, like for instance, comrade ledfarani. I really do not know if that person’s a he or a she, but that does not matter to me at all. In fact, that person deserves a Komi Award for being well-liked by MSP as a great commentor (ahaha, call me biased, but every Popster and Yengster and GOOD GUY will be rewarded!).

Okay, back to topic. While MSP thinks that AA is trash, SO DO I. Also, AA’s proclamation of “pagpapakatotoo” does not sit very well with me… but I still cannot understand why the fuck people do think she’s a totoong tao. HELL, you don’t need to act like a bitch to be called a totoong tao, since there’s a difference between a totoong tao and being pa-controversial to gain more attention. In fact, I consider AA an attention-seeking whore for nothing. She just does any controversy to be the talk of the town, which the real bad girls cannot even afford to do. Besides, kung sino pa ang totoong bad girl, pinapakita nila talaga kung sino sila without speaking a word or claiming that they’re totoong tao. Kung sino pa ang pa-controversial, they still act goody-two-shoes like an idiot, like, fuck! Consistency-wise, AA does not deserve any form of respect AT ALL, unless she stops being a bitch and at the same time desiring for SEX… and err… catfights.

Also, the Derek-AA tandem is a big fucking JOKE, man! Ang pag-aamin ng relasyon nila ay gimmick lang, kaya at the end of the day, gimmick rin pala ang kinalabasan. Now the break-up thing is quite true! HAHA! Puro gimmick at joke time ang lahat, are these guys fooling us!? Well, forever mukha nila, ang hindi nakapag-tataka kung may “forever” pa silang nalalaman pagdating sa pagpapalagay ng tattoo sa kanilang balat. I just think they’re disgusting as fuck. No need to mention more.

Kung deny to death sina Derek at AA, same with Angel Locsin ang Phil Younghusband, but Angel and Phil are consistent–mahilig lang maki-alam ang press sa kanilang relasyon (which made MSP cringe), while Derek and AA’s “friendship” is more than something else. They’re just being friends with benefits… parang may something fishy lang talaga.

Aminin natin that we cannot avoid gossiping these things, pero ang kay AA talaga ang pinaka-malala! Ahaha, because she is always papansin, pampam at saka EPALoids, we cannot help but divert our attention towards her. Okay, we are here to watch your putrid antics, AA. We just love you being the circus star!


11 thoughts on “Komikado Time! AA and Derek’s breakup!

  1. Ah, so may career pa ba si AA? ‘Yung Bukas na lang kita mamahalin? OMG! Nakalimutan ko, dahil hindi na nga ako nanonood ng TV kaya kapag mga latest shows ng ABS-CBN bukod pa sa GMA nakakalimutan ko. Hindi ko akalain magkaka-project pala si AA. So, ‘yan lang muna ang project niya bukod sa gimik nila ni Derek?

    How pathetic!?

    Hindi kasi makakapag-Darna kasi malalapastangan ang pagkadalisay ng imahe ni Darna kapag si AA ang nag-take ng role

    • MSP says: Yes may teleserye siya, however, feedback from Twitter netizens is quite negative. Palibhasa’y ‘di nila gaano ka-feel ang story.

      Komi Says: Agree with the Darna thing. HOMG… I might as well commit hara-kiri if that AA becomes Darna. Puke-worthy, I tell you!

      • oh yeah! mas bagay sa kanya ‘yung naging role niya sa darna nung si angel locsin ang naging bida… hindi siya mismo ang bida

      • out of topic question: what are your thoughts about a certain fashion blogger named BryanBoy? because I have just started to create a blogwrite about him in comparison to Jeane Napoles.

      • MSP says: Hmmm… not a fan of Bryanboy, but I do see him as a legitimate fashion blogger like my ADMU idols.

      • While he is legit, i suggest you better read a fashionpulis feature of him when rogue magazine made an expose against him thru interviewing former friends—-that how fraud he is, a backstabber and a mere social climber

      • Yep, saw the FP article. Gosh, although I sense crab mentality in some of the statements, I just think that Bryanboy has a long way to go. Parang may tama ka ah… mas likeable pa si Tim Yap. Medyo maangas at may pagka-hambog rin ‘tong si Bryanboy eh (well, looking at his pics).

        Yeah, I have also read Bashing 101’s statements about Tim Yap, pero I have watched him and saw his pics naman in some magazines, he seemed funny pa nga eh. Also, I also watched the U-Kiss vid as well. He’s also professional in handling them.

      • …and sa nababasa ko kay BryanBoy, may ‘something’ nga sa kanya, and that’s something that will make you doubt his ‘state of mind’

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